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Jan 19, 2011: Volume 12, Number 41


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Metal Scraping Skis.


This is a situation I think many family ski techs might face. My 12 year old daughter has a pair of hand-me-down classic skis that have many kilometers on them. The skis are at least 10 years old. My son used them as rock skis and the bases were really wrecked. Gouged and gray, definitely oxidized. She loves them even though she has other "better" skis. I bought a brand new metal scraper and went after them. Then I rubbed them with fibertek, hot scraped with base prep, medium steel brush, moly scrape and medium steel brush again finally wax of the day - hard cold something. The skis look good. They have the dark, oily look of a well conditioned base. They are also noticeably flatter. She says they are fast and I am pretty sure she knows fast skis, so I believe her.  Even though I tried to de-burr the scraper with a gummie stone, the scrape left a slight but noticeable linear structure. I am curious, did I make the base hairy as well as leaving the little grooves? Does this matter? Will it go away? Is there a better garage solution for skis that maybe are not worth an expensive grind?


It sounds like you did an admirable job of reconditioning old bases. And it is best to try first on skis that are rock skis. The proof is in the pudding. If the skis work, then great. Yes when you use a metal scrapper you risk doing more harm than good. But I used a metal scraper enough before stone grinding was prevalent that I had a nickname of "DR. Peal Good" and we did have fast skis. With a brand new sharp scraper one can cut off an entire piece of PE from to tail. If the skis look like orange peel than the PE was pulled off, which is not good. If it looks dark and rich then it was cut off which is what you want. No there is no other great solution between metal scraping and stone grinding to expose a fresh flat base. But taking care of good bases each day helps.


Andy at SkiPost

 Rollerski Crashes?

Keep the rubber side down.


Unfortunately, I had an awkward fall on my v2 rollerskis last week and broke my ankle.  I always wear knee pads, a bike helmet and wrist guards and had no other injuries, but alas there will be no birkie for me this year.  I was going downhill and had 2 clicks on my speed reducers but it was not able make a safe turn on a familar path on an unusually warm afternoon.  Do roller skis  go faster in warmer temperatures, 50 degrees vs 20 degrees for instance?   Should one us more speed reduction on warmer days? One of my friends commented that I need to learn how to fall.  I know I could work on more balance drills in the future but I  wonder what is the safest way to fall when a person feels they are going too fast down a hill on roller skis or cross country skis and should one ever practice falling?

First of all, really sorry to hear about your ankle. It's always a shame to miss the Birkie! Its good to hear that you are putting safety first in your training.  Rollerskiing is an inherently dangerous activity, and it's very important that all of us emphasize safety while out on the roads and trails. Regarding your questions, you are right on see how Travis Jones answers the rest of this question here.



How does one ski easy and still properly?

 part 2


Last week we answered this question here.


Now Alexei offers this advice with video drills to work on.



Video 1 

Video 2

Video 3 part 1

Video 3 part 2

Video 4

video 5

video 6



Gear West Signature Ski Flex Tester

21st Century Fit!


Gear West Signature Flex Tester    

Capable of accurately testing pressure gradients to the thousandth of a pound per inch, Gear West's Flex Tester is the most precise Nordic ski flex machine in the world. Why did we build it? Because a ski's flexural behavior is the single greatest factor in determining performance. We have always used our hands and eyes and traditional flex bench methods to test skis but our newest tool gives another metric for analysis of ski flex. 
Want to get in on the action? For only $25.00, we will put your skis on the flex tester and do a full professional analysis of their characteristics. You will receive flex profiles for both skis in the pair (with pressure distributions at half and full body weight applied), as well as a breakdown of those profiles describing what they mean to you - any significant differences between the skis, particular strengths or weaknesses, specific snow conditions, and anything else that is noteworthy about them and why. This will be performed by one of our flex specialists, including expert ski fitter and professional athlete Matt Leibsch and ski enthusiast and civil engineer Josh Doebbert. 
Hard Track Profile
Hard Track Profile 
For more details visit: Gear West Ski Blog 


21st Century Fit!


Start Spoil Your Ski and Yourself  

Start's Weekend Racing Wax Recs

to Spoil your Skis and Yourself


Cascade Crest, Mt Bachelor, OR 

Methow Valley WA Pursuit  

Glacier Glide Izaak Walton Inn, Essex, MT 

Seeley Lake Challenge Seeley Nordic Ski Trails MT

Billy Goat Loppet, Sun Valley ID, Billy's Bridge

Sacagawea Classic Bohart Ranch, Bozeman, MT 

SmartWool Wasatch Citizens Series #3 Soldier Hollow 

25th Governor's Cup Devils Thumb Ranch, CO 

Mayors Challenge - Minneapolis, MN 

Marshall Sprints - Ely, MN

Lapham Loppet - Lapham Peak Delafield, WI

Cote Daim Marie Ski Loppet - Hansen Hills, Grayling MI

GLD JOQ Metroparks, Kirtland, OH 

NYSEF Mid-A JOQ/NRL Mt.Van Ho Bia, Lake Placid, NY

Race to the Cabin Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT 

White Mountain Classic, Jackson, NH





 Start's Answers to Waxing Questions 

 If you have question regarding Start wax

email us



 Get the Start Android Phone App.

