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Jan 12, 2011: Volume 12, Number 40


Sorry for the 2nd SkiPost. I had a non-working link for the great webinar with Harri Aaltonen from Start Wax Finland that people were emailing me about. 

So here is the correct link  to waxing with Harri

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How does one ski easy and still properly.


Being a nordic skier for almost 40 years now, there is still one issue I can't seem to get my head around: We have always been obsessed to use the proper technique in XC skiing and for sure this is a sport where this aspect is much more important than in others. When I started following the North American web offerings on XC skiing from over here in Germany I - of course - also found the claim "engrain proper technique" in every second posting. And rightly so.  

But the sentence many times seemd connected with power level one,



so I'm wondering: how do you use proper technique only at power levels one and/or two? 



When I try and use my best technique, I normally end up with my heart rate monitor beeping, showing level three or sometimes four.  On roller skis you could try and change your wheels to faster ones, but is that really a solution? You normally would want the roller skis as close to skis as possible in terms of speed. Maybe the simple answer to my question is that my fitness level is just not high enough (I normally do two to three workouts a week) and I would be interested in your view on this (or maybe there has already been a similar question). Thanks and best regards from still snowless centre of Germany,




Let me try to answer your question.


Over my experience working with Olympic athletes and beginners and masters, I always find this phenomena you are describing: in fast and powerful skiing many and almost all skiers with certain experience in this sport look good. At the Olympic races you find justification of almost any technique (within a reasonable level) and almost all skiers from the rest of the world can copy this or that skier for a little bit. Now, the trick is when these Olympians ski slow. Interestingly enough their technique and what is most important - balance is not changing much. They still gliding looks like effortless on one ski and their movements are very "fluid". They do not kick hard, but use lots of momentum and / or pendulum swing forward advantage. I almost ready to say, I enjoy watching great skiers at their OD practices - that is when I find them so GREAT and unique!


Now, going to your question: most likely you are suffering lack of balance, or ability to stay and glide on one ski without too much energy spent to maintain your position. This is why you compensating it with more and more power (or most likely tempo) and as a result more speed. Obviously your HR is going up and you can only ski that way so far or so long. It is like effect of riding a bike: the more experienced riders can maintain straight line at a very slow speed and less experienced have to go fast.

So, with that said, what can I suggest to you in your pursue of proper technique and not racing every training session? First, spend more time doing balance and dryland exercises. Especially effective I found, is just standing in basic skier position, swing your arms and one foot back in force like in classical style. Make sure your balance point is always above the ball of your foot. Trust, this is the most common used exercise World Cup skiers are doing. I recently observed Justina Kovalchyk doing this for almost an hour a day at her summer training camp in New Zealand!


Second one: ski with one pole (again in classical style). It is much easier than with no poles, but gives you almost similar effect. Try to focus on a motion of your free arm - if it is smooth and actually propels you forward and over your gliding foot on a swing forward - you doing a fine job. Again - it was the most used exercise by Nikita Kryukov and Alexander Panzhinskiy in their training on snow in NZ.


I am almost positive: doing these two drills will help you to ski more efficient, balanced and eventually will give you ability to ski technically correct at much slower speed.  


Please let me know if it worked and good luck in your skiing!


Alexei Sotskov,  


New Zealand National Team coach, 

Vermont Academy Nordic Head coach 



 150 KM  of groomed trail in Sun Valley!
sun valley skate sun valley grooves 
The country may be having a warm and dry winter but the Cross Country skiing in Sun Valley is superb. Conditions on the Harriman Trail (Boulder Mountain Tour course) are incredibly good and even if there is no additional snow for the first week of February there is plenty of high quality snow for the Sun Valley Nordic Festival to go forward without disruption. The entire week of Nordic festivities are scheduled and in place. Skiing on the North Valley Trail system and at Sun Valley Nordic is excellent thanks to the remarkably good grooming and the snow received over the holidays.


 Video of Sun Valley Trails Jan 2012


The Boulder Mountain Tour is filling up fast and promises to be the same supreme quality marathon event we have come to expect. Don't hesitate to make your plans for the Sun Valley Nordic Festival and the Boulder Mountain Tour as it may be the best skiing in the lower forty-eight. For complete information go to www.SVNordicFestival.com and www.BoulderMountainTour.com




 Start's Answers to Waxing Questions 

 If you have question regarding Start wax

email us



 Get the Start Android Phone App.

Like Having Harri at your beck and call. 


Start's Weekend Racing Wax Recs

to Spoil your Skis and Yourself


Seeley Hill Classic 00 Seeley Hills WI is ON!!!!!


Start Guru Evan Pengelly will be at the Seeley Hill Start Line ( get it) to help racers with Start Kickers. He will also host a Friday Clinic at Riverbrook  with special kickers just arriving for the race.


