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Sept 15, 2011: Volume 12, Number 23


Total Knee Replacement




Dear SkiPost:


My husband had bilateral TKRs (January and March) and is hoping to resume classic xc skiing this winter.  Do your readers have any advice regarding the do's and don'ts of rehabbing.  He went through therapy and is able to bicycle now.  He hs no pain in either knee, but his left knee still gets stiff (no pain associated). He is 66.


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What can be altered to make a ski fast 

By Gear West!


1) Base Condition - Having a fresh base with open pores that absorb wax is like getting sharp razor blade before shaving as it makes the process so much more enjoyable. Polyurethane bases can become dry and sealed from the waxing iron overheating the ski base, or from using too many cold waxes without using any softer paraffin's in between waxing. For a performance racer it is almost impossible to use a race ski for an entire season without some amount of the ski base seal or degradation.


2) Structure - The pattern put into the base to reduce base contact on the snow and to release surface tension from water films caused by base friction. "Grinds" are semi-permanently cut into the ski base with stone grinding machines. Structures can also be temporarily pressed into the ski with structure tools in the wax room or at the race start. Small differences between structures is like using a 1,2,3,4,5 bladed shaver where small differences can add up. Fine (-5 C and colder): Medium Fine (0 C to -5 C): Medium/Course (0 C to+3 C -moist): Course (+1 C to +10 C -wet).


3) Wax - is like shaving cream - best wax (cream) does not make up for sealed base (dull blade) and wrong structure (blade) but can lessen the pain. But select the best wax for the day (shaving cream) used in conjunction with fresh base and best structure and your skis can be the fastest.


What is Stone Grinding?

Stone grinding is a process by which the outermost layer of skis base material is ground away from the ski base to reveal new fresher, and flatter polyethylene base essentially "opening its pores" while a structure pattern is cut into the ski. The fresh base will absorb wax better than a dried "sealed base" while the structure or "grind" targeted to a particular snow type will reduce surface tension and snow contact area to enhance glide. Most race skis that have been used for a season or more will benefit from stone grinding. If your skis consistently, are not as fast as your friends, dry out after 15 km, look gray, fuzzy, or have inconsistent blotchy coloring we suggest you consider stone grinding.

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Gear West's Ski Services 

Because now is the time to increase your old skis speed.   



USSA Cross Country Coaches' Symposium

October 21-23, 2011

Park City, UT 


Space for the upcoming USSA Cross Country Coaches' Symposium is filling up quickly. The conference registration is now open to all coaches, but space is limited.  If you have yet to reserve your spot, please contact Toni Adams. 

You'll find a link to the registration form that can be emailed.


As a reminder:

     When:  October 21-23, 2011, from noon Friday until noon Sunday

     Where:  USSA Center of Excellence, Park City, UT

     Lodging:  Park City Marriott (special discount using rate code "USNL")

Registration Forms Here

We are looking forward to sharing this special educational opportunity with you!


Best regards,


Toni Adams


Nordic Team Manager

United States Ski and Snowboard Association

 Kick-Off  The Season Sales

Twin Cities, Mlps St Paul 

This Weekend

Sept. 16,17,18



FinnSisu- Blue Awning Sale

Hoigaards - 44th annual Tent Sale

GearWest- Pig Out Sale

Joe's Ski Shop - Preseason Sale  


Visit these shops and get all your gear questions answered and be custom fit by in brand experts from Fischer, Salomon, Atomic and more.





experts will be at




Jon Theis - Sales Rep

Peter Ashley - VP Fischer US Nordic

Chris Hall -Racing Services



Hoigaards -Ben Debuy Tech Rep

Gear West-Chris Hall

Joe's - Jon Theis, Peter Ashley



experts will be at 



10am-3 pm- Gear West - Bill Sterling - National Sales Manager
12-6pm Hoigaards Pete Zeller Sales Rep +
 Salomon's International Nordic Communicator 

3-7 PM - FinnSisu- Bill Sterling doing 360 Boot Fit +

Salomon's International Nordic Communicator 5-7+ Members of Team CXC



GearWest 10 -3pm  Bill Sterling - Doing 360 Boot Fit _ Salomon's International Nordic Communicator 

10-3 Pete Zeller at Hoigaards  

3-6 Pete Zeller at  Joe's



They will be where ever the most skiers are



experts will be


10-12 at Joe's - Roman Toferer-Atomic World Cup Service Director & Rick Halling US Brand Manager 

