The New York Department of Labor Child Performer Regs are DEAD

supermanThe New York State Department of State confirms that the Child Performer proposed regulations have EXPIRED.  The NYS Department of Labor did not adopt their proposed regulations by the March 26th deadline nor did they file to extend their time.  Although technically, Labor can refile the regulations, this seems unlikely given Governor Cuomo's recent announcement.

Labor Commissioner To Be Replaced
On Saturday, Governor Cuomo announced that he has selected Bronx Assemblyman Peter Rivera to replace Colleen Gardner as Commissioner of the NYS Department of Labor.  Assemblyman Rivera, set take over in June upon approval of the Senate, is a former Bronx Detective and Assistant District Attorney, Homicide Bureau.  It appears from Rivera's bio that we are in a much better position to develop healthy and productive regulations should the Department of Labor have any interest in developing Child Performer regulations in the future.  

Child Performer Advisory Board
It has been our position from the beginning that an advisory board be established to produce thoughtful regulations based upon a meaningful exchange of ideas, vigorous debate, and expert testimony, as this dynamic brings together acute moments of clarity and insight not possible otherwise.  As a collective, industry groups are not too far apart on appropriate regulatory language so this process need not be lengthy.  Still, any further efforts must involve all groups, in the same room, working towards the same goal - regulations that promote production and keep children safe.

Members should include representatives from:

Film, television, theatrical, commercial and print
Union organizations
Child advocate groups (Child Performers Coalition and BizParentz Foundation)
Education (state and private as well as set tutors)
Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting
Office of the NYS Comptroller
DOL Permit Office
DOL Legal Counsel's Office

The Future
The Child Performers Coalition will continue to work towards healthy regulations and provide updates when warranted.  

Back Stage Magazine
On a personal note, I have been asked by Back Stage Magazine to write weekly feature articles of interest to the Child Performer Community.  Here is a link to my first article, "The 'Wow Factor,'" appearing in the current edition of Back Stage print and online magazine. Click Here for Article

I appreciate everyone's support and contribution throughout the last year, particularly the guidance provided by BizParentz Foundation.  Founders Anne Henry and Paula Dorn are brilliant and tirelessly dedicated child advocates.  We are all in their debt. 

As always, if you have questions, concerns or wish to help, please email us at hello@childperformerscoalition.org.

Please keep in touch.

Kelly Crisp
Founder, Child Performers Coalition