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                                                                                                                    September 2011

            Volume 2, Issue 15  



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Lake Forest, Illinois  Art Fair 2011  


As a principal sponsor of the 57th Annual Art Fair of the Deer Path Art League, held in Lake Forest, The Green Teaist provided samples of the finest pure green teas of Japan to a large number of the more than 10,000 guests who attended over the Labor Day weekend, September 4 and 5, 2011.  The weekend proved to be one of the windiest days of early autumn and the TGT staff was challenged to keep everything from flying away.  It was also an auspicious day because the City of Lake Forest celebrated its 150th anniversary since it's founding as a summer resort on the western shores of Lake Michigan.


Marisa Spasser, TGT Teaista, Joseph Stellner, TGT Services Manager, and Shirlee Englese, TGT Administrative Manager preparing for guests.





Sam Ritchey, TGT Tea Consultant, serving guest.




Lake Forest Art Show with artists's booths and ominous sky.



Shirlee Englese and Marisa Spasser making sure that nothing flies away. (note that side panels are removed due to wind conditions.



TGT Booth before winds blew away panels.


The dogs also enjoyed the Art Fair.


Taste of Beverly Hills 2011     


To kick off the extraordinary four-day celebration, on Friday, September 2, 2011, TGT participated in Burgers and Beers, but the name was actually a bit misleading, as it also featured foie gras, fine cheeses, wine, decadent chocolates and the finest green teas of Japan. The guests were impressed with the teas and visited TGT's booth repeatedly throughout the evening.


On Saturday the taste continued with the "Secrets from the Kitchen and Cellars". Finally, on Sunday, the theme was "Brunch Bites" TGT's booth was on the world famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills where we had a very receptive following.


The Taste featured the nation's foremost culinary talent, a carefully curated list of L.A.'s best restaurants, and notable personalities.

TGT booth at Taste of Beverly Hills 2011 in front of Bottega Veneto.
Anna Diaz, General Manager of TGT Beverly Hills serving green teas at Taste of Beverly Hills 2011.





JETRO Food & Beverage Report Features TGT   


On Thursday, October 20, 2011, as part of its mission to introduce the fine food and beverage products of Japan, JETRO, with the Consulate General of Japan, is hosting a Japanese Green Tea Showcase for Food Professionals at Kendall College in Chicago.  TGT is proud to be associated with JETRO's efforts and will participate in this event. If you are a food professional, you will find this event to be quite interesting with notable culinary experts demonstrating the use of green teas in food preparation.







TGT Visits Metropolitan Museum of Art  




The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, one of the greatest art museums in the world, has many articles of Asian Art going back over a millenium.  In the Asian Art Collection of the Metropolitan, TGT recently found two exquisite examples of the unique Tenmoku Chawan from Kyoto. These are truly national treasures of Japan.   The Tenmoku Chawan is a prized tea bowl used in The Way of Tea or the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  The Green Teaist's L'Atelier in Lake Forest and Beverly Hills has available for sale several Tenmoku Chawan utilizing a similar blue tenmoku glaze, made by traditional artisans in Kyoto. 






Holiday Season Gifts 



Mary Cassatt Gift Set

The Mary Cassatt gift set includes the Green Tea Collection Box of tea sachets, TGT's Mary Cassatt Note Card Set and 25 grams of Kukicha packaged in a TGT stainless steel tea caddy. The Note Card is a reproduction of the rendering by Kevin Garbacz, noted mural artist, of "Afternoon Tea" by Mary Cassatt which TGT commissioned to be painted on the north exterior wall of the TGT Lake Forest Tea Salon."  The original is in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and portrays the then refined custom of "afternoon tea," at the turn of the twentieth century.




Silk Neck Tie

The TGT Kyoto Silk Necktie was specifically commissioned, hand-sewn and embroidered with the TGT logo by the famed Tatsumura Silk Company of Kyoto, Japan. Tatsumura, founded in the 8th century, is the oldest and most famous silk company in Japan.




Silk Tea Sachet Case

We've commissioned this tea sachet case from the famed Tatsumura Silk Company in Kyoto. The embroidered silk case comes with a selection of ten tea sachets enclosed in a custom wooden box.

          Silk Business Card Case

The TGT Kyoto Silk Card Case was specifically commissioned, hand sewn and embroidered with the TGT logo by the famed Tatsumura Silk Company of Kyoto, Japan. The case is divided into two compartments, to keep business cards organized. Tatsumura, founded in the 8th century, is the oldest and most famous silk company in Japan.                                          


TGT Flacon Gift Set  

Specially crafted, this item's stainless steel vacuum insulation keeps beverages at the preferred temperature, hot or cold, and features a secret compartment in the lid to store a tea sachet. TGT has also included two boxes of premium tea sachets: Sencha and Hojicha.                                                      $87.00

The Green Teaist Book Store 

Book Review 




(The Green Teaist offers the most extensive collection of books on teas around the world, their history, provenance, practices and customs, with emphasis on the green teas of Japan. You may wish to browse the more than 30 titles at TGT Lake Forest and a more limited collection at TGT Beverly Hills. We review each book in our expanding collection and, perhaps, interest you in increasing your understanding of teas.)



Tea Culture of Japan, Sadako Ohki and Takeshi Watanabe, 112 pp, Yale University Art Gallery: 2009





"Tea Culture of Japan" is an imprint of the Yale University Art Gallery, written by Sadako Ohki of the Yale University Art Gallery and Takeshi Watanabe of the Art History Department of Connecticut College.  It is one of the most attractive and accessible works on the history and culture of "The Way of Tea," or the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  It is lavishly illustrated and is the catalog of the Yale University Art Gallery exhibition on the "Tea Culture of Japan," in 2009.  It is highly recommended for those wishing a better understanding of the aesthetics of the Tea Ceremony and the beautiful teaware, more accurately, art objects, which are showcased whenever  and wherever the Tea Ceremony is conducted.






The Way of Tea, Aaron Fisher, 188 pp, Tuttle Publishing: 2010




"The Way of Tea," by Aaron Fisher is a continuation of his earlier work, "Tea Wisdom."   Its subtitle, "Reflections on a Life with Tea," expresses the author's devotion to tea as a means for "anyone to experience and share inner peace, relax the ego, and be free and open-an excellent recipe for a life well lived."  The book is not about the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but  is an essay on the history of tea and its effects on the cultures which adopted tea as their principal beverage, primarily China and Japan.  The book provides interesting reflections on  the importance of both Chinese and Japanese philosophers and their observations on the human condition.


Hoken S. Seki