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March 8, 2012: Volume 12, Number 48

 1/2 hour? 


I only have half an hour to an hour to train most weekdays, can I get anything out of that?

Yes, but try to fit your priority workout in on the weekend. Endurance sessions of half an hour should be done primarily in level 2 and should include a few bursts of speed. Strength can take as little as 10 minutes a morning if you can wake up just 10 minutes earlier. Warm up for intervals can take as little as10 minutes, the workout 35 minutes and the warm down 15 minutes.


One more hammer session?


The big race is coming and I think I can fit in one more tough interval session and maybe another long ski.


Don't. If you are feeling good, you want to stay that way, if you aren't feeling great, at this point you won't get that way by training.



Final preparation: Take it easy the week and especially the few days before the event. It is quite possible that many are starting the race with the tank a bit low. Skiing long or medium hard to hard depletes your glycogen stores. You cannot get in good shape the week before your race. The time for that is in the months before, right before the race is time to tune up with some easy skiing, some short (!) bursts of speed or a little (!) race pace work, aimed at feeling good, rested and excited not at getting in shape. The workouts should not break down the body.


When I can, I follow some variation on this commonly used routine:

Sat: race.
Sun: long very slow distance.
Mon: off.
Tues: (off, if tired) otherwise speed or very easy.
Wed: very easy distance.
Thurs: off.
Friday: easy with speed.
Sat: Big Race. 
Pacing: Start at your own pace. (You know who you are.) If you go anarobic before you are warmed up you are more likely to bonk.




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World Juniors and U23
The World Junior/U23 Championships were contested two weeks ago in Turkey. The National Nordic Foundation paid for 80% of the expenses for this great trip. Check out numerous athlete articles at the NNF web site.
World JR/23 Team  

skate sequence  



Vasa Photo Finish 
After 90 km and a record speed 3:38:41 the Swedish Vasaloppet came down to inches. Here is 1-4th. Top 9 were within 5 seconds. 
15,000 skiers behind these guys with last finisher in 12:19:28. 
Over 63,000 skiers participated in the Vasaloppet Winter Week events.
More news and images at SalomonNordic on Facebook

 also Kikkan Randall wins World Cup Sprint Title

the first U.S. Women's Nordic World Cup title ever and the first title by an American since Bill Koch in 1982. 

Kikkan wins Kikkan Wins Nordic Focus Image

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March 10 & 11 Wax Recs

Or use the Start Wax Selector



Which Fluor?


You guys have over 15 different pure Fluorocarbon waxes. How do I decide which one I should use?


If you wish to keep waxing simple you should use SF30 which is our Universal Fluor Powder 23F-41F and it works at its best when you need Fluoros the most on both sides of 30. 



And, Yes if you want the ultimate wax for each condition we have a quiver of more than 15 Fluorocarbon waxes in our SFR, Nano and BM lines. SFR line is for medium humidity conditions. Nano line is for high humidity conditions. BlackMagic line is for dirty course and artificial snow.  Within each line we have specialty fluoros for snow types and temps. 


Application of powder glider
Application of  SF 30 Powder Glider


Team Apparel

Bjorn Daehlie Announces Team Apparel Program Clubs, teams, and training groups are vital to the advancement of cross-country skiing in North America.  We know that for many of these groups budgets are tight and we want to help.


It's never too early to start thinking about new team apparel for next year.  We also offer special discounts for orders placed in March for fall delivery.

And, we do have some options still in stock now if you need to get outfitted this year.


Contact Kevin Johnson at or

262-707-7095 for more information. Check out more photos of our clothing at Bjorn Daehlie North America on Facebook or    


Share with your Team and Friends

The 6th Annual Equinox Snow Challenge will be
March 24th and 25th, 2012  
West Yellowstone, MT
6, 12, or 24 hours.


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Salomon's Images from Oslo
The best World Cup images click here


Win a Dinner with Bjorn Daehlie in Norway here! 



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