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April 5, 2012: Volume 12, Number  51


Skiing in Argentina?



I am planning a ski vacation in Argentina this July.  We'll be staying in Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) for the first week, with plans for the second week still undermined.  I understand there are several XC ski areas with groomed trails near Ushuaia, but I've had difficulty finding much information on more than one via the internet.  What are the names of the XC resorts and how far are they from the town of Ushuaia?  Also, is there any cross-country skiing to be had further north, in the vicinity of Mt. Aconcagua?  And lastly, do the larger Andean (a.k.a. alpine) ski resorts generally rent telemark gear, or is it mostly fixed-heel country?  Ushuaia has been selected as the host city for the next "Interski" (international ski instructors' confab, occurs once every few years), so we are hopeful that there will be plenty of options to keep us entertained - we skate, classic, downhill, and tele, so we need to know which sets of gear to bring along. Any info would be greatly appreciated! SR


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Pancakes Pancakes


By: Chad Giese (reprinted every spring)  



We learn the value of hard work very early in life.  One of my favorite books to read to my son Anders is called Pancakes Pancakes.  The little boy in the book wakes up one morning and asks his mom for pancakes for breakfast.  The mom agrees to make them, but first she sends the boy to the field to cut some oats and bring the oats to the mill to make flour.  Then she has the boy milk a cow and he churns the milk into butter.  Then the boy gathers an egg from the chicken coup and finally some firewood to make a fire in the cook stove.  The mother mixes all of the ingredients together to make the best pancake the boy has ever had.  The little boy certainly enjoyed eating his pancake and probably enjoyed it even more because he had to work for it.  It doesn't take much interpretation to realize the book isn't about eating a pancake, it's about the work and preparation necessary to make the pancake.  I don't know if Anders picks up on this yet, but since we're all grown-ups here I'll ask the question:  What's your Pancake?


Now is the time of the year when you are most in touch with how the season went.  Don't let the weeks go by before you start to forget just how painful it was to bonk at this race, or get beat by your buddy at that race, or how your arms, back, or legs, gave out at that other race.  While these memories are still fresh in your mind, use them.  Take the good, the bad, and the ugly and set your goals for next winter.  Ahvo Taipale and I used to have a system where we would plan, execute, and analyze and then repeat this on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  This is the time of the year to analyze how things went while looking at the bigger picture of the training year.  Figure out what you did well and why, what you didn't do well and why, what your strengths are, and what your weaknesses are.  Then figure out what you want to do next season by setting your goals.  The goals you set become your direction for the training year.  There are few things more satisfying than knowing every day you are doing what you can to get closer to your goals.  Your goals will be the driving force that gets you out the door on the hot and muggy July days, the cold and rainy October mornings, or maybe even in the car for a road trip to West Yellowstone for Thanksgiving.  


Make your goal as specific as making the Olympic Team or as basic as just getting in better shape.  For the athlete with the goal to make the Olympic team, the plan will not be compromised.  For most of us, it is hard enough to put a plan together around a full-time job, a family, or other things life has to offer, but the goal will get us out the door.  Use it as motivation and track your progress throughout the year.  This can be a sophisticated process or a simple one but find some way to know that each day you are moving yourself in the right direction. 


So, what is your Pancake going to be for next winter? 


I know it sounds too good to be true, but give it a shot and write something down.  You might just reach your goals.

Train on!
Chad Giese 



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Spring Cleaning, 
Base Refreshing, Base Saturation, Summer Storage


1) Cleaning: Use wax remover and Fiber wipe to clean the kick zone and also the glide zone.


2) Use the finest Steel brush to clean excess dirt from base.


3) Apply layer of Start Base or Service (or soft non-fluoro glider like SG2) to glide zones.


4) While wax is still soft use scraper with low pressure to "hot wipe" wax and further dirt away.


5) Follow with Fiber wipe and then finest steel brush again to remove dirt while refreshing base further. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary until no more dirt is seen coming from base.


6) If you suspect your skis have any base damage (i.e. base sealing) consider having the skis stoneground to reveal a fresh base in the spring before summer storage. A fresh base is the most import feature in a skis ability to hold wax and to glide. Ski shops in most every ski town offer great stone grinding services. Start's Racing Service Retailers (BNS, Caldwell Sport, GearWest, Nordic Ultratune and Riverbrook) are also great stonegrinding options.


7) Once you have a clean and refreshed base it is time to saturate the base with a summer storage wax. In the glide zones melt in a thick layer of Start Base or Service (or soft non-fluoro glider like SG2) and let it cool. If all the wax has been absorbed into the base at any point add another layer onto ski. Let cool and leave it on the ski all summer.


8) Skis should be storage in cool, dry place, out of sunlight and not near heating elements nor not near the roof where temperature can rise over 50C degrees. Skis should be stored loosely strapped with no pressure on camber so that there is no risk that heat and pressure can alter any of the skis camber characteristics.


9) Better to do something than nothing. So at the very, very least crayon your softest glide onto your glide zones right now.

10) Enjoy the spring, as we are still skiing in Sun Valley, ID I will be able to delay my final ski storage for another month but then it will be time to go to Bend, OR for spring camp.  



Ski Classic Final
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The inaugural NNF CUP was awarded to CXC (Central Cross Country) at the completion of the SuperTour Finals in Craftbury, VT last weekend. The NNF Cup was launched to increase the awareness of America's premier cross country club programs as these clubs provide daily support and motivation to tomorrow's stars today. More Details at nccsef.org   

Top 5 Clubs

1 CXC 1901
2 APUNSC 1361
3 SVSEF 1113
4 Green 919
5 Homegrown 728 



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