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Dec 22, 2011: Volume 12, Number 37


Ski Stiffness?



I heard that the stiffness of a ski should be about 115% of your body weight.  But many racers prefer 120 to 125%.   Is this thinking the same for hard track or soft track skis?    Thanks,   JH  


Each ski brand has its own flex measurement methods and fit recommendations. What #'s or %'s work off one brands stickers do not carry over to another.  But speaking very generally here:


Fischer recommends, using Fischer's flex #'s that are on each pair of skis, with a skate ski fit around 100%-115% of the skiers body weight.


Salomon has what it called it's DNA ski ID that gives multiple ski characteristics for each pair of skis. Using MF MidFlex Salomon recommends a skate ski be fit "½ Skier Bodyweight + 25kg (+-5kg")


This fit hold true for Fischer's Skate & SoftTrack Skate

This fit hold true for Salomon's Equipe 10 and Equipe10 Soft Ground.


Both Salomon and Fischer have designed their soft snow skis to handle the soft snow with the skis engineering and not through a "soft fit". The same goes for hard track.


It is often thought that elite racers use "stiffer' skis. This would be because they have a greater weight transfer in each stride. At the margins this is correct but when a 160 lb skier is gliding on the snow in a tuck it matters very little if that skier is elite or my father in-law.  


Over the past 5 years skis have changed dramatically and now there exist different ski designs for cold snow, wet snow, and soft snow.  The ski engineering now takes care much of what used to require a large change in flexes for different snows. Unless you are elite skiers with a quiver of skis go by the manufacturer's fit recs and you get have a good fitting and preforming ski.


I hope this helps


Andy at SkiPost.



What  Makes a Soft Snow Ski?


A ski designed for soft snow has tip and tail glide zones that are longer with lower peak pressures than an all around or hard track ski. This allows the ski to float over rather than plow through ungroomed or under groomed soft tracked snow.


SkiPosts two ski advertisers Fischer and Salomon each make skis designed to excel in soft conditions. 


Fischer Skate Soft Track

fischer soft track  


Salomon  Equipe 10 SoftGround


soft ground  





 Start's Answers to Waxing Questions 

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 Post Hot Box Treatment?


 Hello. Just had my skate skis hot boxed. What do you recommend as a maintenance waxing plan for these skis throughout the season?


The key to keeping any ski running well is to keep the base fresh and saturated with soft waxes. Hot boxing, done properly, allows a base to be saturated with a soft base wax like BW or BWG. This base wax will protect the base by absorbing the iron's excess heat while also enhancing colder harder waxes ability to bond to the base (or actually the base wax). Hot boxing done incorrectly may do nothing more than a good wax job, or with too much heat or to long, can damage a ski.   


Keeping a ski running at its best for the remainder of the season will require repeated waxing with soft gliders. Even if you live where it is very cold and you need to train and race on the hard Start Greens (SG8, FG18, LF08 of HF80) you need to put in purple and blue underlayers or base wax that are softer and allow for continued base saturation.   So wax often and wax with soft, them medium and then hard waxes.


I hope this helps.




Start's Weekend Racing Wax Recs

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Como Championships St Paul MN Dec 26

Bozeman Creek Climb Dec 24; Bozeman MT


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January 28 - February 5, 2012




The 2012 festival will feature 9 days of activities, races, clinics and fun events along with a discounted, 9-day valley-wide Nordic trail pass, discounts on demos/rentals, lodging and dining which showcase and celebrate Sun Valley's well-deserved reputation as "Nordic Town USA".


Highlights of this year's festival include:


Ski the Rails & Hailey Music Celebration- a family-friendly "ski at your own pace" tour along the Wood River Trail.  Join over 400 friends and family as they travel the old rail bed on a gentle 12-mile gentle downhill from Ketchum to Hailey, Idaho.  Then grab some lunch and music!


Galena & The Trails Winter Benefit - A celebration of one of the communities gems, "Galena Lodge" and the vast community supported wilderness area trails around the lodge in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.


Skin it to Win It! - Get your costumes and skins ready for this Randonee adventure on Dollar Mountain benefiting the Sawtooth National Forest Avalanche center.


Alturas Ski and Apres Ski at Smiley Creek Lodge - Go "over the pass" and ski at one of the most beautiful locations in all of NordicTown USA. After a great day of skiing, come to Smiley Creek Lodge for an après-ski buffet.


