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Oct 27, 2011: Volume 12, Number 29


Rob  Kiesel, Nordic Sage, Passes Away


October 25, 2011 - The former head coach of the US Cross-country ski team, Rob Kiesel has died. Kiesel, 65, was discovered dead yesterday of an apparent heart aliment at his home in Joesph, OR, where he lived on the family ranch.


Kiesel was hired by then USST Head Coach Marty Hall to serve as an assistant coach in 1975. He became Head Coach of the team in 1979 and served as Head Coach of the US Team at the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid. Kiesel, who came from an alpine skiing background and lived for years in Sun Valley, also had a long association with Swix Sport. more at 


Rob, with his wisdom and prudence, acted as a sage and mentor to me, and numerous others, for many many years. He will be sorely missed.  Our heart felt condolences go out to his family.  Andy G






Hips High?


I'm curious on how these two technique aspects can coexist?     "Keep the hips high in classical skiing - through the whole stride" and "Initiate the skate or classical kick by dropping your weight onto the ski......" 



Coaches should absolutely teach their athletes to ski with high and forward hips.  But because words can be misleading:


I think of especially Virpi Kuitunen, Petter Northug, Bente Skari, Alex Harvey, Jacobsen, Longa, Majdic, Axel, Goering, Filbrich, Angerer, Russian 1 and 2 at the Olympics and basically any clip of Andy Newell... the more I think about it the easier it is to think of the very few top skiers who are more back like Emil in that shuffle sprint style acceleration, Kowalczyc slap-running up the hills.


The hips should begin literally high in order to be in a position where the center of mass is forward and up, which is a position that it can be dropped down onto the ski.  You can't drop something from the level of the floor - to over state the point.  And to turn the question around, how can you drop your hips if they aren't high?  And in terms kids understand - you have to get up, to get down.  The same is true for double pole and V2 and V2 alternate at higher speeds where the application of force is both lateral and up and down as well as applied more quickly like a classical kick.  It is less true in V1 where the motion is much more lateral and much less or not at all up and down as well as (except in the case of jump skating) applied over a longer period of time.


Anyway back to classical, to experiment, try putting force down from a low crouch.  Measure your force with an old-style bathroom scale.  Then try from a high position.  No question what the result will be.  Try to apply force down with your weight back and low.  What force you can apply cannot be applied quickly.  Try to apply force down quickly from anything but a high and forward position and it is slow and laborious.  To apply force down quickly, maximally and efficiently in any sport the hips should begin high and forward.  If your skiers are walking around on straight legs they are closer to good technique than if they are walking around in a low crouch.  And they are less fatigued.  But in neither case are they skiing.  Through the motions of skiing in different terrain and conditions and the differences you see in body type there is a range of high and forward.

Stride length is follow through.  


What is (obviously) the important outcome of position, motion and application of power is the speed they ski.  This is accomplished through power / effectiveness of the kick not stride length.  Stride length can result from a powerful kick and in a lot of terrain should but does not contribute to it.  Similarly and more importantly the length of the glide should result from speed but does not directly contribute to speed.  If anything skiers are trying too hard to have a long stride and this decreases the power they can put into the kick which decreases their speed.  This mostly results from trying to ski big and long, which puts them in a back and low position.  The number one fault of most skiers is over-striding.  It is also the technical fault of most runners.  Trying to ski with a long glide generally just leads to bogging down and most skiers should shorten their stride earlier in transitions to maintain momentum rather than try to milk a long glide.



Drive for 25


What: 4000 American cross country ski enthusiasts backing their nation's developing skiers on a single day.


When: November 15th, 2011


How: There are two ways to be involved.  The most impactful involvement is to become a Drive for 25 Ambassador and get at least ten of your friends to agree to donate on November 15th.  Send the email addresses of your friends to us and we will remind them.  Or, the simplest way is to log onto and donate $25 on November 15th.


Why: U.S. cross country skiing is in financial trouble.  While we have improved from a nation that seldom put a single skier in the top 15 on the World Cup to a nation with World Cup and World Championship podiums we are currently operating at a budget of less than a tenth of our toughest competitors.  And more importantly our budget shortfalls are making it impossible for our younger developing athletes to afford the racing opportunities they require to compete among the best.  This summer we have faced two rounds of budget cuts and another is looming.  This challenge offers the cross country community a chance to pull together and keep the momentum building. 


Who: You!


NNF, the National Nordic Foundation is stepping up to fill these budget short falls.  The NNF depends on you.


Learn More Here 

Cross Country Donate Link
Nordic Combined Donate Link





 How should I prep my new skis?


A ski's very first wax jobs are the most import wax jobs to be done on a new ski.  This is because a new ski's base is dry and at this point the most susceptible to damage from overheating.  You need to fill the base with a soft wax that melts at a low temperature and can fill the base. This base wax will then easily bond other harder waxes that are applied later while absorbing the more extreme heat from higher melting point waxes that are added later. SkiPost works with Start so we will make recommendation based on the Start wax.


1) Wipe the bases with evaporating wax remover moistened fiber tex, to remove surface dirt.


2) Melt Start BW Base Wax on the base.


3) Let base absorb the wax with a mild 110 C temperature moving the iron from tip to tail on base.


4) While still warm gently scrape all removable wax warm with sharp acrylic scraper to remove surface dirt.  


5) Repeat procedure with Start BW 2-3 times, but now let the wax cool down before scraping.


6) Dedicated waxers/racers should follow with Start BWG-Graphite to activate the properties of the graphite bases 1-2 times.


Follow with Glide waxing, but if is cold out do not move new skis straight to Green but step down with progressively harder waxes first.


Application of Base Wax Gliders Video  




Start Wax-Pole questions? 

