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Dec 29, 2011: Volume 12, Number 38


Tour-de-ski live on internet?


In the US check out  http://www.usagoals.com  


for a live tour-de-ski feed.



A sport for all.


Out there on the trails, in the woods, the mountains and at the ski areas there are 85 year-olds and 5 year olds. You'll find the slim and the short, the tall, the wide, and the light as well as the dark. At races across the country there are the very fast and the very slow. Cross-country skiing is for all, and it is for life. It is health and fitness, and at any level it is challenging and fun. We hope to see you out there, and if you see us, please shout out a hearty hello.   


 How to Hot Box?


You referred to proper & improper hot boxing. I have a hot box of my own construction but I have never seen any real guidelines for how to best use it.  I keep the temperature at 120 - 130 degrees (Fahrenheit) for about 6 hours.  It has a fan that continually circulates the air. How does this sound?


First of all most ski manufacturers do not suggest skier hot box their skis.

While an iron exerts heat to the base, the hot box exerts heat to the entire ski. It can do nothing to improve a ski, over normal waxing done properly and with patience, but can weaken the epoxy and alter a ski camber if the heat gets out of control.


That being said many people and ski shops hot box.


To do it with the least risk


1) The base needs to be open and not sealed so it can accept the wax easily.  (Stone grinding to achieve a fresh open base is another issue)


2) The max temp at any point in the box should not exceed 55C (130F). Some boxes have great fluctuations in their temps throughout the box.


3) A wax with a melting point at 55C needs to be used. Not many waxes are actually molten at this low temp. They may be soft but they are not molten. Start suggests Service Wax LF for its unique double molten points one just below 57 and one at and one at 120C.


4) Melt wax onto base.


5) Leave in hot box for as short a period as possible. Less than 2 hours should be sufficient. The base is only a couple of mm thick and will absorb wax quickly or not at all.


6) Realize this is speaking from the standpoint of the ski manufactures.


7) This is not speaking on behalf of the Hot box and Hot bag manufactures who would argue differently.


I hope this helps.





 Start's Answers to Waxing Questions 

Start Spoil Your Ski and Yourself

 If you have question regarding Start wax

email us



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Like Having Harri at your beck and call. 


Start's Weekend Racing Wax Recs

to Spoil your Skis and Yourself


Twin Cities Championships - Twin Cities, MN

Craftsbury Classic, Craftsbury Commons VT Jan 1st

Mt. Hor Ho Hop, Willoughby State Forest VT Dec 31

Wasatch Citizens Series #2 Soldier Hollow UT Dec 31

Betty Woolsey Classic, Trail Creek Wilson WY Dec 31

Ski Rodeo, Community Center, Mazama, WA Dec 31 

New Year'a Resolution Race, McCauley Mtn Ctr, NY 

If you have your own Start Wax Rec 

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Unobtainable no more!  


Start Ski Wax, the #1 wax brand in Russia, Finland and #2 in Sweden, has (outside of Start Green) been virtually unobtainable in the US. Its endless line of advanced gliders and kickers are a staple in every World Cup wax trailer and in the wax boxes of U.S. "elite coaches" who travel to Europe. 


But until this winter, Start's premium wax's and their associated premium wax jobs were virtually unobtainable to anyone but "elite skiers." No wonder those "elite skiers" had faster skis. They had Start wax.  But fret no longer, as Start is now obtainable through hundreds of ski shops across the U.S.  


Twin Cities Championship 


Even better, this weekend Start will offer its premium wax job to all Twin Cities Championship skiers free of charge. You can drop off your skis Friday at Start Premium Dealers GearWest or Hoigaards for a Start pure speed top coat and race morning kick waxing. Start's Midwest waxing guru Evan Pengelly has been onsite and come up with the perfect glide and kick combinations for this weekends dirty man made snow. Its called Black Magic for a reason! Details on this race service here.


