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March, 2010
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I provide businesses with personal, expert technology support. Call anytime for help with computers, email, web sites, internet connections, routers, firewalls, wireless access .... anything to help you run your business efficiently. 
In my first newsletter, I talked about how to speed up your computer, without having buying a new one :o)  This is a follow-up tip on how to clean out system temporary files that are hidden. 
 - Click 'Start Menu', then select 'Run'
 - In the 'Run' box, type  %temp%  and click Ok 
 - Press CTRL+A to select all files
 - Press the Delete key
Some files cannot be deleted while the computer is running, so you'll probably get an error message.  That's ok, since we're only interested in deleting the majority of files in this 'temp' folder.  Having a few hundred files left behind won't affect your computers speed.
On a computer that's running slow, there will be thousand's of files in this hidden 'temp' folder.  My all time record is seeing about 15,000 files in this folder!  On average, there are about 3,000 files on a PC that hasn't been cleaned in about a year.  This only needs to be done about every 6 months.
PC Data Recovery
If your computer won't boot, because of a virus or any other type of 'corruption' of the operating system, many people believe that all their data has been lost.  Not true! 
Getting access to your data is actually quite simple.  All you'll need is this - a USB to IDE/SATA adapter, which only costs about $20.  Click HERE to view one from my favorite store MicroCenter.
The process is this: You'll need a second computer to capture your data. 
 - Remove the hard drive that won't boot
 - Plug the adapter into the second computer
 - Plug your hard drive into the adapter
That's it!  Your hard drive will show up on the second computer as another drive letter, for example F:.  Open Windows Explorer ('Windows Key + E') and navigate to the external hard drive.  Goto 'c:\documents and settings\<username>.  In there, you will find 3 folders that contain your data:
 - Desktop
 - Favorites 
 - My Documents
If you have multiple user accounts, check each <username> for these folders. 
Also check 'c:\documents and settings\all users' - those folders also contain data you may want to keep.
Create a temporary 'c:\transfer' folder on the 2nd computer.  Copy all the folders/files you'd like to save into that folder.  When your done, put the hard drive back into the original computer, then 'format' and reinstall the operating system.  Once the original computer is back online, setup file sharing between the two computers and copy all your data back.

Customer Corner
What's it like to be Jason at work?! Here's a peek into one of my typical support calls.
"Outlook won't open!"
When the user tries to open Outlook email, it appears briefly the suddenly closes.  I first suspect a registry corruption, so I start outlook.exe with the '/cleanprofile /safe' command line switch.  This will repair the registry entries and fixes many strange Outlook problems.  However, it didn't work this time :o(
I then create a new Outlook profile.  It opens just fine now, but only with a blank email file.  The user mentioned that this first started happening after sending an email.  So, I imported all the emails from the original PST file, except the 'outbox'.  This worked, Outlook opens fine and stays open.  Just to make sure, I imported the 'outbox' folder and guess what, Outlook won't open again.
At this point, I could run the utility 'scanpst' and that would probably fix the 'outbox' issue, but it would take about an hour to run.  It's much quicker to just have them re-send the emails that were in the 'outbox'.
Outlook email now works! Customer Happy - Me Happy :o)
Fun Stuff
Having a rough day?  Click these links to make it all better :o)
International Boogie-Woogie Festival - very spunky dancers :o)
Game: Air Hockey - I kept scoring on myself :o(
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