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Oct 6, 2011: Volume 12, Number 26


 Glide Wax Basics


I assist as a coach and waxing tech for a middle school ski program (6th -8th grades) in the Far West Region.  We don't have a very big budget so purchasing a large variety of glide waxes is out of the question.  These kids are just getting started in the race program and with races only covering a maximum of 5k they benefit greatly by technique improvement over wax.  However, that said, what glide waxes are a must in our kit to get through the season? 

Thanks, MH


SkiPost works with Start waxes so we will make recommendation based on the Start line, but the same concepts will hold true with all brands.


In the Far West you are a unique situation in that you ski in warm conditions 95% of the time. For you Moisture and Dirt Management are the primary concerns.  Structure should be considered as much as wax and we will cover structure in a future issue.


Glide waxing for can be thought to have three steps

1)     Base Priming 2) Glide Waxing and 3) Finishing


1)Base Priming is analogous to priming a room to be painted in as it inexpensively and best prepares the base to accept the more expensive race day colors. These are the waxes you use every time you wax. Base waxes can also be used alone as training waxes or as a race wax in dry conditions under 55% RH. For the Far West's high teens and above we recommend SG4 Purple (-1...-7C) (30...20F) if the snow is clean and 20's and SG6Blue(20-10F) if it is dirty or colder.


sg4  sg6


2) Glide Waxing: Is like adding the Primary Colors to you walls. 

When race waxing for glide we suggest a Fluorinated Glide Wax especially in far wests wet snow.


Fluoro's present a negative charge that reduces the surface tension of water and dirt. The more Fluoro's you are able to have on your base add the faster the skis will be especially in wet and dirty snow. Select a Fluor grade based on racer/race caliber & athlete/team budget.

For most 6-8th grand races you can likely work with Start's FG14 Purple.


Start offers 4 grades of Nordic Fluorinated glide waxes and various hardness/temps for each grade.  Each grade has a higher target % of Fluor additives.  (There is no standard across wax brands on what a low or high fluor wax means. But we feel Start's Fluor content often exceeds many other brands LF designation)


FG approaching 5% Fluor:

FG12White(+3...-3C),FG14Purple(-2...-7C),FG16Blue(+3...-3C), FG18Green(-10...-30C)

LF approaching 10% Fluor:


HF approaching 20% Fluor:

HF20white(+10...0C),HF40Red(0...-2C),HF60 Purple(-2...-7c),HF70Blue(-6...-12c),HF80Green(-7...-25c)

Black Magic: > 20% Fluor +Molybdenum additives to manage dirt

BM2 Yellow(+10...0C),BM4Purple(0...-6C),BM6Green(-6...-25c)


FG 14 BM4  

3) Finishing waxes are the final step to consider in race ski waxing. For 6-8th graders racing 5km or less you generally would not justify the expense of a Powder Finishing wax.  But racers looking for the fastest skis will seldom race without Finishing Waxes.  We will get into these later.




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 Kayak Raffle


Bend Endurance Academy/

Bend Paddle Trail Alliance Kayak Raffle 


Two Bend Nonprofits have teamed up to raise funds by raffling a 

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The 2011 COCC Community Learning Class built the kayak 

under the instruction of local boatbuilder Greg Bridges.


The boat weighs 31lbs and is valued at $8,000. 

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Nov. 22 - 26


Everyone is invited to West Yellowstone, Montana Nov. 22-26 for the Yellowstone Ski Festival, a week-long celebration of cross-country skiing.  Each year thousands of skiers, from Olympic athletes to first timers, descend on this small mountain town to make their first tracks of the season over the Thanksgiving holiday on perfectly groomed corduroy. 


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Saturday November 12th at Noon 

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Tour-de Twin Cities

Jan 21-29, 2012


The SISU Foundation (SISU),  in  partnership with the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation (COLNSF), today announced a new urban ski event: the Tour de Twin Cities (TdTC).  Starting Jan. 21, 2012 and running for nine days, the Twin Cities will be host to the United States' top elite racers, in addition to regional college athletes, aspiring Midwestern juniors hoping to qualify for Junior National races, local citizen racers and developing youth skiers.  The event also will provide opportunities for beginners and novice ski enthusiasts who prefer a slower pace and simply want to get outside and enjoying the sport of cross country skiing.



The TdTC begins Jan 21st at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis for two days of individual start racing.  A mid week, night sprint race on Wednesday January 25th also will be hosted at Wirth Park. The TdTC will then move east to Battle Creek Park in St. Paul where racing will continue with a mass start classic race on Saturday Jan 28th.  The week's events will culminate with a pursuit start freestyle event on January 29th to crown the winners of the various events.   Racers will be vying for more than $16,000 in prizes.  Community tours and family events will be spread throughout the week. 




Battle of the Buckles.




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RCS Carbonlte

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Stillwater MN Fundraiser


Please consider joining Jessie's supporters by purchasing a $100 supporter badge, and enjoying a great dinner at Chilkoot Café and Cyclery on November 11th.  Jessie will be on hand to share the highlights of her 2011 season and her plans for 2012.  All proceeds from the event will go directly to support Jessie's travel and training expenses.  Call for more information or to reserve your spot by calling the Chilkoot Café at 651-342-0429. 



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