SiSu Ski Fest ABR Trails to Downtown Ironwood, MI 

ABC Relays Theodore Wirth Park, MN Jan 14 

AMH Anchorage Cup Duathlon Kincaid Park AK Jan 15 

Great Lakes, JOQ Jan 14-15 Boyne Valley Lodge MI 

Frosty Freestyle & Huron Invite Brighton, MI Jan14 15 

TD Eastern Cup Farmington ME Jan 14-15

Steamboat Stampede, CO Sunday Jan 15

RMN JOQ & CU Invite Steamboat Springs CO 

Teton Ridge Classic, Tutonia/Driggs, ID Jan 14 





Start Finland Webinar Held Today

with Harri Aaltonen of Start Racing Services


Watch Video here




Listen to Harri's answers to questions like:

Kick Waxing: when to use Terva, Synthetic, RF, & Oslo line and BM?

Glide Waxing when would you use:

SF, SFR, BM Fluor, VS Nano?  

Sg, Fg, LF, HF, BM?

Moly VS Graphite

Cold Low Humidity Snow Waxing

And much much more...



Share with your Team and Friends

wood ski bench


The New World Wax table is a top of the line team table at an economy price.  Super rugged and stable, with the largest range of accessories of any brand, this is a table for everyone!  From innovative parts such as the spring loaded cam clamp, to handy standard items such as the power strip and small parts bag, the New World table will delight the veteran waxer as well as the novice.  Frustrated by the poor quality of medium priced tables, and equally frustrated by the over-priced team tables, Woodski, Inc. took on the challenge to create a new table that meets the needs of everyone while keeping the price to a point where even individuals will buy one for themselves.


The table starts at $395 and accessories range from the $15. spring loaded wire clamp to $69. for a custom cordura travel cover.  Other accessories include a garbage bag holder, ski rack, iron holder, and lower shelf.  The table comes in two heights (and custom heights are available upon request!)  and can be used by one or two waxers. The frame is welded aluminum tubing (doubled on top for strength and accessories) and the hinges and fasteners are stainless steel.  The table top is tough Baltic birch ply.   More information is at the website www.woodrollerski.com


woodski bench 


 Check out more at  woodrollerski.com



41st annual Marine Obrien Ski RaceĀ 

Jan 29th 



 MOB Race




3rd Annual Rendezvous  March 3, 2012

Great Skiing in West Yellowstone!   


The Rendezvous Ski Trails in West Yellowstone, Montana are in great shape with the entire trail system groomed for both skate and classic skiing.   Elevation and natural snowfall have been our friends this season, and skiers here have been spoiled with fantastic, mid-winter conditions all season.


Make plans now to enjoy some of the best skiing in the world, and mark your calendars for the 33rd annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Race, on March 3, 2012, sponsored by Yellowstone National Park Lodges.


The Yellowstone Rendezvous Race is a cornerstone of cross-country skiing in West Yellowstone, and is part of the American Ski Marathon Series.  There are six different races offered for skiers of all ages.  Marathoners can enter the 50 kilometer freestyle race, which consists of two laps around the perimeter of the Rendezvous Ski Trail system.  Racers can enter the 25 kilometer events under classic or freestyle technique, with the 10k as a great choice for those preferring a shorter distance. The 5k and 2k races are geared for kids... bring the whole family!


The Rendezvous Race is a fun, festive event in a unique location.  The camaraderie at the start is evident and follows racers along the course.  To support racers in the 25 or 50k division, local community groups staff feed stations along the trails, and the theme this year is "Pirates".  Look for eye patches, hooks, hats, and of course, treasure.  Bragging rights are on the line.  Racers vote for their favorite feed station and the winners gloat for the rest of the year.


For most skiers, crossing the finish line is the goal.  The fastest skiers will be rewarded with medals and cash prizes at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening.  All racers are invited to treat themselves to the complimentary desert bar at the Holiday Inn after the race. 


For more information, please visit: www.rendezvousrace.com.  




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Concept2 HOLIDAY Challenge Raises over $31,000

to Support Disaster Relief Organizations


Participants in Concept2's 12th Annual Holiday Challenge not only rowed or skied millions of meters between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, they also helped raise over $31,000 for disaster relief organizations, including one that supports the company's home state of Vermont in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. 


Every year, Concept2, the leading manufacturer of rowing machines, hosts a Holiday Challenge, asking its customers worldwide to row or ski either 100K or 200K between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Over 5900 individuals rowed or skied their way to fitness during the challenge while supporting organizations whose mission it is to offer disaster relief to affected people around the world. Nearly 1.3 billion meters were completed.

More details here:


National Nordic Foundation  
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