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 October 21, 2010: Volume 11, Number 25

Everyday Workouts


For some of you, doing intervals may be unappealing and you really don't have time for OD workouts either, so training only consists of "everyday" workouts. These are simple workouts where you just head out and run or bike or whatever at a comfortable pace for the time available to you. If you are only able to train for 30 minutes three times per week, make sure that you are getting something out of them. Going at a level 1 pace for 30 minutes really doesn't do a whole lot for you, unless you are out of shape and just getting back into training or using it as a recovery workout. If you make some of these short workouts more like semi-pace workouts where you are training in your level 2 to 3 zone then you will get much more out of these days.


The main point I want to get across here is the importance of maintaining a good fitness level throughout the year and it that doesn't necessarily matter how you get it done. If you are able to throw occasional intensity and over-distance workouts into your training throughout the summer and fall, then you are going to be much better off come ski season. Have a great year see you at the races.  check out for more
 Rollerski Elbow Pain-7
Last Week we discussed Elbow Pain Oct 7 and 14 SkiPost
The discussion continues here: 

From: David A. Paulson  

Many of us skiers are tennis players and the impact of hitting a

tennis ball with the new titanium racquets is much greater than that

of driving a ski pole

into asphalt. We have found that the new BAND-IT

elbow wrap not only rapidly eliminates pain of impact, but fosters

quick healing. Now, most of us wear the Band-It when we play just as a

preventative. I have worn it for seven years for both roller skiing

and tennis and have completely eliminated elbow problems. I play 25+

matches of high level tennis a month and roller ski about 80

kilometers per week. Most of my skiing is classic, though 20% each

week is skating.

Many of us, in Tennis, have used elbow wraps, for years, and nothing

compares to the Band-It. I do not own stock or sell the Band-it. I am

simply a user of the product. I have friends who had such severe elbow

problems that they thought they would never play tennis again.

Enter...the Band-It and they were playing the next day. It's worth a


David Paulson

Deephaven, MN



Salomon Bases and Cambers


Salomon Nordic Warm and Cold Skis, both skate and classic, have bases and ski cambers designed for the characteristics of warm and cold snow.  Warm is designated as -8C (17F) and warmer. Cold is designated as -5C (23) and colder.



All Salomon ski bases are made with Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). Salomon's Equipe 10 Warm bases have more surface area to absorb more warm snow wax, than the cold base that are denser to reduce cold dry snow friction. Each base's exact properties are achieved by mixing various additives in various proportions to the UHMWPE. Two of the additives that Salomon specifies are Salomon's proprietary Zeolite, as well as Carbon Black. Zeolite is a mineral used in many industries both as a sieve and as a sponge. Zeolite has a very regular structure that allows it to act as a sieve to keep out dirt particles over a certain size, while its ultra porous structure allows it to act like a sponge actively absorbing wax. Zeolite also maintains its uniform structure under extreme heat, allowing bases with Zeolite to be less prone to seal (close) when exposed to heat from waxing. Salomon's warm bases have more Zeolite than the cold base. The warm bases also have more carbon black in them then cold bases. Carbon black (often wrongly called graphite) is used for its very high surface area to volume ratio.


The warm and cold bases also have specific structure for warm or cold snow crystals and moisture content. For extreme wet conditions you can press in a hand structure above the warm grind. In cold conditions below -12C we reduce the cold structure with a metal scraper.


Equipe 9, 8 and JR racing skis use a universal base mixture and universal grind.


Ski Camber:  Not only are Salomon Warm and Cold bases different but so are the warm and cold ski cambers.


Skate skis: With their Carbon powered 50/50 Power Distribution Camber which adjusts to keep the loads to front and rear glide zones balanced. This makes the skis stright tracking and fast gliding over all snow conditions.

Equipe 10 Warm skate ski have glide zones specifically molded to reduce warm/wet snow suction.  This is achieved by making he front glide zone shift rearward as the load is increased, essentially lifting the ski tip off of the wet snow to break suction.


Equipe 10 Cold skate skis have glide zones specifically designed to reduce cold/dry snow friction. This is achieved by having constant contact glide zones where pressure increases as load is increased to assist in rolling and melting the cold snow crystals. With constant glide zone (and edge) contact the cold ski a more forgiving (stable) ski than the warm ski.


Classic skis:

Cold ski is the hardwax ski. With an all new Propulsion heel toe camber (kick zone).  This new construction can be seen in its Poplar powered kick zone.  It floats close to the snow during glide but immeditely closes to the snow and stays down when you shift to you toes to kick. 


Warm ski is for klister conditions. It's Carbon fiber driven heel toe camber rides is  higher off the snow (than the cold camber) to keep the thicker klister or soft hardwaxes (necessary for wet and ice snow) to remain off the snow during glide phase.


Try a pair of Salomon Nordic  ski today and Enjoy Winter! 

Salomon SuperFit Clinic

Ski Hut Duluth MN

 CXC Salomon Superfit Weekend

Oct 22, 23, 24

Ski Hut in Duluth MN is hosting a CXC Superfit event this weekend, Friday through Sunday.  CXC Team Vertical Limit team members Brian Gregg, Santi Ocariz, Eric Wolcott, Justin Easter, and Jason Cork will be on hand performing flex testing, ski fitting and multiple seminars.

