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 Feb 17, 2011: Volume 11, Number 40




Dear SkiPost,

I have a pair of 2002  Fischer RCS "Skate Cut" skis in which the parabolic shape of the ski is very evident toward the tip.  I also have a pair of 2004 Atomic  RS:11 skate skis which have little or no apparent "cut".   I have no idea whether either of these are known as good performing skis, or slugs.  (1) What difference does the cut design make on a skate ski's performance?  (2) Do companies still make skate cut type skis or was this a phase? (3) I ski about three full marathons a winter in WI (barely hanging on to the 3rd wave Birkie) and Upper MI (finish in the middle of the field).  Has ski design/performance advanced enough that it would be worth an average talent marathoner to spend money on new skis?

Sincerely, SideCut



The Fischer Skatecut was designed with the proper idea that a nordic skis front and rear glide zone can each have their own sidecut. Unlike alpine skis, that have a continuous edge contact tip to tail, Nordic skis have front and rear glide zones with a bridge in between. The SkateCut took advantage of this fact and created front and rear glide zones with front and rear sidecuts (skatecuts). These skatecuts were not for carving like alpine skis but for having a unique pressure distribution especially when the ski was on its skating edge. In most double blind tests the skis did make skating easier and more secure and the skatecut is still used in Fischer's SC Skatecut ski. For WorldCup skiers, and recreational racers looking for worldcup speed,  this cut is no longer used. 


The best way to know if you should step up to a new ski is to test them. 


But due to advances in core construction, pressure distribution, and perhaps most importantly quality control, most skis today are easier to ski and still faster than skis from a decade ago.


Andy at SkiPost




Ice Baths


 Reader asks: How long and in what situations are ice baths most appropriate? I tried and found @ 15-20 min ice bath really helped my legs after struggling for 10 days to recover from a 50K race.   The problem was a hypothermic response set in @ 5 minutes after getting out of the bath that lasted for 30 minutes despite internal (hot drinks) and external rewarming! Please send your insight to




You`ve done such a great job answering everyone`s questions.  It is really helpful, thank you.  My question is about ``rilling``.  Today our temperature here in Timmins, Ont. is going up to plus 5 to 7 Degrees Celsius.  Yesterday started out at minus 33 degrees with the wind chill.  The Wax Wizard tells us to use LF 10.  The humidity is 100% today.  Is it worth rilling our skis, and when should we do that stuff.  Thanks, Mike?




Check out the complete article on selecting and applying structure. 


Structure 2

Hello: I have an old style flat brass riller bar, having about 0.03" grooves on one side, and 0.015" grooves on the other, to put linear structure in the ski. At which point should I use the tool; before the wax job or after (like the roller tools)? I'm thinking that the flat bar may be cutting-in as opposed to pressing-in structure. Thanks.


Your Riller bar presses the structure into the ski. It is the simplest structure tool we have. And the easiest to always have with you! .03 = .75mm = medium .015 = .35= fine


Classic Structure Selection

skate structure


 Read  the complete article on structuring here. 

Snack Food


 Hi, Love your website!! Our son just qualified for JO's in Nordic Combined in Salisbury CT and will travel w/o mom and dad for the first time ever from Colorado. So what kind of snacks should I pack for my athlete boy?  Any thoughts greatly appreciated!!


Thinking about performance, I like Honey Stinger waffles and chews. Honey Stinger and Power Bars are also good to have. Luckily, staying in the USA your son should be able to pick some of this stuff up at the grocery store in Salisbury. As far as snacks to have for travel, dry fruit and plenty of water is always easy for extra airplane snacks. DJ  Dave Jarrett Head Coach-Nordic Combined  



I'd say: Make him a package of food he likes. Its especially important to eat enough for younger guys during travel. If its PB&J stuff, fresh fruit or some prepackaged food like Dave referenced but it serves two purposes. Snacks while traveling and before racing but also back up eats for picky eaters!