US Cross Country Ski Championships

Rumford Maine  Jan 1-8


Start will also be in hand at the US National Championships in at Black Mountain in Rumford, Maine. Start waxing guru Alexei Sotskov, back from recent excursions to Finland and Russia, will be testing and lending his recommendations. Boulder Nordic Sport,the official onsite retailer, made a special purchase of the ever popular Klisters and Kickers as well as some previously unobtainable BM Liquid, Powders, and Blocks  just for Rumford. Good Luck to all! 


 NNF Pledges $118,000 for

Cross-Country and Nordic Combined 

Pillar Projects



The National Nordic Foundation will invest an additional $25,000 in two Cross-Country Pillar Projects in its second round of 2011/2012 funding. Of this additional investment $13,000 will go toward subsidizing the World Junior Championships & Under 23 World Championships trip. $12,000 will do toward reducing World Cup expenses by athletes who have qualified to compete on the World Cup but are not funded by USSA or FIS. This brings the NNF's 2011/2012 investment in the sport to a record $83,000 nearly doubling its 2010/2011 funding allocation. 


The National Nordic Foundation will invest $35,000 in Nordic Combined Pillar Projects for its 2011/2012 Nordic Combined funding.  Nordic Combined joined the National Nordic Foundation in May of 2011 to bring together, streamline and reinforce the parallel Nordic Combined and Cross-Country efforts to support tomorrow's Nordic stars today.  Fund raising efforts that began in the late spring and continue daily have exceeded $35,000 in Nordic Combined support. 


Both the Cross-Country and Nordic Combined investments are made possible by the generous donations of nearly 1,000 individuals who donated primarily through the Drive-for-25 campaign this fall.  

Read more here


Join the tribe and donate here:



svsf header



January 28 - February 5, 2012




The 2012 festival will feature 9 days of activities, races, clinics and fun events along with a discounted, 9-day valley-wide Nordic trail pass, discounts on demos/rentals, lodging and dining which showcase and celebrate Sun Valley's well-deserved reputation as "Nordic Town USA".


Highlights of this year's festival include:


Ski the Rails & Hailey Music Celebration

Galena & The Trails Winter Benefit 

Skin it to Win It! - 

Alturas Ski and Apres Ski at Smiley Creek Lodge

Building a Bigger Engine 

Twilight Ski and Dinner at Galena Lodge -

Ketchum Downtown Jam & NordicTownUSA Sprints

200K Trails Challenge

The Winterfun Classic -


Swix Boulder Mountain Tour -


  Full schedule at www.SVNordicFestival.com 


The Sun Valley region has a well-deserved reputation for world-class alpine skiing, but the Sun Valley Nordic Festival celebrates the area's status as "Nordic Town USA."  Whether it is the 200k of meticulously groomed terrain in town or in the wilderness, some of the leading Nordic development & training programs in the world, the renowned Nordic events like the Boulder Mountain Tour, or the rich history of Nordic skiing, the area's status as a world class Nordic destination is unparalleled.  The Sun Valley area also has plenty to offer Nordic skiers and winter recreationalists of all ages and abilities including incredible alpine and terrain park amenities, a rich art scene, and amazing dining and lodging options.  We celebrate our Nordic world during the Sun Valley Nordic festival but we encourage a Nordic visit any day of the year at NordicTownUSA!




National Nordic Foundation  
2012 Calendars 

 available for delivery now

$20.00 + shipping
email nccsef@gmail.com to place your order

 Support Tomorrow's Stars Today

$20.00 + shipping


email nccsef@gmail.com to place your order


To place a team or retailer wholesale order contact nccsef@gmail.com  


Ski Trax 
Due to the cancellation of Italy's La Sgambeda, the first round of the 2011/12 FIS Marathon Cup scheduled for Dec. 18 (lack of snow), the team registration deadline for the inaugural  SkiTrax Fantasy FIS Marathon Cup 2011/12 International Contest, in co-operation with FIS and the WorldLoppet Ski Federation, has been extended accordingly.


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Salomon Nordic on Facebook


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