March 3

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March 3, 2011: Volume 11, Number 42

Roto Brushing


I have a question in regards to roto brushing. I purchased a SWIX (17b) black stiff nylon brush to reduce time brushing out hard waxes and just purchased the (16m) horsehair brush. My question is: Do I start with the horsehair, then black stiff nylon brush or vice versa? -and- About how many passes should I make with the roto brush? I have heard from skiers to be aware of "over brushing." Thanks!


The t16M Horsehare is the best all round brush and best for initial wax removal. Then follow with T17 soft nylon to for warm waxes and 17B for cold waxes to polish. Have an drill that rotates about 1500 rpm. Brush from tip to tail. Use low pressure and let the brush do all the work. Brush 4-5 passes and test the base with your fingernail to make sure you are no surface wax remaining.

Waxless Skis


With all of the talk about how abrasive the snow might be at this year's Birkie and the difficulty of keeping kick wax on your skis, are there any circumstances where waxless skis might be a better choice for middle of the pack skier?  


Waxless skis will provide reliable kick the entire way but will be a bit slower than a properly waxed ski (until you have no more kick wax)  If the tracks remain firm and cold and you properly apply binder I believe you will be fine. I love my waxless skis .  But they really shine in the difficult waxing conditions nearing 32. But look out next year as there are many new waxless option coming to market.



Andy at SkiPost 



Telemark Lodge to Remain Open


Telemark Lodge is now under new ownership and will remain open as a Nordic destination. Telemark Partners LLC who have been managing the fabled resort since mid January will remain operating the resort in conjunction with its new owner. More news to come. 




What is RaceSplitter?

RaceSplitter is race & split timer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app was designed in collaboration with the Nordic skiing community to fill the need of an affordable timer - for coaches, parents & enthusiasts - capable of providing live split times and relative racer position during events.


RaceSplitter essentially replaces the stopwatch and start-sheet list that coaches use to record split times during races or training sessions. Additionally, it tracks relative racer position; automatically adjusting for interval or wave start time differences and detecting multiple laps.


Since its release a month ago, RaceSplitter has been a tremendous hit. It's been used at the US Nationals, by most Eastern Collegiate coaches in recent carnivals, and even at the World Championships in Oslo, Norway. And it's been used in sports ranging from XC skiing, to orienteering, to track & field, to trail running.



 What is RaceBuilder?

RaceBuilder is a free online service for creating, sharing and finding races for import into RaceSplitter. Anyone can use the service to create races, and share them with friends. Those wanting their races to appear on the public event calendar can request a free publisher's account.


Within just a few weeks of launch, over 110 public races have been published on the RaceBuilder event calendar, including over 5,500 unique racers from all over the world.






Want to know more?


RaceSplitter website

Be sure to watch the four-minute video screencast on the home page, which gives a good overview of the app's functionality.


RaceBuilder website. Quickly create start lists for import into RaceSplitter, or download one of the races on the public event calendar.


Check out what people are saying Have a look at the testimonials, to see the reactions of people from New England, to Alaska, to Norway.



Where to buy it?

RaceSplitter is available on the App Store (in iTunes), for $24.99.


Who to contact?

Questions about RaceSplitter or RaceBuilder can be directed to Matt Henderson at



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Toko Race Wax Tips


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Swix Weekend Racing Wax Recs


New England Race Wax Recs

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03/05/2011 TD Bank Rangely Lakes Loppet Rangely, ME 

03/05/2011 Craftsbury Marathon Tour Craftsbury, VT 

03/06/2011 Ski to the Clouds Great Glen Trails, Gorham, NH  


  Mid-Atlantic Race Wax Rec

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03/05/2011 Winona Forest Tourathon Classical   


   Great Lakes Race Wax Rec

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   Midwest Wax Recs


Intermountain Race Wax Recs


Alaska Race Wax Recs


Swix's complete wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a specific wax for each snow condition.  If you know the air temp, relative humidity you can select Swix's perfect wax no mixing, magic recipes, stressing or slow skis required.  Get Your Winning Margin Wax Rec at and SwixNordic on Facebook

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 March 5

K by K on Race Day


 Yellowstone Rendezvous Race - West Yellowstone, Montana




 The 32nd annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Race will be held on March 5, 2011.  Local legend, Nordic shop owner, and member of the race organizing committee, Kelli Sanders, invites all skiers to join her on race day.  Sanders was asked to describe the course and here is what she said.



Listen for the boom of the cannon and it is race on. 

1k- All out, it is flat and wide open.

2k-The terrain is rolling.  Anticipate the first steady climb followed by a short herringbone hill.

3 to 5k- Enjoy the gentle terrain with a long easy downhill that rolls into the first feed station.

5k, 1st feed. - Thank you to the volunteers from the Forest Service manning the station.

5 to 7k- Continue gentle terrain with a horseshoe bend.

8 to 9k- Expect a couple of short hills with button hook turns.

10k- Go fast down the long descend.

11k- What a sight.  It is a gradual long climb with open views.

12k- Bob up and down and look around.  The scenery is beautiful in this stretch. Roll up to second feed station.

12k, 2nd feed. Look for volunteers from the West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation and other local groups.

13 to 14k- Brace for the long climb back up to Dead Dog.

15 to 18k- Gradual downhill and rolling terrain to the 3rd feed station.

18k, 3rd feed. - The West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce shows their support.

18k- Rolling up with little relief.

19k- Slow going at the longest/steepest climb of race course.

20 to 21k- Recover on this fun stretch over rolling terrain and enjoy the twists and turns.

22k- Last gradual long climb on the race course with a steep 'S' descent.

23 to 24k- Rolling into biathlon cabin area.

25k- Flat and wide open back to finish area for 25k or head under the arch for the second lap.  50k racers get to do it all again and will find the last feed station near the trailhead building.

After crossing the finish line, all skiers are invited to the Ambulance/Fire Station for the final feed.  West Yellowstone Boy Scouts are on-hand to serve warm soup, drinks, and other snacks as skiers recover from the marathon.  Stick around for the evening Awards Ceremony, complimentary dessert bar, raffle, and live music at the Holiday Inn.


 More info can be found at

SuperTour Goes West


FRI March 18th, 2011 - SUPERTOUR SPRINT 1km Classic Sprint in The Village at  Northstar at Tahoe Resort - Six miles south of downtown Truckee, CA


SUN March 20th 2011 -  CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH 45km (American Marathon Series Race) & a 30km & 15km at Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort  -15 miles West of  downtown Truckee, CA



Closest Airport is Reno - Just 40 mins from Truckee, or Sacramento is 1.5 hrs away


 Lodging packages:

1.800.GO.NORTH (1.800.466.6784) or visit

530 426 3871 x2  or email 

or contact The Truckee Chamber of Commerce 530-587-8808


Taking on the Tour de Ski


by Kikkan Randall


To watch the Tour de Ski unfold on TV is one thing. But to experience it for real, to race each of the eight stages in just 10 days, and to make it to the top of the Alpe Cermis at the end, let me just say that I have a new appreciation for the event.  Coming into this year's Tour, I had never raced such a condensed schedule. I figured I had a pretty good idea of what it would be like after competing in several "mini-tours," but, in actuality, the full Tour is a whole different to SkiTrax for the rest of the article. 

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