Building a Bigger Engine -Join SVSEF Head Nordic Coach Rick Kapala for a presentation on how to improve your physical capacities for Cross Country Skiing.


Twilight Ski and Dinner at Galena Lodge - Ski on these wilderness trails at twilight and enjoy a fabulous dinner at the historic Galena Lodge, a valley gem from the original 1880's mining town. Kick off dinner with a pre dinner snowshoe around Galena Lodge with the Idaho Conservation League!


Ketchum Downtown Jam & NordicTownUSA Sprints - a celebration of all things Nordic featuring accompanying "foot-stomping, soul-stirring" live music by Tim Snider and Sound Society, both elite athlete and youth Nordic races with cash prizes on a circular course, bonfires, the 3rd Annual World Snowshoe Dance Competition and some great winter food and beverages by Galena Lodge. A can't miss event! 


200K Trails Challenge - a non-competitive challenge to ski and experience all 200k of the area's world classic trails.


The Winterfun Classic - a 10k classic adventure on the groomed trails of Sun Valley Resort ending at the Sun Valley Clubhouse.


Swix Boulder Mountain Tour - The festival culminates with the renowned race with over 800 participants on the beautiful 32K course on the North Valley Trails.  The Half Boulder Race will also be offered for a racer who want a little less of a challenge, and offers a special Parent/Child Combo entry fee.


Demo Days - at the Sun Valley Nordic Center with staff and industry representatives with information, product testing and demonstrations on the newest technology.


$49 9-day all access trails pass - Hit every trail in the valley with this all-access pass during the 9-day festival.  A huge value!


Banff Film Festival - The inspiring international film competition featuring the world's best footage on mountain subjects comes to Sun Valley for two nights!


Other great activities include:  Nordic Hall of Fame Brunch at the Ketchum/Sun Valley Ski & Heritage Museum, Galena Training and Boulder Mountain Prep Clinics with Nicole DeYoung, Nordic Event Speakers at the Community Library & more.  Full schedule at www.SVNordicFestival.com 


The Sun Valley region has a well-deserved reputation for world-class alpine skiing, but the Sun Valley Nordic Festival celebrates the area's status as "Nordic Town USA."  Whether it is the 200k of meticulously groomed terrain in town or in the wilderness, some of the leading Nordic development & training programs in the world, the renowned Nordic events like the Boulder Mountain Tour, or the rich history of Nordic skiing, the area's status as a world class Nordic destination is unparalleled.  The Sun Valley area also has plenty to offer Nordic skiers and winter recreationalists of all ages and abilities including incredible alpine and terrain park amenities, a rich art scene, and amazing dining and lodging options.  We celebrate our Nordic world during the Sun Valley Nordic festival but we encourage a Nordic visit any day of the year at NordicTownUSA!


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SkiTrax Fantasy FIS Marathon Cup 2011/12 International Contest in co-operation with FIS and the WorldLoppet Ski Federation adding excitement for xc ski fans around the world for these legendary races. The Marathon Contest is similar to our other fantasy contests with some twists  
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 We are pleased to present the fourth annual international SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Tour de Ski 2011/12 Contest  now live for team registration for contestants around the world with over $3,500 in prizes up for grabs. This year the Tour de Ski runs from Dec. 29 to Jan. 8 days with the first event kicking off in Oberhof, Germany.

Here's how the FIS Tour de Ski 2011/12 Contest works

Register your team of four (4) men, and four (4) women including two (2) Outlaw Skiers (one male and one female) not in the top 15 of the FIS World Cup overall rankings. The menus for all skiers are at registration as well as a link to the FIS World Cup Ranking where you can find more details on each skier.


Deadlines, Points, Prizes


The deadline to register your FIS Tour de Ski 2011/12 team, or to make any changes, is 10pm EST on Dec. 28 - the day before the TdS launches. Earn bonus points such as Kick and Glide or Val Climb Points along with other opportunities to score points - all contest rules and information are available at TdS registration.

Points will be awarded following each TdS stage based on each skier's performance and published regularly at skitrax.com so you can follow your team's progress and see how you compare with the actual TdS standings and other players. To register visit www.skitrax.com


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