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 Jan 6, 2011: Volume 11, Number 35

Telemark Lodge
"Once and Again"
Telemark Lodge in Cable, WI
home of the American Birkebeiner
is hoping to open its doors by Jan 20th.
But a few hurdles remain. More news as we get it.

Live WorldCup Coverage?


Marty Hall suggests we check out  for WorldCup Streaming

Pole Length

Dear SkiPost,

I have been hearing from a few folks out my way that ski poles for skating are on average getting a bit longer.  The explanation is that with more and more skiers using the V2 technique, that it makes sense to go up in length so that one can get more torque with the poles.  I am not able to explain very clearly, but thought you might have an opinion on this subject.  I am thinking I would get a greater glide if my poles were longer.  Your thoughts please... I am 6'tall and use 170's and they come up to just about the bottom of my nose.

Yes, poles on average have been getting longer due to a couple of reasons.  1.  Skiing has gotten faster due to improvements in technique, equipment, and wax.  The faster average speed you ski, the longer the pole will be.  2.  Skiers have recently emphasized strength much more than in the past.  Stronger skiers = longer poles.  3.  For the highest speeds (sprint races) they use longer poles.  Sprinting has impacted distance skiing in many aspects, poles included.      Personally, I don't think having skate poles with a height past your nose is necessary.  Somewhere in between the chin and nose is good.  Classic poles should fit uncomfortably under the armpits.        Longer poles can add speed but shorter poles help ensure proper technique (an overlooked advantage on hilly distance courses).  In the end, it comes down to personal preference.  Go with what feels right!
Gus Keading CXC Team   

Tom this is the Elite athletes answer. For us Master skiers who do not hit the weight room nor get up on our toes and have an overall slower turnover and more docile technique the old rules still apply your height in inches less 20cm for skate and less 30 for classic is the target to consider.  Andy at SkiPost

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Managing Dirt
Swix Racing Service USA

US Nationals Classic Sprint Report

Chris Hall/Drew Gelinas


The USSA National Championship classic sprint race in Rumford, Maine lived up to expectations as an exciting and challenging event.  The organizing committee did an amazing job given the prevailing weather conditions over the past week and Sunday's race was fair for all the racers competing.


The weather forecasts were as predicted for Sunday with warm air temperatures and wet corn snow crystals.  Track conditions were extremely dirty and keeping ski bases as clean as possible was one important aspect to having fast skis.  Structure also played an important role in the ski preparation process, as the snow was very wet due to temperatures not dropping below freezing for the prior 48 hours before the race.  Glide wax selection was straight forward, as the weather and snow conditions did not drastically change prior to or during the race.


Swix racing service was present at the event and ran a number of on snow tests to determine the optimum combination of glide wax, base structure and kick wax that was used by many top competitors in the classic sprint. 


Starting with glide testing, we tested base and mid layer paraffin waxes.  MB77- Moly Fluor Wax was an ideal base paraffin for these dirty snow conditions.  On top of the MB77, testing found HF8BW to run the fastest, with the BW additive aiding in repelling the considerable amount of dirt on the race course. 


Once we had our base paraffin and layer paraffin waxes identified and applied to our skis, the next step was to find the ideal Cera F top coat.  Testing found that FC8X was the fastest Cera powder.  The combination of MB77, HF8BW and FC8X is a widely used in World Cup racing with a history of providing excellent race results. 


The morning of the race, Swix RS tested final layer Cera F liquids and base structure.  We found FC8L to be the best liquid to use over the top of FC8X.  The structure test revealed that the T401 Swix Super riller with the 1.0mm coarse bar combined with the 1.0mm Broken V structure roller over the top greatly reduced the wet friction created by the moisture in the snow.  Also, this structure combination did not collect dirt, keeping the skis as clean as possible in these extremely dirty snow conditions.


Kick waxing was very straight forward, given the snow crystals present.  A thin klister base of KR20, covered with a thin layer KR35 provided a strong binder layer for the top, race wax layer of KR70 with just a few dots of K22n mixed into the KR70.  The KR70 provided great kick and the K22n added toughness to the KR70, reducing wear and icing.  It was important to make sure the race wax layer was not too thick, as this would collect dirt and slow the skis down. 


For a report in Thursdays Freestyle Event click here 


 Look for updates at  and SwixNordic on Facebook.


Only Swix's Cera Nova wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a perfect wax for each snow condition.


