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January 2011
Volume 2, Issue 1

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Green Tea Flights
New Menu Launched
The TGT Bookstore
Mary Cassatt Note Cards
TGT Welcomes Advisor
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Welcome to the New Year. Our first issue has some exciting news we wanted to share with you.

TGT Lake Forest, IL is now open 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Starting 1/11/2011.

(Lake Forest Only)

 Green Tea Flights

An Exclusive TGT Green Tea Tasting Experience


Beginning this month, TGT introduces "Tea Flights," a unique tea tasting experience featuring three teas per flight.


We are currently offering three different Tea Flights initially at Lake Forest and soon at Beverly Hills. You may select from Green Tea Expressions (Flight I), Shade-Grown Green Teas (Flight II), or Roasted Green Teas (Flight III).



Now Introducing a New Menu

As this month launches us all into a new year, TGT will also launch a new menu for both Lake Forest and Beverly Hills Salon locations.


Be sure to stop in and sample some new accompaniments or get reacquainted with some of your favorite green teas.


Click HERE to view our new Menu! 


The Green Teaist Bookstore
Book Review

(The Green Teaist offers the most extensive collection of books on teas around the world, their history, provenance, practices and customs, with emphasis on the green teas of Japan.You may wish to browse  the more than 25 titles at TGT Lake Forest and a more limited collection at TGT Beverly Hills.Beginning with this issue for 2011, we will review each book in our expanding collection and, perhaps, interest you in expanding your understanding of teas.)



THE GREEN TEAIST-Pure Green Teas of Japan, A Green Tea Notebook 

by The Green Teaist, LLC (copyright 2011) $11.99


This is perhaps the first work ever published devoted exclusively to the green teas of Japan, teas which are not pan-fired, sun-dried or fermented, but only steamed and lightly dried immediately after they are picked from unique cultivars of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the origin of all teas worldwide.

It is, basically, a respectful primer on green teas, providing a brief history, the types of green teas and their growing regions in Japan.  The book also provides "tea for thought" in famous quotations from different cultures extolling the refined, healthful and spiritual virtues of tea from eastern and western traditions.  For each of the most famous types of green teas, there is an explanation of their different characteristics and the ideal manner in which each tea should be steeped and served. 


The book provides for extensive notation spaces on each page in which the reader is able to record her own impressions of the green tea experience.Most of all, the book is the effort of The Green Teaist to have the reader better understand and enjoy one of the tea world's oldest tea traditions...the truly wonderful green teas of Japan.  

Mary Cassatt Note Cards

Every Occasion Cards Now Available

TGT introduces note card set of 10 featuring Mary Cassatt inspired image.

Mural depiction at The Green Teaist in Lake Forest, Illinois by Kevin Garbacz (2010) of "Afternoon Tea" by Mary Cassatt (1891)  

Boston Museum of Fine Arts.


TGT is pleased to present a new gift item available for purchase at our Lake Forest and Beverly Hills TGT locations.


The Mary Cassatt Note Card Set, features an image inspired by the artist titled "Afternoon Tea," on the front of each card leaving the inside open for you to inscribe a personal message or invitation. Each packaged set includes ten (10) cards with envelopes.


While our website is being revised to include these cards and several other items; to place orders:  

please call (847) 735-0400 or email your order request to


TGT Welcomes Sam Ritchey

The Green Teaist is proud to welcome Sam Ritchey to the Lake Forest team.  Mr. Ritchey is an industry veteran, having previously worked for the largest specialty tea retailer in the world, based in Germany, TeaGschwendner.

Mr. Ritchey is a self-described ambassador for tea, sharing his passion, one cup at a time, with those curious about the most popular drink on the planet. Traveling far and wide in the name of tea, he has visited tea gardens in Nepal, India, and Japan, engaging with dozens of artisanal tea makers along the way.

While Mr. Ritchey brings the insight of these journeys to his everyday work, his true expertise has been built in Chicago during his daily conversations with tea drinkers from every corner of the globe.  

At TeaGschwendner, he oversaw major elements of product and service training, guiding store teams in their efforts to create excitement about tea.  He hopes to foster similar excitement among Chicago businesses, as he seeks to introduce them to the premium green teas  of Japan as offered by The Green Teaist.

Ritchey recently offered his thoughts, "I have long admired the unparalleled standard of service offered at The Green Teaist.  It is truly a pleasure to join the company. I believe that TGT enjoys several market advantages, not least among them a product range of exquisite quality, and I look forward to pursuing its best boutique tea salons and shops in the United States."

He continued, "And, naturally, it does not hurt that I adore the Japanese approach to tea, and that, in the purest sense, I view the opportunity to share tea with my fellow Chicagoans a great deal of fun."