Harri at your beck and call. 


  Waxing for New Snow

I have a recurring challenge when applying kick wax under new snow conditions.  If I apply the Swix wax that is in the correct temperature range, the snow builds up under my kick zone.  I have this problem whether the new snow is at 4 degrees or 24 degrees. I ski in Anchorage, Alaska.  What is your suggestion to avoid the build up?

Classic style in Anchorage


Dear Classic style,


New snow often results in changing track conditions. It is difficult to get grip, and the risk of icing is great. New snow is sharp so it can penetrate the softer wax. This is why Swix has two temp recs on each tin. New snow and old snow. For new snow you need a harder wax that will not allow the sharp crystals to penetrate. Make sure you are using the new snow rec from Swix. If that is not working than you may try to cushion the wax by putting a harder layer on top. This allows the soft layer to bend to the crystal for grip but relies on the outer harder layer to resist the penetration, subsequent icing and snow build up. 


That being said SkiPost now works with Start wax. And Start wax has a complete line for fine grain new snow. The Tar or "Terva" Classic Line. Tar is #1 water resistant and #2 and just as importantly has thermoplastic properties and thus adjusts its hardness to slight temperature fluctuations. This makes its outer layer close to the snow harder than the under layers thus providing automatic cushioning.




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  Its Noquemanon time! 
Marquette, MI 
Saturday, January 28, 2012.  


The 14th annual Marquette General Health System Noquemanon Ski Marathon and mBank Half Noque is set 10 days away. The 2012 year will continue to show our quality and perseverance to change for the better.  


First, new for 2012, the Classic marathon cash purse has doubled to $4000 total.  The top finishers of the Noquemanon 50K Classic event receive cash prizes as well as a large, beautiful Moen Cowbell. MEN 1st - $1125; 2nd - $500; 3rd - $250; 4th - $150; 5th - $50 WOMEN 1st - $1125; 2nd - $500; 3rd - $250 Second, race participation has been capped to 1300 skiers. 


The MGHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon is ramping up for the biggest race event in our history!   Over 1000 skiers are registered with about 400 more openings until the cap in each event  has been meet. Lastly, The work crews have been out on the trail and we have widened the start of the half marathon area again, and significantly reduced the narrowing down of the first 500m of the trail.  Improvements then flow all the way down to the creek at 30ft wide.


The Awards party will have significant improvements that bring us back to the Upfront and Company for awards pick up and post-race fun. 

Race entries are available by calling 866-370-RACE or visiting www.noquemanon.com For more information on the Marquette General Health System Noquemanon Ski Marathon, mBank Half Noque, Noque 12K and snowshoe events, contact Nicole Dewald at 906-235-6861.   


Gallatin Glissade
Lone Mountain Ranch 
Big Sky, Montana
February 25, 20K, 10K, 2K  
Registration contact Gallatin Alpine Sports
(888) 325-7463 

Sun Valley = Nordic Town USA  
150 KM  of groomed trails
1-3 ft new snow in last 24 hours!
 sun valley grooves 
The Boulder Mountain Tour is filling up fast and promises to be the same supreme quality marathon event we have come to expect. Don't hesitate to make your plans for the Sun Valley Nordic Festival and the Boulder Mountain Tour as it may be the best skiing in the lower forty-eight. For complete information go to www.SVNordicFestival.com and www.BoulderMountainTour.com




33rd Annual Rendezvous  

March 3, 2012

Great Skiing in West Yellowstone!   


Make plans now to enjoy some of the best skiing and snow in the world, and mark your calendars for the 33rd annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Race sponsored by Yellowstone National Park Lodges.


The Yellowstone Rendezvous Race is a cornerstone of cross-country skiing in West Yellowstone, and is part of the American Ski Marathon Series.  There are six different races offered for skiers of all ages.  Marathoners can enter the 50 kilometer freestyle race, which consists of two laps around the perimeter of the Rendezvous Ski Trail system.  Racers can enter the 25 kilometer events under classic or freestyle technique, with the 10k as a great choice for those preferring a shorter distance. The 5k and 2k races are geared for kids... bring the whole family!


For most skiers, crossing the finish line is the goal.  The fastest skiers will be rewarded with medals and cash prizes at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening.  All racers are invited to treat themselves to the complimentary desert bar at the Holiday Inn after the race. 


For more information, please visit: www.rendezvousrace.com.  


and when you are there stay at the Holiday Inn




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