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Dec 1, 2011: Volume 12, Number 34


In the tracks or out?


I have skied on classic, waxless skis for years, but just recently bought skate skis and even started to race a bit. Sometimes when going down hills I'll jump in the tracks with my skate skis. Does that have the potential to slow my skis down over the course of a race - i.e. could kick wax be accumulating on my skis? 

Yes it is a OK practice to jump in the tracks in downhills. The tracks are often slightly faster and the tracks also allow you to relax and recover more. At the high downhill speeds you are unlikely to pick up kick wax.


 Nose Breathing?


What is the best way to breath for maximum performance?  Is it   important to breath only through your nose?  In through the nose, out  the mouth?  Doesn't matter?  Slow breathing, fast breathing, deep breathing, low breathing? NB



Hello --


In a sport where high oxygen utilization is important, the best way to breath is the one that gets the most air to your lungs. I think that, in general, you should allow your body to naturally respond to training demands, and focusing on only breathing from your nose/mouth/ears may be attention better spent on technique and intensity. I've heard of people only breathing through their nose as a way to limit their easy distance training, and I can tell you that it works for me -- I'm incapable of doing anything beyond slow work without feeling like I'm being slowly suffocated. I've also read about people who can race very quickly while only taking air in via nostril; good for them, but it's not for me.


Another consideration is when the air is quite cold. I grew up near Fairbanks, and I  learned that breathing through my nose was an effective way to freeze it, so when it's below zero, I try to breath mostly through my mouth.



Jason Cork CXC Elite Coach 





Determinants of Performance


1. Vo2 Max - maximum oxygen uptake (Engine Size - how big is the engine?) This is the ability of the circulatory system to transport oxygen and of the muscular system to extract and use oxygen. Vo2 max is an excellent indicator of aerobic fitness, but a poor predictor of performance within a homogenous group of athletes.


2. Lactate Threshold - (RPM's - how high can you race the engine?) Lactate threshold (LT) is the ability to continue using the aerobic system to replenish ATP at high speeds. It is expressed as power output at LT, velocity of LT or percentage of Vo2 max. LT is one of the best predictors of endurance performance.


3. Economy - (MPG - how many miles per gallon does your engine get?) Economy can be defined as the amount of oxygen that it takes for an individual athlete to go a given speed. More economical athletes will have a lower oxygen cost at a given pace relative to a less economical athlete. This can explain why an athlete with a lower VO2 max can still outperform an athlete with a higher VO2 max. Economy is one of the best predictors of endurance performance.


4. Strength. Strength is defined as the maximum force that can be produced in one all out effort. Muscular endurance is related to being able to maintain a submaximal force repeatedly.







 Start's Answers to Waxing Questions 

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Does Start's Oslo kick line only work in Oslo?


The Oslo line was designed for Norway where skiing often begins low by the Fjord in wet snow where klister is needed and then climbs into powder snow that requires hardwax. The Oslo line has 1 part klister and 2 parts hardwax (MolyFluorTarSynthetic). North American skiers in the Rockies and Far West are discovering that the Oslo line also works well when they start down low in wet snow and then climb into powder. 



Oslo 3
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Merit Scholarship Program

The Sun Valley Ski Academy is pleased to announce several scholarship opportunities for Alpine, Nordic, Freestyle skiers and Snowboarders during the 2012-2013 academic year.

A newly formed partnership between the acclaimed Community School and the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation allows elite-level snow-sport athletes from around the world the unique opportunity to combine a premier academic experience with world-class training in Sun Valley, Idaho.

The SVSA is committed to providing athletes the best of both worlds, academics and athletics, without compromising either. The Community School's faculty and staff is dedicated to providing an outstanding college preparatory experience while also accommodating the needs of athletes on the path to skiing's highest levels. Since our residential facility opened this fall, this opportunity is now available to athletes from all over the world.

The Sun Valley Ski Academy offers scholarships based both on need and merit. Please contact Jonna Mendes at 208-366-4956 or to learn more about this opportunity and request the necessary application materials.



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