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 September 9, 2010: Volume 11, Number 19

Twin Cities 
Sept 10-19 
 New Product Launches
 & Expert Gear Fitting

This weekend kicks off the cross-country product introduction season with special events in, and around Minneapolis/St Paul, MN.  
If you live near the Twin Cities you have a great opportunity to ask your specific product questions to experts from Fischer, Salomon, Atomic, Rossignol, Madshus, Alpina and more.
Fischer Experts in Twin Cities
Thursday, Sept 9  FinnSisu- Custom Ski Selection- Starts at 5pm
Friday, Sept 10  Hoigaards Tent Sale -Ski Fit- Starts at Noon
Saturday, Sept 11  GearWest -Custom Ski Selection- Starts at 10am
Chris Hall and Peter Ashley will be on hand to introduce the latest Carbonlite skis, poles and the  boots!
Fischer CarbonLite Skate
Carbonlite Skate
Salomon Week of the Twin Cities  Sept 11-19
Saturday- Hoigaards-Joes
Sunday - GearWest-FinnSisu
Tuesday - SuperFit live Webinar
Friday -  FinnSisu
Friday- SuperFit @ Gearwest
Saturday -SuperFit @ Gearwest
Sunday  -SuperFit @ Gearwest
Kevin Johnson, Bill Sterling and Team CXC will be on hand to launch The Year of Classic with the new the all new Propulse Concept of binding, skis and boots. 
Propulse RC Binding
Equipe 10 Classic Warm top Cold bottom
equipe 10 classic
Grand Opening  & Annual Blue Roof (Awning) Sale
FinnSisu New Store

Pig Out Sale!
September 9th - 19th
Gear West's Biggest Sale & Event of the Year!
Save on nearly every item in the store. 
Wax clinics, ski fitting and much more.
You don't want to miss this!  
GearWest Signature Gear Bus
Gearwest Signature Bus

Gear West Friday, September 17th - 19th
CXC Super Fit Weekend
All Weekend

2010 brings with it the second year of the CXC/Salomon Super Fit Program. We want to bring you the latest and greatest technology, knowledge, and skis we can. With Gear West and Salomon is committed to sharing the knowledge they have gained.

The CXC 3D Flex Mat and Salomon Flex Table will be on hand to help show you how pressure is being distributed to the snow under your skis. Knowledgeable industry partners will be able to answer any specific questions you have, and our CXC TEAM VERTICAL LIMIT athletes and coaches will be around to answer questions and sign autographs.

"SUPER FIT" is a weekend sale program filled with seminars, presentations and store specials. Get your equipment fit by CXC Team Vertical Limit professional athletes and coaches using state of the art 3D ski pressure mat. Bring your old skis to test if they have a good fit for you, and get an independent opinion.


Salomon CXC SuperFit Schedule
Get Ski Specific Workout and Testing  with:
Skiers have had limited options for controlled performance testing: not everyone has access to a rollerski treadmill, rollerskis vary significantly in speed, and running time trials aren't especially ski-specific.

To help address this need, Concept2 has developed a web-based testing series using the SkiErg. The SkiErg Performance Series offers coaches and athletes a new tool for evaluating the effectiveness of their training. The SkiErg, with its accurate Performance Monitor (PM), offers a testing tool that is ski-specific, controlled and comparable. The Performance Monitor allows scores to be compared from one machine to another, at any altitude, in any conditions, because it self-calibrates.

Please email Josh Carlson at with questions.  
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