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Normally we only issue the STARskaters newsletter 6 times a year, but there are a few important upcoming newsworthy events that prompted this special edition.  First, exciting news about our Sled Hockey efforts in Houston - This weekend is Sled Hockey Weekend in Houston, with three opportunities to check out sled hockey, including a discount ticket offer to Sled Hockey Day at the AEROS at 4:05pm Sunday March 13th.  Read all about it below.

Also, we are working on dates for our April 3 on 3 tournament and are looking for RSVP's from interested teams/individuals.  If you are interested in participating, e-mail

Thanks to MissionFish, we've added the ability for anyone to hold an eBay auction with the proceeds to benefit STARskaters.  See the article below for details, or to bid on any of our current items, click here.

In addition to our special needs skating lessons and Sled Hockey team development we also host STAR skates for groups.  If you have a special needs group and would like more information, contact us at

We'll see you on the ice!

Jim ONeill

Sled Hockey Weekend
Try Sled Hockey FREE at Ice Skate USA - See a Sled Hockey Exhibition at the AEROS game on March 13th
Sled Board Action
If you've never seen Sled Hockey, you'll have three opportunities to do so this coming weekend.

Saturday and Sunday from 10am-11am at Memorial City, individuals interested in giving Sled Hockey a try can stop by the Ice Skate USA rink in the Memorial City Mall and give Sled Hockey a try for FREE.

And, if you'd like to SEE Sled Hockey in action, the Houston AEROS have declared March 13th SLED HOCKEY DAY in Houston.  Click here to purchase discounted lower level seats to the AEROS game.

Every ticket also automatically registers you to win an AEROS Jersey autographed by the entire 2010 AEROS team.

And, the AEROS will be donating $5 from each ticket purchased to help support STARskaters mission of providing an on-ice experience for individuals with disability and supporting Sled Hockey in Houston.

Whether you'd like to give Sled Hockey a try, or watch it firsthand at the AEROS game, we hope to see you this weekend!

For more information on Sled Hockey, check out the videos in the Video, Audio and Social Links section of this newsletter, or visit

Sled Hockey at Ice Skate USA
Memorial City Ice Rink Donates Practice Ice Time
Memorial City Ice Logo

Sled Hockey Saturdays!
Thanks to a generous donation of ice time from Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall, now has a regular Saturday morning ice slot from 10am-11am.

Sled Hockey is the fastest growing disabled sport in the USA, and has received much attention recently after the US Olympic Sled Hockey team went undefeated and took the Gold Medal in the most recent Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

For more information on Sled Hockey, check out the Video, Audio & Social Media section of this newsletter, or visit

3 on 3 Hockey Tournament
All Ages and Skill Levels - Coming April 2011

3 on 3

One thing is guaranteed in a 3 on 3 - LOTS of fun for all ages and skill levels.  We are now looking for Division Captain who will be responsible for organizing their division in each of the following levels:



  • Mite
  • Squirt
  • Pee Wee
  • Bantam 
  • Midget
  • Adult "A/Open"
  • Adult B/C
  • Adult Rec
  • Adult Novice
  • Women Open
  • Women Rec
Each team is comprised of 4 skaters.  Goalies register separately and compete for individual goalie awards.

If you'd like to be involved as a player, division captain, tournament volunteer or sponsor, contact us at

Special Needs Skating Lessons
Saturdays at Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center

Kid Ice WalkerWe're pleased to report that our Saturday morning skaters continue to make excellent progress and we will have our first skater receiving the very first program badge quite soon.

BL Wylie and her staff of U.S. Figure Skating trained instructors teach the Basic Skills Therapeutic Curriculum which offers the opportunity to achieve specified skills through a set of 14 carefully constructed levels.  In addition to the excitement of learning new things each class, newly designed badges can be earned to signify success at each new skill level.  

The program and B.L. Wylie were recently featured in an article in U.S. Figure Skating "Club Spotlight".  Click here to read the article.

If you know of someone who could benefit from this special needs skating program, or for more information, contact
Ebay Fundraiser for STARskaters
Bid on our items, or hold your own eBay auction!
Many individuals and companies have generously donated items to help STARskaters raise the money needed to operate our programs.

These items are then listed on eBay to allow bidders from Houston and around the USA to bid on the items.

Items are generally sports related and are updated regularly online. 

If you'd like to see what's is currently available for bidding, go to:

If you'd like to hold your OWN auction on eBay to benefit STARskaters, CLICK HERE to learn more.

And, if you have an item you'd like to donate, contact us at

New STAR Brochure Available
Online PDF available by clicking here

STARskaters Brochure
Look for the 2011 STARskaters brochure at area ice rinks, at sponsor locations and the Toyota Center at the table at most Houston AEROS games.

Inside, you'll read about the history of Sled Hockey and learn more about STARskaters programs:
  • Special needs skating lessons.
  • Sled Hockey.
  • STAR Skate events.
You can also read more about how you can get involved in the STARskaters program as a volunteer, donor or organizing a STAR Skate for groups with special needs.

If you would like a supply of brochures shipped to you, contact

STARskaters mission is to provide an on ice skating experience for therapy and recreation for children and adults with any special needs, and to support SLED HOCKEY in Houston.

The program is open to anyone five years of age or older who would normally be unable to enjoy an on-ice skating experience due to their disability. is public charity registered in Texas as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Tax ID number 26-1657556. 

All donations are tax deductible.

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Video - Interview "Talking Sled Hockey" with James Dunham, USA Olympic Gold Medalist.

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STAR Sponsor
Dafonte Medical
Dafonte Orthotics and Prosthetics

STARskaters would like to thank our newest sponsor, Dafonte Orthotics and Prosthetics whose recent generous donation enabled us to add new ice hockey sleds for our Sled Hockey program.

Dafonte is dedicated to serving individuals with limb loss while they gain the opportunity to experience life to the fullest.  And, the rapidly growing sport of Sled Hockey fits well with that mission.

Dafonte offers prosthetic services for all levels of amputation and create custom prosthetics at their in-house fabrication lab.

"The Sled Hockey program is an excellent recreational activity for our clients" commented Brandee Wiseman Dafonte, President of Dafonte Orthotics.  "The sport offers not only excellent physical benefits, but there is a great social benefit for the participants as well."

STARskaters is pleased to add Dafonte as a sponsor and looks forward to working with them and their clients in all of the STARskaters on-ice programs. 

If you'd information on becoming a STARskaters sponsor, contact us at:
STAR Volunteer
Catherine Sickorez
Catherine Sickorez

Now in her second year as a STARskaters volunteer, Catherine's job and hobbies make her an excellent volunteer candidate.

Catherine is a Physical Therapist at Christus St. John Sports Medicine, and she also plays hockey in the women's league at Space City Ice Station. 

Catherine was first introduced to STAR skaters while volunteering for a school project, and had these comments about her volunteer work. "STARskaters is a wonderful organization that is passionate about bringing skating and hockey to everyone. It is a joy to volunteer for STAR."

We're pleased to have Catherine as a regular volunteer and want to publicly issue a big THANK YOU for the donation of her time, effort and experience to help advance the programs.

If you'd like to get involved, contact us at
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