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June 16, 2011: Volume 12, Number 11


US Ski Team Training Session Videos


Ski Coaches and Skiers,


We have posted great Videos of US Ski team Training Sessions.


We regularly see training plans and how training sessions are organized, but the execution of each particular session is also a critical piece.  The intent is to demonstrate how and why our athletes conduct particular workouts in a multimedia format. Most sessions begin with an interview of one of the athletes to discuss goals of the session. Others display athletes conducting drills and mirroring other athletes.  These should be valuable for junior athletes to see and understand the goals and purposeful execution of training session. 


5-26-2011 USST and Canadian Natl Team Skate Sprint Speed Session


USST Skate V1 technique - May 28, 2011 Bend, OR Camp


5-30-2011 USST Classic Intervals Bend, OR Camp


5-30-2011 USST Afternoon General Strength Session


6-14-2011 Bounding Intervals SLC



Bryan Fish

Development Coach

U.S. Ski Team



Training Modes by

Skiing and Rollerskiing
Used for:
Endurance, intensity, speed, recovery, racing. Strength - no poles skating, double-pole and single pole only sessions.

Running and cycling
Used for:
Endurance, intensity, recovery, racing. Bounding: Used for: intensity, speed, strength.
How: Bounding can be done with or without poles. The motion should closely imitate classical skiing. To focus on strength and explosiveness do shorter intervals focusing on getting maximum distance with each bound. For intervals try to use the explosiveness, rythom and intensity that imitates ski racing.

Ski walking
Used for: intensity, endurance, strength.
How: Skiwalking can be done with poles, but is generally done without them. It should closely imitate classical skiing. It can be incorportated into running endurance sessions on steep and/or long uphills and be used for intervals on uphills. Poles should be about 2 inches shorter than poles used for classical skiing on snow.

Spenst (dynamic ski specific plyometric exercises)
Used for: developing explosive power and strength.
How: The focus is on getting maximum distance on each of 10 to 15 hops. Do sets of 10 to 15 hops and take full recovery (2-3 mins) between sets. Skating spenst can be done by hopping from side to side in one place, or jumping sideways up a steep hill. Classical spenst can be done by hopping on one leg at a time up a steep hill, or by bounding with both legs up a steep hill. Be imaginative, and warm up and down very, very well.

Used for: developing overall maximum-strength and muscular balance. How: Use a wide variety of lifts that cover all major muscle groups.

Used for: developing overall strength-endurance and muscular balance.

How: set up a circuit of exercises that alternate stomach, back, legs, arms. Spend half a minute to a minute and a half at each station and move from one station to the next without stopping.



A to Z's of Rollerskiing by


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Haig Glacier Camp! 


Join Birkie Champion Matt Liebsch for one week of easy distance/ high volume hiking and summer skiing on Haig Glacier in the Canadian Rockies


Saturday Aug 20- Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

Cost w/transport: $1345 before July 1st, $1445 after

Cost without van transport: $1095 before July 1st, $1145 after


Coach  Matt Liebsch 763-221-3963   Parents/Information meeting at Gear West Ski June 19 on at 4pm  Master Athletes interested in attending can contract Matt Liebsch direct to discuss.


Brian Gregg at Haig



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NCCSEF adds Nordic Combined alongside Cross Country as a supported discipline.


June 2, 2011; Salt Lake City, Utah) The National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation has added the discipline of Nordic Combined to its roster of supported Nordic disciplines.


As NCCSEF director David Knoop states "In both Cross Country and Nordic Combined gaining ongoing and consistent quality training, racing, and coaching experiences is the biggest challenge facing developing American skiers who are spread throughout our vast country and live thousands of miles away from Europe, the center of Nordic racing."


Adding Nordic Combined to its sport's rosters allows NCCSEF's proven fundraising and development support program to better compliment the entire USSA Nordic development pipeline.


U.S. Ski Team Nordic Combined Head Coach David Jarrett states, "The Nordic Combined sport community is excited that NCCSEF has opened its great fundraising and support structure to Nordic Combined. Providing developing athletes ongoing access to a progression of quality racing, training and coaching experiences represents the biggest funding need and development opportunity at present for our country. We have some great athletes aiming to keep the winning tradition alive for Nordic Combined, but with very limited number of events in the U.S., it is important that they get overseas as much as possible to continue their progress."  


Stay tuned as NCCSEF announces its updated Nordic skiing development plan based on annual support of its Pillar Projects.  Funding of the Pillar Projects ensures the nation's top Nordic skiers, starting at the J2 age group and ending when they reach the World Cup Red Group, gain access to the highest caliber racing, training and coaching experiences.


To learn more and make your tax deductible contribution to NCCSEF visit today





The Methow Valley Sport Trails Association (MVSTA) seeks a new Executive Director with the vision and skills to manage this world class, community based trail system. The new Director will replace Jay Lucas who has served as MVSTA's Executive Director for the past 30 years. A strong combination of skills and experiences is required in this role. Such experiences should include the management and motivation of staff, strong financial acumen, experience in the ski and/or outdoor industry and a familiarity with non-profit business practices. This is an incredible opportunity, for the right individual, to lead one of the most inspirational outdoor organizations in the nation. A full job description, requirements and compensation can be found on the MVSTA website at Deadline for applications is July 15, 2011. 




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