Best, Billy Demong 


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Get your skis ready for the Birkie


The Speed of Fluoros 

Cera F Speed 

These miracle lubricants gain their qualities from extremely negatively charged Fluorine atoms that repel the also negatively charged Oxygen in H2O (and also commonly negatively charged dirt.) FC's decrease the surface tension and surface area of water and effectively turn the high suction water layer between the skis and the snow into slippery water ball bearings. The more Humidity water or dirt the more Fc's will increase ski speed. Read this article to see approximate time advantages when using FC, HF, LF and CH under different snow conditions.



Birkie Wax Prep and Wax Rec info is Here 


Your Fastest Birkie Skis Ever!


Experience no waxing or wax box stress.

Gear West Birkie Signature Waxing Service  only $79.99


For only $79.99 your skis will be precision glide waxed with the ideal LF under-layer, HF race-layer, and 100% Fluoro top-coat then finished with the race ready hand structure and delivered to you at the Starting Line.

          Sleep well confident that your skis will be Fast.

          Enjoy your friends while avoiding make-shift hotel wax rooms.

          Leave the heavy iron and wax box at home.

          No need to purchase new waxes exceeding $79.99.

         Do not worry about unfamiliar snow conditions.

         Pick up your skis at the Race Start race morning.

         Enjoy your fast skis and the race.


To ensure the fastest skis your waxing service will be done on-site in the Gear West Mobile Wax Room. The most advanced waxing vehicle this side of the WorldCup. Our techs will be testing wax and structure on the Birkie trails up to the last moment to provide you the fastest skis possible.

Gear West Mobile Wax Room

Your Gear West Signature Waxing Service will be conducted by our Signature Staff including Brandon Ostroot (World Cup wax tech, U.S. Biathlon Team), Matt Liebsch (2009 American Birkebeiner Champion, CXC Elite Athlete), Brian Knutson (Midwest Ski and Service Legend), Matt Fox (Gear West Structure Master), and Oumar Cherif (Coach, Collegiate Racer, Salomon Service Tech).


You spent the last 364 days preparing and anticipating. We spent the last 364 days waxing. Let us wax your skis so you can have your most enjoyable Birkie ever. Spots are limited register here now or call 877.473.4327 to guarantee you have your fastest skis ever, stress free.  


Toko Race Wax Tips


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New England Race Wax Recs

email Swix Tech Teamer Mike Innes

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  Mid-Atlantic Race Wax Rec

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02/19/2011 Mid Atlantic BKYSL Festival Day One 

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     Great Lakes Race Wax Rec

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02/18/2011 Michigan High School Championships 9am Classic 

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02/19/2011 Michigan High School Championships - Skate Sprints Traverse City 

02/19/2011 Black Mountian Classic 

02/19/2011 Big Bay Honey Bear Classic Big Bay, MI 

 02/20/2011 Hanson Hills 6/12k Classic


   Midwest Wax Recs

 Rocky Mountain Wax Recs

 02/19/2011 MOOSE CHASE Trail Creek Nordic Center WILSON, WY

2/19/2011 Steamboat Ski Marathon


Intermountain Race Wax Recs


02/21/2011 VAN NORDEN PRESIDENTS CUP Royal Gorge XC  


02/19/2011 Region III Freestyle Mass Start Soldotna

02/19/2011 Region IV Freestyle Relay Kincaid Park

02/20/2011 Sven Johansson Kincaid Park

Swix's complete wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a specific wax for each snow condition.  If you know the air temp, relative humidity you can select Swix's perfect wax no mixing, magic recipes, stressing or slow skis required.  Get Your Winning Margin Wax Rec at and SwixNordic on Facebook

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Madison WinterFest 

The seventh annual Madison Winter Festival will be held on the 19th and 20th of February 2011 in downtown Madison on the Capitol Square.  The festival will be a series of events encouraging winter athletic and festive activities highlighted by the Capitol Square Sprints and Criterium.  These races will pit some of the United State's fastest skiers against the best the world has to offer in exciting race formats on the city streets around Wisconsin's capitol building.


"The Madison Capitol Sqaure Sprints will feature several of America's most talented racers including CXC's own 2010 US Olympians Garrott Kuzzy and Caitlin Compton. These races will have one of the greatest collections of the greatest ski talent to ever set foot in North America."  -said Gus Kaeding Head CXC Development Coach


Cross country ski races on the Capitol Square will future skiers from 4 foreign ski powers including Norway, Switzerland, Russia, and Canada.




