Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal
& the NY Labor Regs

The lurid details of former Penn State Coach Sandusky's alleged serial sexual abuse of little boys spanning decades has left an indelible mark on our nation and the world.  As a life long child advocate, I am horrified but not surprised ~ even a little bit.  

I have prosecuted child sex cases, drafted and lobbied for laws to protect children, written programming to keep kids safe, sit on a Board that supports at-risk kids, spoken to the media about child sexual abuse prevention ~ in short, I would measure my resume against anyones.  All this to say, if you believe the proposed New York State Regulations won't allow child sex predators easy access to our children ~ the type of access Sandusky had ~ put down the crack pipe because I have some swamp land in Florida that has your name on it.  

The following proposed regulations would make New York the most dangerous state in the country for child performers:

1.  Denying children sight and sound access to their parent.

2.  Replacing a parent with an "responsible person."

3.  Denying parents access to school rooms.  

In my hearing comments, I told the Department of Labor:
"Your asking a parent to walk to Times Square and hand her six year old child off to a stranger for the day. . . . Can you imagine the conversation with little Sally ~ Mommy is going to have to go away now and this is Dave?  Dave is going to take care of you for the day.  Please do exactly what he says."  

I was wrong.  A child would be far safer with a perfect stranger than with a "responsible person."  Why?  Because child sex predators need access to children to satisfy a basic instinct ~ the need to have sex.  Denying "sight and sound," replacing parents with a "responsible person," and denying parents access to school rooms provides that access.

The entertainment industry's dirty little secret is that perverts love child performers.  There are websites dedicated to sexualizing child performers and arrests of industry insiders.  I'm going to repeat my assertion that if the Department of Labor understood the industry, if they had included advocacy groups in their conversations, they wouldn't have drafted the rules the way they did because the proposed rules endanger children ~ period, end of story, full stop.   

I encourage you to protect your child from abuse.  BizParentz Foundation is an amazing resource ~ check out "Pedophiles and Predators in the Entertainment Industry." Click Here for Article

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I will be reaching out to the Department of Labor again to ask them to formally table their proposed regulations and establish an Advisory Board that includes Child Performers Coalition and BizParentz Foundation to draft regulations that protect kids and promote industry in New York.

My hope is that the Penn State scandal will start a dialogue about what it means to be a human being, how to protect children from abuse and provide accountability for those who fail to do so.   It takes a village ~ not a village of idiots . . . our thoughts are with all victims of abuse. 

As always, if you have questions, concerns or wish to help, please email us at hello@childperformerscoalition.org

Thank you so much for your support. 

Kelly Crisp
Founder, Child Performers Coalition