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August, 2011 - Vol 1, Issue 9
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Gemba Is the Place to Be
Improving Your Email Outbox
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"You can see a lot just by observing"


~ Yogi Berra


walking in plantHow much time to you spend walking around the plant? Seeing first-hand what's going on is simply good management, and it's a critical component to efficiency and profitability. Learn how you can leverage Gemba and enhanced observation to boost your bottom line.



Gemba Is the Place to Be


No matter where you are, Gemba is really the place to be. Gemba is a Japanese term that translates to "the real place." As an efficient manager, Gemba is the place yControl boardsou need to be in order to get things done and improve your efficiency and 

profitability. Let's head there now.

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Improving Your Email Outbox


EmailYou work to improve efficiency throughout your plant, and you're probably pretty good at it. So the question is: How's the efficiency of your email? We covered email efficiency in your inbox in a previous issue, so now let's look at the efficiency of your outbox.


Specific subject lines rock. Subject lines such as "Upcoming meeting" or "FYI" don't really cut it. Recipients will probably read the message, but if they want to refer to it later, they'll waste time looking it. Subject lines like that don't stand out; they're useless. "Agenda for September 2011 Productivity Committee Meeting" is a far better choice. Takes a bit longer to type it, but your recipients will thank you.


Be concise. Get to the point immediately and don't ramble on. If you are requesting information, be specific and set a deadline. ASAP? Using that pretty much assures you won't get it when you need it, and you'll waste time following up for the needed information. Remember that the reader is not in your head. You have to spell things out to avoid ambiguities, but do it quickly and concisely. Be as specific in your message as you are in your subject line.


Informal as email may be, spelling counts. Misspelled words inhibit readability. Use your spell-checker. Punctuation is equally important.


How do you feel when you open an email to see that it runs on for paragraphs, or worse, pages? Don't do that to your recipients. In addition to being informal, email should be brief. Don't send something in email that you wouldn't want to read.

If you can't communicate your message concisely in email, it's an indicator that it's time to pick up the phone. A one-minute phone call can usually convey the information that may take a barrage of a half dozen back-and-forth emails. You'll usually have the information you need in minutes rather than hours.


If you get follow up questions to an email or replies that don't answer your questions, it's another indicator that it's time to speak rather than type. Email volleys are a sure indicator that communication is not happening efficiently, and it's probably not happening clearly either.


Don't overdo email. Remember: What goes around comes around, and we all hate overstuffed inboxes.

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