 March 5, 2011


There is just under a month to go until the 32nd annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Race.  Final preparations are in place and there is still time to train for the big day.  Join hundreds of Nordic skiers at the start line on March 5th, 2011.  Register before March 1 to avoid late fees and all registrations will be closed promptly at noon on Thursday, March 3. 


Whether you are skiing for prize money or just to cross the finish line, all racers invited to the Yellowstone Rendezvous Race.  True marathoners can enter the 50 kilometer race, which consists of two laps around the perimeter of the Rendezvous Ski Trail system.  Skiers can choose the 25 kilometer event under classic or freestyle technique.  The 10k race is open to skiers not ready for a long race, with the 5k and 2k races geared for kids. 


Bring your friends and family and stay a few extra days.  From skiing to sight-seeing, West Yellowstone is the home base for winter fun.  There is no other place in the world where you can spend one day racing on 25 kilometers of professionally groomed trails and the next day see bison grazing next to hot springs or bald eagles soaring past geysers. 


The Rendezvous Ski Trails are in great shape and the entire trail system is groomed with both a skate lane and classic track.   With three feet of groomed packed powder on the ground and more on the way, there is no reason not to expect perfect corduroy for next month's event.  End your race season with a bang at the 32nd Annual Rendezvous Race.


There is still time to sign up for the Rendezvous Race.  For more information, go to 


The 2011 Equinox Ski Challenge


March 19-20 at the Rendezvous cross-country ski trails in West Yellowstone.


Racers complete as many laps as they can and may enter as soloists or as members of a relay team of up to 8 members in 3-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour divisions.  Kids 12 and under can race for free in the 24-minute challenge.


Andy Gerlach, who raced on a 5-person team in the 24-hour division in 2010, said that "skiing at night is fabulous." "The reflections, the light...everything moves faster."   Gerlach also noted the race went easier than he expected. "The first lap was the hardest, and then it got better," he said. Gerlach added that having Toko ski wax representative Eric Mittelstaedt working on participants' skis throughout the event went a long way in keeping them fast throughout the 24-hour ski race.


Wilson Dippo, who races for Bowdoin College in Maine, skied the Equinox for the first time in 2010 on a two-person, 24-hour team, and had a little less time to rest in between laps. "I went out too hard for a 24-hour race," he said. Dippo said his first "bonk" hit around 8 p.m., after skiing with teammate Ian Anderson for nearly 10 hours.Still, they rested, ate and recovered to ski through the night and win their division with 289.1 kilometers skied. Dippo said he's planning to return home to Salt Lake City over spring break and make the trip to West Yellowstone again, this time to ski the 24-hour solo division.


Melissa Alder and Kelli Sanders, owners of Free Heel & Wheel in West Yellowstone, thought first about entering as a two-person team for the 24-hour race, but instead opted to ski the 12-hour individual category so they could ski together. "The costumes were great. The festive atmosphere was positive, energizing and made me want to keep skiing," said Alder.


Proceeds from the race benefit the West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation (WYSEF) and Manaia Youth Programs.  Participants are also encouraged to bring food donations for the West Yellowstone Food Bank. The event includes a Saturday evening potluck and an all-night bonfire at the start/finish line.


Before March 1, registration is $55/adult or $30/junior.  Between March 1-March 15, the fee is $75/adult and $50/junior.  Race-day registration is $90/adult and $60/junior.  Registration discounts are available for racers who also volunteer at the race or who bring someone along to volunteer for them.  Registration is free for kids under 12 participating in a 24-minute kids' race.


For more information, visit or e-mail


Free Rudy Gear


SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Oslo Nordic Worlds 2011 Contest

 Registration NOW OPEN


The SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Oslo Nordic Worlds 2011 contest is now open for contestants to make selections for the biggest event on the Nordic ski calendar this winter.


Select the top three podium positions for men and women for each of the 12 Nordic Worlds title events and score points as you battle with other contestants from around the world for lots of great prizes. Earn bonus points for multiple podiums, overall nation medals, top Canadian and US skiers etc.


Enter the Contest



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