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What a difference a year makes.  Just one year ago, we were purchasing our first sleds for the Sled Hockey program.  In April, the Texas Sled Hockey team traveled to Dallas and won a Bronze Medal in their first ever competition.  Read more in this edition.

Andy Yohe and his Olympic GOLD medal joined Former Houston Oiler QB Dan Pastorini at our first ever Paralympic Sport event at Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall.  That same morning we held our first ever Skate Challenge in the program.  Read on for more news about both.

And, a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our 4th annual 3 on 3 Ice Hockey Challenge to benefit STARskaters programs!  Event results are below.

Need a shot of inspiration?  Scroll down and watch as we profile Roberto, one of our SkateTherapy program participants.

Finally, if you're looking for a cool gift idea, check out our Pom Pom Gloves hand made by our volunteers to raise money to support our STARskaters programs.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from any of our programs, please click the link below to FORWARD TO A FRIEND.  Thanks!


Jim ONeill

Team Texas Sled Wins Bronze
Disabled Festival 2012

Players from Houston and Austin traveled to Austin to play as Team Texas Sled Hockey along with 42 teams in USA Hockey's 2012 Disabled Festival.

Thanks to a solid goaltending performance by Kyle Huckaby and two overtime shootout goals by Bagina Rwiyereka, the team rebounded from an opening game loss to shut out Buffalo 3-0 in the final game to take the Bronze medal in their first ever national competition.

For more information on Sled Hockey, visit

Gold at Paralympic Sports Event
Yohe and Pastorini

Texas Sled Hockey players got a chance to share the ice with the best in the world as Andy Yohe, Captain of the USA Team who won Gold at the Vancouver Olympics joined them at the Paralympic Sports Experience.

Former Houston Oilers QB Dan Pastorini (at right, with Andy) also showed his support for Paralympic sports, and was on hand to autograph his new book, "Taking Flak".
AEROS logoThe Houston AEROS cheerleaders were also on hand to sign autographs and take pictures with hockey and sled hockey fans.  Other exhibitors included the US Olympic Committee, City of Houston's Adaptive Sports Program, the ISHL, Texas Sled Hockey and the program.

Roberto's Story 
Roberto's Story -
Roberto's Story -
Roberto's family tells how the Skate Therapy program has improved his life in many ways. 
Skate Therapy Logo
None of this would be possible without generous donations from individuals and corporations, our volunteers, BL Wylie and her staff of U.S. Figure Skating trained instructors, and the support of Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center.

If you know of someone who could benefit from this program, or would like to volunteer your time, or donate to support the program, contact
1st Annual Skate Challenge
SkateTherapy Challenge

As the program continues to grow, the first annual Challenge Competition was held to encourage each special needs skater to perfect two elements of their skating.

Five judges watched the skaters perform their routine twice on the "Road", which is drawn on the ice for skaters to follow and execute turns, circles, stopping points and signs letting skaters know what needs to be done at a specific point on the ice.

Following the competition the entire group celebrated their success with a party where awards, certificates of achievement, medals and ribbons were presented to the skaters.

By any measure the event was an overwhelming success and fully enjoyed by the skaters, parents and families.  Also quite impressed were the judges for whom this was their first exposure to the Skate Therapy program.

For more information on the program, contact

Pom Pom Gloves! 
Pom Pom gloves
Are you looking for a unique gift idea, and let your purchase go to work for a great cause?  How about...Pom Pom Gloves?
Pom Pom Gloves are a fun way to cheer on your team, complete with bells attached, and are hand-made by STARskaters volunteers.

If you'd like to order a pair for just $10, contact

3 on 3 Hockey Challenge Results


Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the STARskaers 4th annual 3 on 3 Hockey Challenge a success!
Special thanks to Kim & Ken Belknap for their endless support and sponsorship.
We do have a few extra tournament t-shirts available for $10 each.  If you'd like to purchase an additional shirt, contact
All proceeds go to help our Texas Sled Hockey guys travel to PA for next year's USA Hockey Disabled Festival.Herricanes
The Novice Championship went to Team Witt, Team Feltus took the "B" division and the HERricanes were the women's division champs.
It was a VERY close competition between the goalies!
Karen Whittenberg won the best save percentage with .890 followed closely by:
.884 Kelly Stover
.880 Duane Degeer
.877 Matthew Schlegel
Duane Degeer won the best goals against award, allowing just 2.3 goals per game followed by a 3 way tie of 2.5 goals per gam each from Karen Whittenberg, Kelly Stover and Matthew Schlegel.
The tournament MVP was Shawn Feltus who scored a shorthanded goal to lead his team to the "B" division Championship.