10:00AM to 6:00PM - 3D Ski Flex Mat Testing
5:00PM to 6:00PM - Glide and Kick Waxing Seminar (Jason Cork)

8:00AM to 9:30 AM - "Taste of Nordic" Free Dryland and Rollerski
Technique Clinic (Santi Ocariz, Eric Wolcott)
8:00AM to 9:30AM - USSA Level 100 Coaches Certification Technique Clinic (Jason Cork)
10:00AM to 5:00PM - 3D Ski Flex Mat Testing
4:00PM to 5:00PM - Optimal Training for Maximum Results Seminar (Brian Gregg)

12:00PM to 4:00PM - 3D Ski Flex Mat Testing

More Ski Hut CXC Superfit weekend details

About Superfit:


Ski Hut East 1032 East 4th Street Duluth, MN 218-724-8525

Ski Hut West 5607 Grand Avenue Duluth, MN 218-624- 5889


SkiRack, Burlington VT,

Salomon SuperFit Clinic

Oct 30th


SkiRack New England's most complete source for Salomon Nordic equipment and clothing, are hosting a custom gear-fitting event to kick off the 2010-2011 Nordic ski season.


The Salomon SuperFit Event will allow local Nordic skiers the chance to meet one-on-one with professional boot fitters and factory representatives, including Kevin Johnson, head of the Salomon Nordic Racing, and Bill Sterling, Salomon National Sales Manager. Skiers of all ability levels will learn about the latest fitting techniques for 2010-2011. They'll get customized guidance from the factory pros to make sure their skis and boots are ideal for their body, ability, maximum performance and enjoyment.  Reps from Swix Sport USA and Superfeet Premium Insoles will be available to get local Nordic skiers set up to be faster, more efficient and more comfortable on the snow.


What: Salomon SuperFit Event

Where: SkiRack, 85 Main St. Burlington, VT

When: Saturday October 30, 2010 10am-6pm

Every Salomon ski purchased at the event comes with a free pair of Salomon SNS bindings.


"Skirack is extremely excited to be the first eastern Nordic dealer to host a Salomon Superfit Event," says SkiRack's Spike Clayton.  "Our customers will really benefit from our partnership with Salomon to provide custom fitting of world class ski and boots during the event."

 The Salomon SuperFit Event is free and open to the public. There will be refreshments and plenty of prizes and giveaways.  Event contact info: SkiRack at 1800-822-4530




Dear Friends of photography,

I realize that we're just a bit early for the annual ski season kick-off letter, but a few items popped up that I thought were worth sharing.

I hope it also goes without saying that 100% of the proceeds from the website will continue to go to the New England Nordic Ski Association.  Most of you are familiar with NENSA's work, but if not, you should check out

* Speaking of NENSA, I really hope you take a minute to check out their auction.  Most of the photos were taken at the "Hillbilly Studios" here at flyingpointroad and I really can't believe the items that have been donated towards the cause. Olympic items from Kris Freeman, Andy Newell and many ski industry brands... 
check out the list here  The auction closes on November 15th.  And the proceeds go to a great cause.

* Finally, a big announcement.  After talking about it for several years, flyingpointroad, NENSA and Faster Skier have formed a partnership to create a ski timing app for iphones/itouches.  Many of us remember a few timing programs that were available for the early PDAs, but this one will be MUCH easier to use and with more functionality.  It'll act as a simple timer for any ski race, but it'll also give "in race" splits and rankings like those wicked expensive European timers plus a lot more. Programming is well underway and our hope is to have it on iTunes by the holidays.  Price is still TBD, but I'd guess somewhere around $40.  (Our business plan is simple -- if everyone in the U.S. who supports skiing buys a copy, we break even.)  It's functionality that is long overdue in our skiing community and we're really looking forward to it's release.

Again, thanks again for supporting  See you on the trails

 MN Nordic Ski Expo


November 23 - 27, 2010


Join thousands of skinny skis in West Yellowstone, Montana for a week-long celebration of cross-country skiing.  Olympic athletes to first timers descend on this small, mountain town to make their first tracks of the season over the Thanksgiving holiday on perfectly groomed corduroy.  With the fourth Thursday in November falling late in the month, another successful snow packed festival is anticipated.


Pre-Paid Trail Pass Discount


Halloween is knocking on the proverbial door.  Put down the fun size chocolate bars and make plans now to attend the 2010 Yellowstone Ski Festival.  Order pre-season trail passes by October 31 and save over 20% for each skier.  Here's how to order....




 SAVE THE DATES: January 29 - February 6, 2011


The Second Annual Sun Valley Nordic Festival will take place January 29-February 6, 2011.  The festival features 9 days of activities, races, clinics and fun events along with a discounted, 9-day valley-wide Nordic trail pass, $13,000 prize money, discounts on demos/rentals, lodging and dining which showcase and celebrate Sun Valley's well-deserved reputation as "Nordic Town USA".


Highlights of the festival include:  Swix Boulder Mountain Tour- Ski the Rails& Hailey Music CelebrationRegional Snowshoe Qualifier for the 2011 National Championships-Galena & The Trails Winter Benefit-Ketchum Night Sprint Relay & Music Celebration200K Trails Challenge-Sun Valley Twilight Ski and Fireside Social -     Demo Days


Sun Valley has a well-deserved reputation for world-class alpine skiing, but is also making a name as "Nordic Town USA" with the best Nordic ski terrain in the US.  In fact, it's so good; members of the Norwegian Olympic Nordic Ski Team come to the valley to train.  Sun Valley has plenty to offer Nordic skiers and winter recreationalists of all ages and abilities, from over 200 kilometers of groomed trails and one of the country's premier Nordic ski races, unmatched snow and weather conditions, and a vibrant community of Nordic skiers and sports enthusiasts, to plenty of other top-notch yet affordable recreational and cultural diversions.   For all the cool deals on lodging, dining, and activities, please visit  
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