FinnSiSu 12-7 Rick Halling

Hoiggards 12-7 Roman Toferer, Henry Wisnewski  



Hoiggards 10-12 Rick Halling, 12-6 Roman Toferer Henry Wisnewski 

Gear West 12-6 Rick Halling 



GearWest Roman Toferer and Rick Halling

Hoigaards Henry Wisnewski 


 Start Now 

Finish Faster

Win SD3 Pole 


Visit with Start in the Twin Cities this weekend Sept 16-18

 and be entered to win a Start SD3 Pole!




Hoigaards Friday 12-4:30, 

FinnSisu Friday 5-7, 

Gear West Saturday 10-4, Sunday 11-2  


Visit with Start's Brand manager at any of these locations ask him your waxing questions and bring him this Start Now Registration Form 

Name ___________________________, email_______________________

Wax question________________________________________________


Or purchase any Start product nationwide and email your receipt to and you will be entered to win a pair of Start's Dimension Three Poles 


Start SD3

Dimension 3 Pole H 


 The most refined pole.

 Due to its 3 dimensional winding process.

Light, stiff, durable & uniform, with no weak spots.



3d wind close up

many sd3 shafts

Made in Finland. 

Suggested Retail $455.00






National Nordic Foundation

Lessons of the Trail are the Lessons of Life


Support Tomorrow's Stars Today


The National Nordic Foundation exists to help America's young, dedicated, and driven Nordic talent realize their, and America's, long term potential in sport and in life.  The biggest hurdle facing American Nordic racers is gaining consistent access to international quality coaching, training, and racing experiences from ages 15 through 25.  Providing future generations of U.S. Nordic athletes earned access to a progression of international quality competitive experiences, and there life enriching lessons, represents this nation's greatest Nordic development opportunity and funding need. The National Nordic Foundation exists to fulfill this need. Please donate to the National Nordic Foundation  and support tomorrow's stars today as their quest for athletic accomplishment on the trails prepares them to achieve their potential in life while inspiring others to do the same


Please donate $10 or $1000 and lend your name to the cause here now!


kikkan testimonial 


Donate Today Here




  Lapham Peak 

Incredible Snowmaking Matching Dollar Offer


The Friends of Lapham Peak are announcing the $10,500 Blizzard Challenge Match.  Between now and October 31 your contribution dollars will be doubled up to the limit of the $10,500 match! 


Her's your chance to help improve Lapham's unique man-made snow loop that gives skiers continuity when natural snow is lacking.  It's all supported by donations. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Happy trails,  

The Doc


CXC-Salomon Super Fit Weekends


back by popular demand


 superfit mapping


Gear West Ski & Run - Long Lake, MN





Sept 23-25  

Join Team CXC members, 

Jessie Diggins ( USST), Caitlin  Compton Gregg, Brian Gregg

and coaches Gus Keating and Jason Cork


Gear West Super Fit Facebook Event 

SuperFit Clinic Video 




Cyclova XC - St. Croix Falls, WI October 28-30, 2011

King Keyser - Hinsdale, IL October 28-30, 2011

Fontana Sports - Madison, WI November 4-6, 2011

Hoigaard's - St. Louis Park, MN November 4-6, 2011

Joe's Ski Shop - St. Paul, MN November 11-13, 2011

Bicycle Doctor Bike & Ski - Dousman, WI November 11-13, 2011

Finn Sisu, - St. Paul, MN December 2-4, 2011

Ski Hut - Duluth, MN December 2-4, 2011


More SuperFit info:  


Rudy RX Direct with discount

Share with your Team and Friends


 START Pine Tar/Waxing Clinic & Pasty Dinner

OutThere Nordic Sports

 Rice Lake, WI


Friday, November 11, 2011 at 6:00pm


RSVP here

 Start Now, Finish Faster





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Please Donate Today to the National Nordic Foundation Because the Lessons of the Trail are the Lessons of Life.



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So fast because Titan Dioxide particles are blasted through a Fluor Gas Plasma to create tiny Nano Fluor Spheres (like Mozart Kugeln-with Fluor comprising the outside of the sphere) that are so tiny "Nano" that 2 drops of N1 polished on cover an entire ski base.
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