Just email  



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What's NEW at the 2011 Yellowstone Ski Festival


November 22 - 26, 2011 West Yellowstone, Montana


With the temperature well below freezing in West Yellowstone last night and five inches of snow above 8,000 feet, planning for the 2011 Yellowstone Ski Festival is in full swing. We would like to welcome back our old friends and invite new cross-country ski enthusiasts to the first Nordic Festival of the season.  There is something for everyone this year, and we are excited to announce many new additions.


  • New Trails:  Over three miles have been added to the Rendezvous Ski Trails this year, along with new signs, trail maps, and a brand new biathlon range. 
  • Two-Day Kids Ski Clinic:  The Yellowstone Ski Festival and Lone Mountain Ranch have partnered to offer a ski-specific kids clinic on Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving week. Grade K-2nd clinics will focus on the "Fun"damentals of classic skiing, and 3rd-6th graders will have both classic and skate options.
  • Fresh off of another first ascent, Legendary Mountaineer Conrad Anker will be delivering the keynote address on Friday evening, Nov. 25, at the Holiday Inn, Yellowstone Ski Festival Headquarters. 
  • Adaptive Sit Ski and Biathlon Clinic.  Eagle Mount in Bozeman, Mont., the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club (Casper, Wyo.), and the Yellowstone Ski Festival have joined to provide a FREE clinic to adaptive athletes on Tuesday, Nov. 22. 
  • Fashion Show:  Wednesday evening, Nov. 23, will feature a Fall harvest Tapas and Tasting, followed by the first ever Yellowstone Ski Festival Fashion show, featuring the latest in styles from leading ski clothing manufacturers.


The Yellowstone Ski Festival will also welcome back the major ski manufacturers as well as a few new companies to the On-Snow Nordic Gear Demo and Indoor Nordic Expo. Online registration is now open for six different races for competitive skiers, and the Nordic clinics will present five, three, and one day courses, including a women's only and junior clinic option. 


Discounted month-of-November trail passes are available until Oct. 31. Order yours today and save 20 percent. Book your lodging now for the best availability. Many hotels, motels, condos and houses are still available over Thanksgiving week. Contact the chamber for a list of properties. If you are flying into Bozeman and do not want to rent a car, let Big Sky Taxi or Karst Stage do the driving. Register for a clinic. Many of the popular clinics will fill on a first come first served basis, so sign-up online today! 


For more information about all the events at the Yellowstone Ski Festival visit our website at






 Fischer Launches Offtrack series



"We are seeing tremendous growth in the popularity of cross country skiing" said Peter Ashley, vice president of the Fischer Skis U.S. Nordic Division. "Consumers are making a lifestyle shift based on several factors. Cross country skiing is family friendly, delivers a total body workout, is a relatively inexpensive sport to enter, and is an easy and exhilarating way to enjoy the winter close to home. In today's challenging economic times, people are turning to cross country skiing as a means of all-around entertainment."


Now there are more ways than ever for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy Nordic skiing. This season Fischer launched a new category called Offtrack skiing for individuals seeking adventure straight out their back door. Comprised of the Spider 62, Outback 68 and Adventure 60 models, Fischer's Offtrack skis are specifically designed for easy control and all-around enjoyment in any ungroomed terrain.


These skis feature Fischer's new Offtrack Crown pattern. The unique, progressive-depth molded pattern maximizes grip while maintaining superior glide. Designed exclusively by Fischer, the pattern sets a new standard of performance for waxless backcountry skis.


Fischer's Offtrack series is complemented by the new Offtrack 5, Offtrack 3 and Offtrack 3 BC boots designed with integrated gaiters, loden wool lining and Fischer's Sport Fit Concept for all-day comfort, warmth and support. The package is complete with the new Offtrack pole featuring a Comfort Strap, cork grip and 6013 aluminum shaft.


check out more at  


fischer outback




CXC Superfit Weekend at King Keyser

 October 28,  29,  30 

41 S. Washington St.
Hinsdale, IL 60521  



King Keyser   


CXC Superfit Weekend in St. Croix Falls, WI!

with US Olympian and US Ski Teamers  

 October 28,  29,  30  10:00am - 6:00pm

Cyclova XC, 125 N Washington Street, St Croix Falls, WI 



superfit 0ct 27-28-29   


SkiRack Hosts Salomon SuperFit Event 

with US Olympian Garrott Kuzzy. 

 Saturday, October 29  10:00am - 6:00pm

Skirack Nordic Center, 85 Main Street, Burlington, Vt


skirack salomon superfit   



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W Yellowstone Ski Festival  
Salomon Skate 
Holiday Inn West Yellowstone
Holiday Inn West Yellowstone
  Start Wax and Poles
Newell Fischer
Salomon's Images from Oslo
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w yellowstone sf 2  
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SkiErg by Concept 2
Newell Fischer
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SuperFit Weekends



St. Croix Falls, WI 

Oct 28-30, 2011


King Keyser

Hinsdale, IL 

Oct 28-30, 2011


Fontana Sports 

Madison, WI 

Nov 4-6, 2011



St. Louis Park, MN 

Nov 4-6, 2011


Joe's Ski Shop 

St. Paul, MN 

Nov 11-13, 2011


Bike Dr.

Dousman, WI 

Nov 11-13, 2011


Finn Sisu 

St. Paul, MN 

Dec 2-4, 2011


The Ski Hut 

Duluth, MN 

Dec 2-4, 2011



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Bohart Ranch
Sean McCabe Studio
McCabe Studio




START Pine Tar/Waxing Clinic & Pasty Dinner

OutThere Nordic Sports

Rice Lake, WI




Friday, November 11, 2011 at 6:00pm


RSVP here


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