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Sept 8, 2011: Volume 12, Number 22


To Skate or Classic?


I enjoy all of your postings. I recently took a nasty spill on my bicycle and had to have right AC shoulder surgery on Aug 15.    The rehab process is lengthy; 12-16 weeks.  I should be ok for skiing when the snow flies here, thankfully.   My question is, does skate skiing or classic skiing put more strain on the shoulder?   I'm a 52 year old wave 6 birkie skier who has skated the last 6 birkies and am wondering if this is a good year to work on the classic technique.  Another reason i wonder about switching is I seem to have a bad tumble going downhills at the Birkie every year after hitting a patch of ice.   With slower downhill speeds, I wonder if I'll be less apt to fall using a classic technique.

thanks, M



You have a good question and you may have to do some trial and error analysis to find the best answer.  Having coached multiple skiers through joint repair and reconstruction rehab, the one thing in common is individuality.  Individuality in the altered joint structure as well as the muscle mass supporting the joint.  Your best starting point is to show the PT or orthopedic specialist guiding your regular rehab the motions you use in skiing, and determine which of those best agree with your shoulder condition.  Ski coaches can help you get better on skis, while the medical professionals are better qualified for fixing the body you so it with.    


One thing you may have to do, regardless of guidance or chosen ski-technique, is to find out which motions are most agreeable or create the least amount of discomfort, and slowly expand from there.  In principal, classic, diagonal skiing uses the basic arm motions parallel with the body as in walking or running.  You should with relative ease be able to find your agreeable range of motion, confidence- and comfort level.  Skating techniques use more deltoid lift and higher, outward shoulder rotation, which may agree differently with your shoulder mechanics.  In any event, you ought to consult your shoulder specialist, accept a period with trial and error and proceed with caution.  On the upside, you will get better and this is an excellent time to practice all the drills without poles.  


As for falling on the Birkie downhills, I do not believe either of the techniques, hence conditions and ski equipment, are better or worse than the other.  Practice downhills, be careful, gain confidence which will help you accept a reasonable level of  risk.  The best of luck!


Sincerely,  Jon Engen

3 Time Olympian







Best Town to Ski, Live and Work? 


Last week we asked you to help suggesting the best communities to ski, live and work.


We have posted all the detailed arguments for these towns 

at the Best Ski Towns Blog




Anchorage, AK

Twin Cities of Mlps. & St Paul MN

Duluth, MN

Aspen/Basalt/Carbondale, Colorado

Crested Butte, CO

Steamboat Springs, CO & Dillon/Breckenridge CO

Itasca County, MN

Traverse City, MI

Marquette MI

Ironwood, MI

Houghton MI 

Calumet, MI

Ironwood, MI

Ishpeming MI

Gaylord, MI 

Traverse City MI

Hayward/Cable WI

Minocqua., WI

Madison, WI 

Stowe Craftsbury. Montpelier, VT

Barrie, Ontario

Bend, OR

Truckee, CA. 

Park City, UT

Sun Valley, Idaho.

Cleveland OH 



We have posted all the detailed arguments for these towns 

at the

 Best Ski Towns SkiPost Blog






 Start Tars continued


Hi Ski Post,


You had a recommendation for Start Tar in dry powdery snow.   My number one use for the barbeque sauce of the world of kick wax is in falling snow with high humidity with  temps of 20+F.  Normally these conditions drive most coaches and skiers totally nuts.


My favorite is Terva Viisi (Tar 5 in English) or Terva Nolla  (Tar Zero) or a mixture of both to fine tune the kick a temps just below 0 C.    My buddy LC and I used this recipe at the USA Masters Nationals at West Yellowstone in 2000 with excellent results (1 gold & 1 silver).  The temps were in the mid 20's and it was snowing steadily.  We had fantastic grip going up, and the skis were equally slick on the down hills.  I have used it on many other occasions with the same happy results. 





 Yes Start tar can be used in high humidity conditions but it stands alone in lower to medium humidity conditions that is to say below 75%.  But a West Yellowstone high humidity day seldom reaches 75%.

In higher humidity conditions some moisture managing agents like Fluors and if dirty Molybdenum perhaps offer better solutions.