Images from the Tour de Ski

All images from NordicFocus

Follow all the action at SalomonNordic on Facebook 


Tour de Ski collage 

Fischer skis leading the way at Tour.
Dario Cologna (SUI, Fischer Skis), Marcus Hellner (SWE, Fischer Skis) and Petter Northug (NOR, Fischer Skis) on the mens side as well as Justyna Kowalczyk (POL, Fischer Skis ), Arianna Follis (ITA, Fischer Skis) and Marianna Longa (ITA, Fischer Ski) on the womens side claimed three-fold victory with Fischer at the sixth Tour stage over 35 and 16 kilometer in free technique from Cortina to Toblach (ITA). Click here to read more 

Toko Race Wax Tips


Toko Clinic Schedule click here
Your Local Swix Race Wax Recomendation

Swix Weekend Racing Wax Recs


New England Race Wax Recs


  Mid-Atlantic Race Wax Rec

Great Lakes Race Wax Rec

01/08 Michigan Cup Team Time Trial - 5K Freestyle Hanson Hills Rec Area, Grayling, MI

1/08 Crystal Mtn Paintball Biathlon Crystal Mountain Resort

1/08/2011 Valley Spur Ski Bash Munising, MI

01/09 Grand Rapids Langlauf 5/15K Freestyle Hanson Hills Rec Area, Grayling, MI


1/09/2011 10th MOUNTAIN DIVISION BIATHLON Northstar XC

1/09 LAKES BASIN 15K Tamarack Lodge XC


Swix's complete wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a specific wax for each snow condition.  If you know the air temp, relative humidity you can select Swix's perfect wax no mixing, magic recipes, stressing or slow skis required.  Get Your Winning Margin Wax Rec at and SwixNordic on Facebook. Swix, your Winning Margin



White Pine Touring X-C Masters Ski Clinic

With Dr. Max Testa, Dr. Eric Heiden, Marlene Hatch, Miles Minson and Ian Harvey

January 29-30, 2011

Park City, UT

A comprehensive two-day x-c ski clinic offering methods and application of exercise physiology, sport injury prevention and rehabilitation, sport nutrition and x-c skate technique methods and analysis and professional wax tips and application.

Lead by the world renown Medical Team of Dr. Max Testa, Dr. Eric Heiden, Marlene Hatch, former US National Team Coach Miles Minson and President of Toko USA Ian Harvey will present methods of physiology, applied physiology (establish training zones and monitoring with lactate testing), injury prevention, nutrition and recovery as well as on-snow technique education theory , analysis and review with Dartfish video.

Your skis will be prepped daily by the experts from Toko and Ian will present techniques for top race performance waxing.

Location: White Pine Touring, Park City, UT

Cost: $350.00 and will include all waxing and presentations, workouts with lunch daily.

Accommodations: Hotel Park City - (435) 940-5068

Registration & Questions: White Pine Touring - (435) 649-6249

Swix Boulder Mountain Tour

Prize Money Announced

 Feb 5th, 2011

1st Place men and women $3000 each

2nd                                         $1000 each

3rd                                          $ 400 each

4th                                          $ 200 each

5th                                          $ 150 each

6th                                          $ 125 each

7th                                          $ 100 each

8th                                           $  75 each

9th                                           $  50 each

10th                                         $  25 each


Preems will also be awarded during the course of the BMT.

Payouts to be determined.


There is also a co-ed (one man, one woman) sprint relay on Thursday night with prize money as follows. Details about entering with be posted soon on the BMT website


1st place team        $1000

2nd team                $  400

3rd                         $  300

4th                         $  200

5th                         $  100 


Equinox Challange

24 minute to 24 hour relay

West Yellowstone MT

March 19-20, 2011

Sandpoint Nordic Club

Learn to XC Ski Free Day January 8th, 2011


On National Trails Day and to celebrate, the Sandpoint Nordic Club and Schweitzer Mountain Resort have teamed up to offer free cross country skiing demos and lessons on specifically groomed beginner trails. Free rentals are available at "The Roundabout" on a first-come first-served basis and Schweitzer ski instructors will be on hand offering free Classic Skiing and Skate Skiing lessons. There will be free hot chocolate and snacks to keep everyone warm and fueled up as well. In addition, everyone who takes a lesson gets a coupon for a free Nordic Trail Pass to use at Schweitzer another day for more infor go to

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Factory Team Skis for Sale

We have a few pair of classical skis

201 and 206 cm for skiers 150-210 lbs

left over from the Saab Salomon Factory Team 

Drop an email to


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