Sponsors Needed
Sled Hockey, Therapeutic Skating, Brochures and Web

When you sponsor any of our programs for Sled Hockey, Therapeutic Skating and our STAR skates, we have
many ways that we can promote your business:
  • Web ads
  • Newsletter promotion
  • Event signage
  • Sled signage
  • T-shirt logos
  • Jersey sponsorship
  • Printed brochures
  • Electronic brochures
Any or all of these are available to you based on your level of sponsorship.  For more, contact

Ebay Fundraiser for STARskaters
Bid on our items, or hold your own eBay auction!
Many individuals and companies have generously donated items to help STARskaters raise the money needed to operate our programs.

These items are then listed on eBay to allow bidders from Houston and around the USA to bid on the items.

Items are generally sports related and are updated regularly online. 

If you'd like to see what's is currently available for bidding, go to:

If you'd like to hold your OWN auction on eBay to benefit STARskaters, CLICK HERE to learn more.

And, if you have an item you'd like to donate, contact us at

New STARskaters Brochure
Online PDF available by clicking here

STARbrochure 2012
Sponsors are being sought for the 2012 version of the STARskaters brochure.

The brochure is distributed at area ice rinks, sponsor locations and the Toyota Center at the table at most Houston AEROS games.

Inside, you'll read about the history of Sled Hockey and learn more about STARskaters programs:
  • Skate Therapy.
  • Sled Hockey.
  • STAR Skate events.
You can also read more about how you can get involved in the STARskaters program as a volunteer, donor or organizing a STAR Skate for groups with special needs.

If you would like a supply of brochures shipped to you, contact
STARskaters mission is to provide an on ice skating experience for therapy and recreation for children and adults with any special needs, and to support SLED HOCKEY in Houston.

The program is open to anyone five years of age or older who would normally be unable to enjoy an on-ice skating experience due to their disability. is public charity registered in Texas as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Tax ID number 26-1657556. 

All donations are tax deductible.

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Texas Sled Hockey Wins Bronze
Gold at Paralympic Event
Roberto's Story
1st Annual Skate Challenge
Get your Pom Pom Gloves!
3 on 3 Hockey Challenge
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2020 Exhibits

2020 Exhibits


If you've ever attended the OTC Conference, you've seen 2020 exhibits work.  They are responsible for designing many of the super-exhibits that are enjoyed by thousands annually, as well as at other trade shows all around the globe.


2020 Exhibits has supported STARskaters ever since we needed a banner for our first fundraising event at the Maple Leaf Pub.


Recently, our new program needed a professional banner to use for their rink program as well as the Paralympic Sports Experience and again 2020 exhibits came to the rescue.


Whether you need something as large as an exhibit for the OTC, or as small as a banner, we know firsthand the first class quality and service you'll receive from everyone at 2020 exhibits.


We thank them for their continuing support of STARsakters as well as the first class look they have provided for our exhibits.  


STAR Volunteer
Oliver Penn
STAR Volunteer
Oliver Penn

Without volunteers, none of the STARskaters programs would be possible, and among the most regular volunteers for Saturday Sled Hockey is Oliver Penn.

Oliver shares his hockey experience with the Sled Hockey players, running drills, peppering the goalie with shots, and helping out with the large amount of equipment needed for practice.

A Junior at Providence Classical School in Spring, TX, Oliver is an honor roll student.  Besides hockey, he enjoys music and plays in several bands.

Oliver and his family moved to Houston in 2008 from his native Rhode Island.  He played varsity hockey for Cy Woods his freshman year, and for Klein his sophomore and junior years.  He hopes to attend college in New England and play college hockey and tennis.  

The Sled Hockey players appreciate the experience, energy and positive attitude Oliver brings to the ice.  We will wish him well when he goes off to college, but will definitely miss his big smile and trick shots on Saturdays.

If you'd like to see upcoming STARskaters volunteer opportunities, click here.

And, if you'd like to get involved, contact us at
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