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November, 2009
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I am proud to introduce my monthly newsletter.  My goal is to inform and entertain - who says computers can't be fun!  I promise to keep things a quick read and to shed some light on solving some of your computer frustrations!
Windows 7
It's finally here - but should you buy it?  It's been 2 weeks since the launch, and I've been installing new computers with Windows 7 pre-installed.  My report so far is good.  I've had no trouble with speed, applications or printer drivers, which is what hurt Vista the most. So, if your thinking about it, I'd say go ahead!
"My computer is running really slow - I think I need to buy a new one?"
That is probably my most common question, but I'm here to tell you - you don't need a new computer!  Now, the sales guys at the computer store won't like me dispensing that advice, so don't show this email to them :o)
Most often, it's just a matter of hidden temporary files clogging up your system.  Sure, there are other possible causes: viruses, a run-away program, not enough memory, needing a disk defrag.  But, more often than not, I fix slowness issues with a little file house-cleaning.
So far, this is only a WinXP issue.  Have not seen this happen on Vista or Win7 yet.  There are hidden/system folders that contain thousands of temporary application and system files that, when built up over time, will slow computers down.  These files should normally be automatically deleted, but computers are not a perfect thing, so they build up and need to be manually cleaned out about every 6 months..  The steps to unhide and delete these files are too extensive to list here, but know that this can be fixed.
How to tell if I need more memory?
For WinXP, first open up all the applications that you normally have running throughout the day.  Right-click any blank area in the system tray at the bottom of your screen, select Task Manager.  Click the Performance tab.  Note the 'Total' number in the Physical Memory section at the bottom.  Now note the 'Total' number in the Commit Charge section.  If the Commit number is close to or greater than the Physical number, then you need a RAM upgrade.  For example, if your Physical number is 522000 and your Commit is 497000, you will benefit from a RAM upgrade.  Go to www.crucial.com, run the 'Scan my System' process and it will tell you what type of memory you need.  My rule of thumb is to just double what you currently have.
Customer Corner
What's it like to be Jason at work?!
Well, here's a peek into one of my typical support calls.  A Customer called to complain that the computer keeps locking up randomly. I deleted all the Internet temporary and system temporary files.  Then I reset Internet Explorer 7 to factory defaults. Still locks up.
I tried to install the latest Windows Updates, but got a 'memory violation' error. I uninstalled/reinstalled IE7 and the 'Network Bridge' component. Still didn't fix it. I downloaded and installed IE8 - that worked!  I was then able to install the latest MS updates. 
Customer Happy - Me Happy!
Business Links
Support these fantastic businesses!
  I can personally declare that they are outstanding examples of personal service and value!
Located just north of downtown Minneapolis, Aisha Ghanchi has opened a women's boutique that carries all the latest fashions in clothing, shoes, and accessories .  It's a beautiful store and you'll be amazed at Aisha's eye for fashion!
Located in Hopkins, Buck Mangan has over 25 years of automotive experience, which translates into 'he really knows his stuff!' :o)  An expert troubleshooter, he offers complete Diagnostic, Service and Repair for all Foreign & Domestic Cars & Trucks.  You'll never meet a nicer guy!
Located on the east side of Lake Mille Lacs, 6.5 miles north of Isle.  Family friendly camping, boating, fishing.  Full service Bar and Restaurant.  Launch fishing, boat slips, Motel, RV and tent camping....so much to detail and so little space in this email :o)  They are the premier Ice Fishing location on the entire lake!  Check out their web site to see pictures of their supreme Ice Cabin rentals - it's like being in a hotel on the ice - very comfortable!
Fun Stuff
Having a rough day?  Click these links to make it all better :o)
I specialize in supporting small/medium businesses. Please consider passing my info on to a friend or neighbor.  Personal referrals are the best possible way to expand a business and I appreciate being able to support your computers!
Jason Stenvold
Jason Stenvold
MegaBit Consulting, Inc.
"The highest of distinctions is service to others."
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