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Oct 20, 2011: Volume 12, Number 28



Binding Placement with SNS RS 17 Pivot Point?


The newer Salomon boots, both skate and classic, with the binding bar moved back 17mm seems to present some questions about binding placement. If a skier has perfectly good skate skis and now changes boots, that will place the ball of the foot in a different position on the ski than the old boots. Would this skier want to move the binding so that their weight is in the same spot on the ski as before?


Also, with the Propulse classic bindings, the older boots do not interface with the bumper with the same pressure at the new RS17 classic boots. Likewise, if some one buys a new pair of Salomon classic boots and has a perfectly good pair of Profil bindings on classic skis, they have to cut the bumper back in order to use the binding. This, too, will place the ball of the foot in a different place in relation to the kick zone on the ski. What are Salomon's recommendations on binding placement with these newer boots and bindings?  BH




Salomon states "You do not need to move the bindings. As you move to the RS17, you move your foot forward but you simultaneous move the pivot point backward so you drive your forces more through your stronger Metatarsal region rather than through your weaker toe region. Now you have larger forces going down under your foot rather than smaller forces distributed at the front of your toes. Salomon has tested the extensively with pressure mapping as well with test athletes in double blind studies. and Bindings do not need to be moved."







Last week we discussed front or rear ratchet benefits on rollerskis.


SkiPost readers state " Front ratchet, simply because the rear wheels wear out faster, and the wheels with the ratchets are the more costly.   PH


Always wear your helmet an reflective vest!






General technique pointers to focus on:


Keep the hips high in classical skiing - through the whole stride.

Initiate the double pole with a crunch of the stomach muscles.

Maintain a light, quick rhythm on the up-hills.
Swing the arms forward from the shoulder.
To relax the whole body, focus on relaxing the face.
Initiate the skate or classical kick by dropping your weight onto the ski.
Breath in sync with your poling. 

Look ahead and change your tempo with the terrain.




 How should I prep my new skis?


A ski's very first wax jobs are the most import wax jobs to be done on a new ski.  This is because a new ski's base is dry and at this point the most susceptible to damage from overheating.  You need to fill the base with a soft wax that melts at a low temperature and can fill the base. This base wax will then easily bond other harder waxes that are applied later while absorbing the more extreme heat from higher melting point waxes that are added later. SkiPost works with Start so we will make recommendation based on the Start wax.


1) Wipe the bases with evaporating wax remover moistened fiber tex, to remove surface dirt.


2) Melt Start BW Base Wax on the base.


3) Let base absorb the wax with a mild 110 C temperature moving the iron from tip to tail on base.


4) While still warm gently scrape all removable wax warm with sharp acrylic scraper to remove surface dirt.  


5) Repeat procedure with Start BW 2-3 times, but now let the wax cool down before scraping.


6) Dedicated waxers/racers should follow with Start BWG-Graphite to activate the properties of the graphite bases 1-2 times.


Follow with Glide waxing, but if is cold out do not move new skis straight to Green but step down with progressively harder waxes first.


Application of Base Wax Gliders Video  




Start Wax-Pole questions? 

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Tour-de Twin Cities

Jan 21-29, 2012


The SISU Foundation (SISU),  in  partnership with the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation (COLNSF), today announced a new urban ski event: the Tour de Twin Cities (TdTC).  Starting Jan. 21, 2012 and running for nine days, the Twin Cities will be host to the United States' top elite racers, in addition to regional college athletes, aspiring Midwestern juniors hoping to qualify for Junior National races, local citizen racers and developing youth skiers.  The event also will provide opportunities for beginners and novice ski enthusiasts who prefer a slower pace and simply want to get outside and enjoying the sport of cross country skiing.



The TdTC begins Jan 21st at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis for two days of individual start racing.  A mid week, night sprint race on Wednesday January 25th also will be hosted at Wirth Park. The TdTC will then move east to Battle Creek Park in St. Paul where racing will continue with a mass start classic race on Saturday Jan 28th.  The week's events will culminate with a pursuit start freestyle event on January 29th to crown the winners of the various events.   Racers will be vying for more than $16,000 in prizes.  Community tours and family events will be spread throughout the week. 




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Olympians Andy Newell and Liz Stephen 

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Oct 30, 2011 4 P.M.


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USOC Selects Telemark Resort as Site of 2012 IPC 

Cross Country and Biathlon World Cup



By Ron Bergin, Cross Country Skier magazine


The United States Olympic Committee in conjunction with the Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC) and the Cable Area Chamber of Commerce has announced that the historic Telemark Resort in Cable, Wisconsin, will host the 2012 International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Cross Country and Biathlon World Cup in January.  




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SkiRack Hosts Salomon SuperFit Event 

with US Olympian Garrott Kuzzy. 

 Saturday, October 29  10:00am - 6:00pm

Skirack Nordic Center, 85 Main Street, Burlington, Vt


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Nov. 22 - 26


Everyone is invited to West Yellowstone, Montana Nov. 22-26 for the Yellowstone Ski Festival, a week-long celebration of cross-country skiing.  Each year thousands of skiers, from Olympic athletes to first timers, descend on this small mountain town to make their first tracks of the season over the Thanksgiving holiday on perfectly groomed corduroy. 


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 START Pine Tar/Waxing Clinic & Pasty Dinner

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 Rice Lake, WI


Friday, November 11, 2011 at 6:00pm


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SkiErg World Sprints

 Saturday November 12th at Noon 

Boston, MA

Ski Erg World Sprints

ski erg world sprints
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SuperFit Weekends



St. Croix Falls, WI 

Oct 28-30, 2011


King Keyser

Hinsdale, IL 

Oct 28-30, 2011


Fontana Sports 

Madison, WI 

Nov 4-6, 2011



St. Louis Park, MN 

Nov 4-6, 2011


Joe's Ski Shop 

St. Paul, MN 

Nov 11-13, 2011


Bike Dr.

Dousman, WI 

Nov 11-13, 2011


Finn Sisu 

St. Paul, MN 

Dec 2-4, 2011


The Ski Hut 

Duluth, MN 

Dec 2-4, 2011



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