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Dec 8, 2011: Volume 12, Number 35




Red Line 


Dear SkiPost, I disagree with the analogy of "Lactate Threshold - (RPM's - how high can you race the engine? from last weeks SkiPost)".  I think that lactate threshold is more appropriately compared to the RPM where maximal sustained torque or horsepower is generated SAFELY in an engine. Therefore, it is more like the RPM just below "red line" in an engine. Presumably the red line is the RPM point above which prolonged engine use would result in engine damage or diminished performance.  So it is not the maximum RPM of an engine, it is the safe maximum sustained RPM where an engine can maintain performance.  You can always race the engine higher, but at your own peril.  Doc







 Race Season

Proper base and pre-competition training leads to a high level of fitness, which leads to consistent races all year long. A properly trained skier should be able to aim at a certain block or a few blocks of races throughout the season and still compete consistently at a high level throughout the season. 


Merit Scholarship Program

The Sun Valley Ski Academy is pleased to announce several scholarship opportunities for Alpine, Nordic, Freestyle skiers and Snowboarders during the 2012-2013 academic year.

A newly formed partnership between the acclaimed Community School and the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation allows elite-level snow-sport athletes from around the world the unique opportunity to combine a premier academic experience with world-class training in Sun Valley, Idaho.

The SVSA is committed to providing athletes the best of both worlds, academics and athletics, without compromising either. The Community School's faculty and staff is dedicated to providing an outstanding college preparatory experience while also accommodating the needs of athletes on the path to skiing's highest levels. Since our residential facility opened this fall, this opportunity is now available to athletes from all over the world.

The Sun Valley Ski Academy offers scholarships based both on need and merit. Please contact Jonna Mendes at 208-366-4956 or jmendes@sunvalleyskiacademy.org to learn more about this opportunity and request the necessary application materials.



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Why do you always recommend High Fluoro gliders even in cold conditions?


Racers looking for the fastest skis will gain the greatest benefit from using High Fluro gliders like HF80 Green in cold temps because the latest generations of Start HF gliders have around 20 % Fluoro content to manage dirt and moisture but are just as hard as SG8 Green. So racers get the benefits of Fluoros with no performance (hardness) compromises.  
It is true the greater humidity and moisture you get in warmer conditions the HF waxes make more of a difference than Non Fluoro or LF waxes. But Fluoros benefit on cold climates should not be overlooked especially with the latest HF80 green wax   




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FIS Fantasy Marathon Cup 2011/12 Contest 

Registration Now OPEN

SkiTrax Fantasy FIS Marathon Cup 2011/12 International Contest in co-operation with FIS and the WorldLoppet Ski Federation adding excitement for xc ski fans around the world for these legendary races. The Marathon Contest is similar to our other fantasy contests with some twists - here's how it works. 
Register your team of four (4) men and four (4) women plus one "Outlaw" male skier not in the top 15 and one "Outlaw" female skier not in the top 10 of the FIS Marathon Cup overall rankings - all lists are at registration. Now here's the twist... following the Koenig Ludwig Lauf event (Feb. 5/12) we'll allow contestants to swap one male and one female skier from their team for added excitement leading into the final six (6) races. 
Points will be awarded following each Marathon Cup World Loppet based on each skier's performance and published regularly at skitrax.com so you can see how your score compares with other international players and the actual FIS Marathon standings. Earn bonus Am Birkie or Gatineau Loppet Points plus other bonus points - all information and contest rules are available when you register your team. 
The deadline to register or revise your team is Saturday, Dec. 17, at 10pm EST, the day before FIS Marathon Cup season kicks off in Italy with La Sgambeda on Dec. 18 - and stay tuned for our Tour de Ski Contest launching early next week. 
To register visit www.skitrax.com


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