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We have all that you need to get the New Year started right. Carefully blend your talents with our deep resources and plan for a brighter future. Enjoy my newsletter by viewing all the video samples.
Happy Holidays,
Harry Raker

Winter Hands-On Appliance Workshop
January 9 - 20, 2012
Come and learn how to become an appliance repair pro. Potential new owners have three major worries:
  • How do I get my phone ringing?
  • How do I keep up with all the new stuff?
  • What happens when I have to trace a complicated electrical circuit? 
We have the answers. Since 1997, we have been coaching men just like you. Teaching and also listening to hundreds of past students has gained us a wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Student feedback has been extremely valuable in growing our program; you get to take advantage of all that feedback and knowledge. 
As an example, computer savvy students have been experimenting with localized website advertising. It has become a major cheap marketing tool and we can teach you how it works. That is only one of hundreds of business and repair tricks that you will learn at my seminar.
We are keenly aware that all mechanics have trouble with electrical diagnosis and circuit analysis. Mastering that specific skill is a primary goal of every workshop.  Gain the confidence, knowledge and experience that you need. Come to my ten day school and you will experience it all. See a complete list of subjects covered >>.


For more details on the ten day class see >>


Tuition is $2495.00. Past students are eligible for discounts. Those registering before December 15 are eligible for a 10% early bird discount, a savings of $249.50. Call 410-967-3455 for details.


Register Now >>.   


Please hold my spot for $300.00. Down Payment >> (Balance due 10 days prior to class.)

Close by lodging and shuttles are available at reasonable prices. Baltimore's BWI is the closest airport with shuttles to motels in Timonium, 21093 and Hunt Valley, MD 21131. (Our November students liked the Extended Stay America the best.) We can pick you up at the motels and bring you to the school. 

Expanded Appliance Diagnostic Tool (Wizard)
                      Run Calls Today!

The Wizard Program has been a great success. Guys love it because it is so useful. Traffic on the Wizard site keeps climbing and climbing. To make it even better, we have recently doubled the size of the library. The Wizard has minimized fumbling around the web searching for repair documents.  

In case you missed the original notice and Wizard sampler, it is the friendliest and quickest diagnostic tool you can imagine. With it, you can burrow down on a customer's complaint and become an instant expert. No need to study all 200 videos and numerous books. You can focus on one problem and immediately start making money.

My Appliance Wizard includes all that both a new tech and an old hand want.  Basically, it is an online resource of both old and new, including imported exotics brands and front loaders. Go to my sample video and see for yourself.
Appliance Repair Wizard
Appliance Repair Wizard

Experience a Free Trial by filling out the simple form linked here >>.  I will immediately send you a temporary user name and password. This Free Trial is for a short time.

The Wizard is included in the Nephew Club >> and included as part of my classes and my Gold and Platinum Programs >>.  
iPad and iPod News


We love the iPad2; all 200 iPod videos have been reformatted for iPad viewing! The bigger screen is great; check out a comparison >>.  iPads are the perfect size for viewing and searching service manuals; and with the online Wizard (featured below) you can view thousands of manuals right from a customers house. See sample video. 
My Pocket Technician
My Pocket Technician

If you already have, or plan to purchase an iPhone, iPod or iPad, we can mail you directions along with a preloaded jump stick that you can load onto your new device. For the computer impaired, you can also overnight it here for loading and return. Those attending one of our classes can get your device loaded for free while at school. Of course, the Platinum Program includes a loaded iPod. Call us for details 800-958-4430.


Come To School and Learn to Succeed
Anyone attending my January workshop gets printed Manuals 1-5, plus CD's 1-3 and a Marketing Workbook. 
$500.00 Discount Coupon
Anyone who has already purchased a printed version of my Gold or Platinum Program is entitled to a $500 off the regular price of my ten day school (plus a 10% early bird discount before December 15). Simply call 410-967-3455 for details.


Learn, ask questions, diagnose and repair with other budding pros; you will have a great time. The November class was a real hoot. I guarantee with the materials we provide and our support, you will succeed on every service call! 



Harry Raker

Raker Appliance Repair


410-967-3455 cell 
Dan Comments on Harry's Expertise
Dan Comments on Harry's Expertise
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