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September 2010
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Welcome ! 
I provide businesses with personal, expert technology support. Call anytime for help with computers, email, web sites, internet connections, routers, firewalls, wireless access .... anything to help you run your business efficiently. 
Fun Quote for Today
"Golf is a game in which you yell "fore",
shoot six, and write down five."
Shopping for a new computer?  I am constantly on the lookout, locally and online, for the best deals.  There are two places in town where you'll find the best prices: MicroCenter and Best Buy.
My trick for finding the best deal at Best Buy, is to shop online, then find the store that has the computer you want.  Goto bestbuy.com, click 'products-computers-desktop computers'.  Then, on the left side, click 'all desktops'.  Now, sort by 'price low to high'.  Avoid 'refurbished' models.  Look for the cheapest PC with 4gb of memory - right now it's an eMachine for $379.99.  That's your sweet spot, a perfect machine that will do everything you need it to do, without breaking the bank.  The same works for laptops - the same process shows a Asus laptop for $379.99.
Next, click the 'check shipping & availability' link.  Type in your zip code and it will show you which stores have the computer in stock.  If it's not in stock anywhere in town, I'll usually search for another similar computer until I find one in a store.
If you need a computer with Windows XP, MicroCenter is the only place in town where you can walk out the door with one.  It's a Dell computer for $399.99.  The also have similar pricing as Best Buy for Windows 7 and Macintosh computers.
Customer Corner
What's it like to be Jason at work?! Here's a peek into one of my typical support calls.
"My PC won't Boot-up!"
Everything was fine yesterday, but this morning when I pressed the power button, it starts to boot, then freezes.  Sometimes I'll get the desktop icons to show, other times not.
Time for "Safe Mode" and "System Restore" to the rescue!  After you press the power button to turn on your computer, start tapping the F8 key once every second.  Don't stop until you see a menu of items on a black and white screen.  Use your arrow keys to select the top option "Safe Mode" and press the Enter key, then press Enter a second time.  You'll see an entire screen full words and it will appear to 'hang'.  Wait a few minutes and you may be prompted to logon.  If so, logon, then you'll be prompted with a Yes or No question - click Yes.
Your screen will look really funny - black background, big icons - but that's normal when running in 'Safe Mode'.  Click the Start Menu - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools, then click System Restore.  Start the process, then you'll have to pick a Date to restore back to.  I usually pick a date one to two weeks in the past.  Start the Restore, it will reboot and then tell you it was successful.
PC is now starts! Customer Happy - Me Happy :o)
Fun Stuff
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I specialize in supporting small/medium businesses. Please consider passing my info on to a friend or neighbor.  Personal referrals are the best possible way to expand a business and I appreciate being able to support your computers!
Jason Stenvold
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