Check out the Start Racing Fluor Line the MFW Molybdenum Fluor and the Black Magic Finishing waxes.more kick waxes


Start Now, Finish Faster






National Nordic Foundation

Lessons of the Trail are the Lessons of Life


Support Tomorrow's Stars Today


The National Nordic Foundation exists to help America's young, dedicated, and driven Nordic talent realize their, and America's, long term potential in sport and in life.  The biggest hurdle facing American Nordic racers is gaining consistent access to international quality coaching, training, and racing experiences from ages 15 through 25.  Providing future generations of U.S. Nordic athletes earned access to a progression of international quality competitive experiences, and there life enriching lessons, represents this nation's greatest Nordic development opportunity and funding need. The National Nordic Foundation exists to fulfill this need. Please donate to the National Nordic Foundation  and support tomorrow's stars today as their quest for athletic accomplishment on the trails prepares them to achieve their potential in life while inspiring others to do the same. 


Please donate $10 or $1000 and lend your name to the cause here now!


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Salomon's S-LAB Skate Quiver

In Salomon's Words



Equipe 10 S-Lab Skate Cold

equipe 10 coldThe Cold is the most versatile S-Lab ski, yet ideal for cold compact snow. Its Snow Biting Power Distribution camber drives long, non-shifting glide zones that quickly induce a friction reducing thin film ski-snow interface.  This engineering delivers rapid straight line acceleration in even the coldest of conditions yet dynamic rebound from the most stable, best edge biting S-lab chassis in every snow condition.


Equipe 10 S-Lab Skate Warm equipe 10 skate warm

The Warm is the second most versatile S-Lab ski, yet ideal for skiing over warm compact snow. Moisture Management Power Distribution Camber drives shorter, shifting, tip splayed, warm based glide zones.  This suction reducing engineering delivers rapid straight line acceleration and high top speeds in even the wettest conditions yet offers dynamic rebound plus great stability and speed in all snows.


Equipe 10 S-Lab Skate Soft Ground

equipe 10 skate softgoundThe Soft Ground is perfected for all soft ground conditions. It makes the ideal 2nd pair complement to a skier's Cold or Warm ski.  A Floating Power Distribution Camber and extra-low torsional rigidity drives extra-long, low-pressure, shifting glide zones that allow the ski to rapidly float over, rather than through, un-compacted or under-compacted cold powder or wet mush. 


For more details visit 



  Lapham Peak 

Incredible Snowmaking Matching Dollar Offer


The Friends of Lapham Peak are announcing the $10,500 Blizzard Challenge Match.  Between now and October 31 your contribution dollars will be doubled up to the limit of the $10,500 match! 


Her's your chance to help improve Lapham's unique man-made snow loop that gives skiers continuity when natural snow is lacking.  It's all supported by donations. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Happy trails,  

The Doc




SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 at 8:45 am!

Duluth, MN


The NorthShore Inline Marathon organization would like to present the only rollerski marathon in the United States!


Enjoy the country's most scenic and exciting rollerski event along the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior! The 26.2 mile marathon begins just south of Two Harbors and continues along Scenic Hwy 61, rolling through the I-35 tunnels, and finishing at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC).

More info here:



CXC-Salomon Super Fit Weekends


back by popular demand


 superfit mapping


Gear West Ski & Run - Long Lake, MN September 23-25, 2011


Gear West Super Fit Facebook Event 


SuperFit Clinic Video 



Cyclova XC - St. Croix Falls, WI October 28-30, 2011

King Keyser - Hinsdale, IL October 28-30, 2011

Fontana Sports - Madison, WI November 4-6, 2011

Hoigaard's - St. Louis Park, MN November 4-6, 2011

Joe's Ski Shop - St. Paul, MN November 11-13, 2011

Bicycle Doctor Bike & Ski - Dousman, WI November 11-13, 2011

Finn Sisu, - St. Paul, MN December 2-4, 2011

Ski Hut - Duluth, MN December 2-4, 2011


More SuperFit info:  


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 START Pine Tar/Waxing Clinic & Pasty Dinner

OutThere Nordic Sports

 Rice Lake, WI


Friday, November 11, 2011 at 6:00pm


RSVP here

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