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June 2, 2011: Volume 12, Number 5


Torn ACL Advice - Given


Last week a reader asked for advice from our readers.


I recently tore my ACL, and I am trying to decide what kind of treatment to pursue.  The main options are surgery, or rehab without surgery.  I was wondering if you know  of skiers who are able to continue skiing at a relatively high level without an ACL?  (I usually do about 3 ski marathons per year both classic and skate).  If I can avoid surgery and continue skiing that would be ideal! 


Our readers provided great information and insight they are all listed at this link at ACL advice


Wow, Andy, thanks so much for passing all of that on to me.  It's amazing how common this injury is, and it makes me feel better that there were no stories of surgeries gone wrong.  I really appreciate your help!  Best, K


Pole Length Recommendations


How should skiers determine their ideal pole height?


Body height in cm less 20 cm for skate and  less 20 cm for classic is the norm that Swix uses.  ( Editor Note: START recommends 90% of skier height in cm for skate and 83% for classic)


In most cases, this will for adults result in classic poles that reach the center of the shoulder bone. For skate the pole will reach around your mouth. This is measured in shops with normal shoes on.


Do advanced skiers use taller poles than beginners?


For shorter races such as sprint; definitely yes. They can use up to 5-7.5 cm longer poles than recommended. We have also seen a trend that professional skiers in general has increased their pole lengths the last decade. The reason is most likely stronger upper bodies for professional skiers these days, and shorter tracks with fewer longer climbs. There are of course individual differences, but in general professional now has increased their norm by 2.5 cm both for classic and skating.


Does upperbody strength change this? See answer above.


Does technical ability change this?

Not really, but skiing with longer poles than recommended requires a good technique


Why do classical skiers use shorter poles than skaters?

In skating, bigger movements and greater speed allows you to have longer poles.


How is a ski pole length measured?

For most brands poles the length is measured form the tip (spike) of the pole to the top of the pole (less the building height of the locking cap/wedge).

Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards,

Svein Pedersen SWIX SPORT AS



 CXC Summer Championships



 Inaugural CXC Summer Championships will showcase who is the strongest in the Nordic off-season. The championship is broken into three races: distance trail run, rollerski classic prolog (or time trial) and skate rollerski sprint finals. Each race will award points based on the finish placement. Cumulative of all three races will determine the overall winner at the end of the day.


Saturday, July 9 | Seeley/Cable, WI

9:00am - 5km The Namekagon Art Fest Run, Seeley, WI

1:00pm - 3km Telemark Classic Prolog, Telemark Resort, WI

5:00pm - 1km Cable Skate Sprint Finals, Downtown Cable, WI







Inge Braten Training Clinic


June 24, 25, 26,

Marine on the St Croix, MN  




Braten brings more than three decades of experience in the sport. A former highperformance athlete who competed on Norways national team, Brten has helped guide some of the worlds best nordic athletes, including the legendary Bjorn Daehlie, Vegard Ulvang, Thomas Alsgaard, Marcus Hellner and more. Inges track record includes 13 Olympic gold medals throughout his career asa coach and personal trainer. Most recently, Braten led Sweden to three gold and two bronze medals atthe 2006 Olympics in Torino.

 Clinic Schedule:


Friday: 6:00pm - Dinner (included in the price of clinic)

Saturday:12:00pm - Lunch (included in the price of clinic) 1:00pm to 4:00pm - Clinic 4:00pm to5:00pm - Break for Dinner

5:30pm -7:30pm - Clinic

Sunday: 8:00am - Breakfast (included in the price of clinic)

9:00am to 12:00pm - Clinic

12:00pm to 1:00pm - Lunch (included in the price of clinic)

1:30pm to 3:30pm - Clinic and Wrap up 


read more ...




CXC Coaches Seminar and Webinar by Inge Braten

Bråten brings more than three decades of experience in the sport. A former high performance athlete who competed on Norway's national team, Bråten has helped guide some of the world's best nordic athletes, including the legendary Bjørn Daehlie, Vegard Ulvang, Thomas Alsgaard, Marcus Hellner and more. Inge's track record includes 13 Olympic gold medals throughout his career as a coach and personal trainer. Most recently, Bråten led Sweden to three gold and two bronze medals at the 2006 Olympics in Torino.

Seminar and Webinar Schedule:
7:00am - Training Plan Development
8:15am - Endurance and Intensity Training
9:30pm - General and Specific Strength Training
10:45pm - Technique Training

Note: Webinar (short for Web-based Seminar) is a seminar that is transmitted over the Web. Participants will be able to view webinar live and on-demand (any time during the year) by going to unique link which will be provided after registration.




  Nordic Dave Adventure Series

Greetings nordic skiers and nordic ski enthisiasts too!


May has been a record a record month for rain and snow.....OooraH!

 nordic dave image

Due to yesterday's road damage with an entire mountain side ready to give way, Old Nordic was forced to do some recon and find a new course for the Memorial Day Loppet, aka PL2. As ND climbed in 6 inches of new snow hoping to reach a plateau that stretches 60 miles at 9,000 ft, he thought of what the day meant down below. Yup it never hurts to remember the people who give their lives in service of our country.

And so it went for the next 3 hours with ND belting out the only military song he knows.......

Fighting soldiers from the sky....

Fearless men who jump and die....

Men who mean just what they say...

The brave men of the Green Beret!

Silver wings upon their chest...

These men are America's best...

100 men will test today...

But only 3 will win the Green Beret.

Stay tuned for these and other exciting stories as told in the Nordic Dave Adventure Series.


Start Wax and Poles




SkiPost is pleased to announce START as a new Nordic storytelling partner.


Start, celebrating its 30th year of product innovation this winter, is a Finnish winter sport brand famous for its innovative wax and poles.


More Start information will broadcast in the coming weeks.


Start Dealer and/or Skier inquiries can be addressed to: 

or by calling 406-585-2660

and by visiting the website at



Do you Nano?


N1 nano


Watch the Magical N1 application here.  





Start now, finish sooner!




Fire & Ice

Summer on Snow XC Ski Camp

Mt. Bachelor Bend Oregon


Fire and Ice, the latest cross country ski camp on groomed trails in the US will take place from June 16 to 20 on the trails of Mt. Bachelor.  Run by the Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation Fire and Ice is the only camp in the US offering the opportunity for skiers to ski on World Class trails with impeccable grooming that late in the year.  


"Skiers around the world are looking for high quality on snow skiing opportunities in June," said Lars Flora, two time Olympian and Head Coach of Fire and Ice, but unless you're on the trails of Mt. Bachelor there isn't a better place in the world with deep snow, on real ski trails, with high quality grooming at a reasonable altitude."


According to Dan Simoneau, MBSEF Nordic Program Director who organizes the camp, "Fire and Ice is the latest evolotution of camps that have been on the trails and slopes of Mt. Bachelor for over 30 year. 


The 2011 Fire and Ice Summer Cross Counry Ski Camp will feature:

15 kilometers of groomed skiing on the trails of Mt. Bachelor.

Five on-snow training sessions (2 Classic and 3 Skating)

Five dryland training sessions 

Daily video technique analysis

Whitewater raft trip on the Deschutes River

Camp t-shirt

The American Summer Cross Country Skiing Championships

Fire and Ice, Bend Camp 2010 will have the following options:

·       3 day on snow only camp for skiers 8-11 for $100.

·       5 day Junior Camp for skiers 12-18 for $250.

·       5 day Masters Camp for $300.


For more information Fire and Ice 2011 contact Dan Simoneau at or 541-350-9126. 

Registration forms for the Fire and Ice camp are available at  






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