Volume 13 Issue 17 : Aug 23, 2012
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Which Binding?


I just purchased some Salomon Slab Classic boots and they fit like slippers. But why does boot have two axles under foot while the Propulse binding has just one axis? 


The S-Lab Classic boots does in-fact retain two axles so that the boots can be used on Salomon Nordic System (SNS) equipe (race) bindings new and old including the top of the line Propulse. This way your new boots will work on your old skis & SNS bindings as well as your newest skis with Propulse bindings. SNS compatibility chart

Two Weeks of Brown Cheese. 

Holly Brooks reflects on the SWEUSA Camp.


Two weeks of brown cheese, tunnel skiing, fish paste, and Scandinavian countryside have come to an end.  I think that all parties, Americans, Swedes (and our lone Canadian) alike would agree that our joint training camp was a great success. When I initially heard about the trip I had decided to stay home and save my money for winter competitions. But, when NNF and other donations stepped in to fund the camp I jumped on board and boy, I am sure glad I did!


Our trip had three distinct parts to it. The first was the "North American" acclimatization camp where we got used to the respective time change (10 hours from Alaska!) and tested skis with Salomon techs in the Torsby Tunnel. Next came the dry land portion where we met up with the Swedes and trained in Salen, the start of the Vasaloppet, and finally, a return to Torsby for more tunnel time and a bit of cross training outside of the refrigerated loop.


Joint training session number one featured... the rest of Holly's reflections with a great summary of what she learned and great images at the National Nordic Foundation web page.

Start of the sk...(in Salen)
Start of the skate sprint workout in selen
Introducing VBT Cross-Country Skiing Tours
A new way to discover the world's great winter wonderlands.
Combining your sport with your love of world travel. 

The woods are silent save for your skis gliding in rhythm along a valley trail fringed with towering pines, as your breath hits the crisp air. The craggy peaks sparkle like diamonds on the valley walls, and on a rocky spur you make out a majestic moufl on ram. Ahead, plumes of smoke signal the hut where your friends await to share a hearty lunch and warm drinks. Icicles dangle from the eaves like bejeweled teeth, but the sound of laughter guarantees warm smiles when you walk through the door.

VBT Cross-Country ski tours offers a choice of daily routes so you can ski as much or as little as you want. The lodgings are all close to the trails and many offer other pastimes (alpine skiing, sledding, skating, snowshoeing and more) to round out your days. Of course, there will be many non-skiing activities included to showcase the alpine cultures we visit - not to mention plenty of après ski pampering in some of the world's finest winter lodgings.
austria italy
Italy & Austria: Cross-Country Skiing the Dolomites
Lienz * Obertilliach * Passo Lavaze * Cavalese

10 days from only $3395, Including airfare 
Whisk through the valleys below the towering Dolomite Mountains and the graceful peaks of the eastern Alps. We'll glide from village to village as frozen rivers guide us to warm, inviting lodges at the end of the trail. We'll have ample opportunity to mingle with locals, hoisting a few pints or sipping a warm mulled wine at day's end. 2013 Departures: Jan 4,18; Feb 8; Mar 8 

Banff & Beyond: Cross-Country Skiing the Canadian Rockies
Kananaskis Canmore Banff Lake Louise

7 days from only $2495
Make your way north, into the heart of the Rockies, where some of the 
world's most dramatic mountain scenery awaits our discovery. The Canadian 
wilderness is home to some of the best skiing in the world and we'll delight 
in its cross-country tracks as we marvel at the impressive peaks of the Rockies
overhead. Off the trail, invigorated muscles will recharge in natural hot 
springs and we'll enjoy authentic local fare.2013 Departures: Feb 3, 17 
solevenia austria
Slovenia, Italy & Austria: Cross-Country Skiing the Alps 
Kranjska Gora * Planica * Valbruna * Tarvisio * Ramsau
10 days from only $3395, Including airfare
Immerse yourself in a winter paradise where even the locals travel by way of their skis. As we explore, we'll chat with local cross-country afi cionados and visit one of the world's largest ski jumps. In addition to gliding along wellgroomed cross-country trails, we'll also enjoy village strolls and cooking with a local chef. As the sun dips below snowcapped spires, we'll unwind in warm spas and saunas. 2012/2013 Departures: Dec 14, 2012; Jan 4, 11, 25; Feb 22, 2013 More info here
Which Bliz should Bliz USA Import?
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SkiTrax Magazine Launches with

Kershaw, Kalla and Jauhojarvi


SkiTrax Magazine is pleased to announce that for 2012/13 our fabulous team of writers is back including some of the best names in the sport and top skiers as well such as Devon Kershaw who takes over for his teammate Alex Harvey this year.


We're also stoked to welcome Sweden's Charlotte Kalla and Finland's Sami Jauhojarvi, two of the hottest names in xc skiing, who will pen a new Euro column in Trax this season.


All the best this coming season to subscribe visit

Team News
The National Training Group development camp is underway. Seven men and seven women arrived in Park City for seven days of V02 testing and training. More at
Event News
Jenny Bender's Ski Erg Showdown
Can you compete?
Check it out at
Boulder Mountain Tour
& National Masters
Yellowstone Ski Festival
Summer Training Programs and Camps 

CXC Coaches Conference


CXC Coaches Conference will bring together coaches, educators, organizations and sport scientists together to educate, collaborate and share research, best practices and new ideas. 

All presentations will target junior, high school, college, U23 and senior age groups. This conference will also be a great learning opportunity for parents and citizen skiers. 

Telemark Resort - Cable, WI





Lake Superior Ski Club's Master Training Group  

Lake Superior Ski Club offers a variety of options for Masters Skiers in the Duluth MN area. Starting in October and running until the Birkie. We are here to make you a better skier, whether it is to keep up with your friends or qualify for the Elite wave of the Birkie let us help you achieve your goals. More info here 
Sisu Skiers Summer Training  
Summer Training Programs and Camps 
Does you have a summer programs you wish to promote? 
email and we will share.

Nordic Job Openings

Co-Head Nordic Coach - Mounds View High School Arden Hills,MN
Ability and passion for teaching nordic techniques and racing strategies to beginning through advanced high school skiers
Strong wax knowledge Reliable, communicative, flexible, collaborative and fun! Email resume  and cover letter to  



Nordic Job Opening? email to post

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost


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