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 August 5, 2010: Volume 11, Number 14
Energy Systems

Energy Systems
Energy enables an athlete to do physical work. Energy is derived from converting carbohydrate and fat at the cellular level into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Unfortunately only a small amount of ATP can be stored in the muscles and it must therefore be constantly replenished. ATP can be produced in two main ways: aerobically with oxygen; or anaerobically without oxygen.
Anaerobic Metabolism

  • Immediate Energy (ATP-CP) - High intensity efforts lasting 3-10 seconds will consume all available ATP and can be immediately replenished using creatine phosphate (CP).
  • Anaerobic Metabolism (Fast Glycolosis) - This energy system is the predominant source of energy for efforts lasting 10 seconds through 2 minutes. Anaerobic metabolism breaks glucose down without oxygen yielding ATP and lactic acid. Excessive production of lactic acid will increase the concentration of blood lactate, and will begin to interfere with muscular contraction.
Aerobic Metabolism (Lypolysis & Slow Glycolosis) - This is the main source of energy for endurance events lasting 2 minutes and longer. Both fat and carbohydrate can be metabolized aerobically. At lower intensities, more fat is broken down producing large amounts of ATP. As the intensity increases, breakdown of carbohydrate is favored since more ATP can be produced per liter of O2 consumed. In extended activities protein can also be broken down aerobically, and can contribute up to 10% of the total energy produced.
XC Pro
Double Pole Machine

Dear Fellow skiers,

I am contacting you in regards to a new double polling machine that some say is the best thing that happened to skiing in a while.
XC Pro Double Pole Machine
I was introduced to the XCpro Double polling machine during the Norwegian Birkebeiner in 2010 and I have been in contacted with the developers since then exploring the possibilities of importing in to the US.

I will be traveling to Oslo in August to meet with the XCsport team and planning the introduction in to the US market.They are looking at bringing a team over with a machine sometime after August and meet with some of the ski centers in US at the National Level.  The machine will be produced and shipped from Norway starting early October 2010 and due to limited production line will first be available to ski team and upper level skiers.

The machine it self will be computerized and different profiles can be entered in to the system, local trail profiles can be entered in as well. The machine can be used for testing as well as for training.  The machine starts automatically when your start polling and the speed increases as your power and effort increases.  If you back off, the machine will slow down.

You can train interval, hill training endurance and power.  The machine stands 25 cm from the floor, and measures 270x95 cm and weighs 65 kg.  It can be fitted for a sled and for skaters; the short video clip will not show these adapters.  For more information please call me or send me an e-mail.  If you would like to receive a visit from the XCsport team let me know and I will try to make it happen.  The cost of the machine is still to be determined, but will probably end up in the neighbor hood of $10-12,000.  
Please contact me with any questions or comments that you may have, I would love to hear from you.  
Kjell Risung
CXC/Salomon SuperFit
Get your skis tested and new skis fit!
2010 brings with it the second year of the CXC/SALOMON SUPER FIT PROGRAM. We want to bring you the latest and greatest technology, knowledge, and skis we can. With Salomon and your local retailer behind us, we are committed to sharing the knowledge we gained. The CXC 3D Flex Mat and Salomon Flex Table will be on hand to help show you how pressure is being distributed to the snow under your skis. Knowledgeable industry partners will be able to answer any specific questions you have, and our CXC TEAM VERTICAL LIMIT athletes and coaches will be around to answer questions and sign autographs.

"SUPER FIT" is a weekend sale program filled with seminars, presentations and store specials. Get your equipment fit by CXC Team Vertical Limit professional athletes and coaches using state of the art 3D ski pressure mat. Bring your old skis to test if they have a good fit for you, and get an independent opinion. 

Program Schedule 

3D Ski Flex Mat Testing - Store Hours
Glide and Kick Waxing Seminar - 5:00 pm

Free Dryland and Rollerski
Technique Clinic - 8:00 am
USSA Level 100 Coaches Certification Technique Clinic - 8:00 am
3D Ski Flex Mat Testing - Store Hours
Optimal Training for Maximum Results Seminar - 5:00 am

3D Ski Flex Mat Testing - Store Hours

Gear West
Ski & Run
Long Lake, MN


The Ski Hut
Duluth, MN

Oct. 29 - Nov. 1
Fontana Sports
Madison, WI


St. Louis Park, MN


Joe's Sporting Goods
St. Paul. MN


Bicycle Doctor
Dousman, WI


Finn Sisu
St. Paul, MN

Swenor Roller Skis
Available in America
Due to popular demand Swenor roller skis will be available in the U.S. September 1st.
Swenor offers 12 roller ski models that make you feel you are on snow.   
CarbonFibre Swenor
Skate Elite
Skate Elite
TriStar Classic
Swenor has been named an Official Supplier to the U.S. Ski Team and
Gold Medalist Billy Demong quickly made them his choice.
On Sept 1st you can make Swenor your choice as well.
Visit  for more information.
Featured Article 
The National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation  (NCCSEF) promotes the development of U. S. cross-country ski racing through its support of activities that challenge and enable athletes to achieve higher competitive goals and of efforts that will lead to success in international competitions.

The not for profit organization NCCSEF is celebrating 12 years of supporting U.S. skiing. We have granted over $175,000 in NCCSEF Future Funds over this period.  In fact, we've funded every World Junior Championship team since 1997 and every J1 Scando Cup team since it was initiated in 1999. Now, as we gear up for skiing beyond 2010 there is much more work to be done and your help is needed! Find out how you can help at
CXC Camp
New dates and Locations
Birkie Masters Camp

Looking for your best jump start for the upcoming season and a great vacation as well? CXC now offers a summer camp for master skiers of all abilities and levels. This camp is filled with technique group instructions, individual lessons, presentations, moderate training, evening seminars, and a lake side evening barbecue with the CXC Team Vertical Limit. Other activities include road and mountain biking, paddling, and running or hiking on the Birkie Trail. At the end of a great day of technique training, participants can enjoy the pool, spa and sauna located in the lodge. Lakewoods Resort also offers outdoor and indoor pools, a hot tub, sand beach, tennis and volleyball courts. Participants will also enjoy outstanding food through the meal plan at the Lakeside Restaurant. More info and Registration
CXC Woman's Open Technique camp
August 13 to August 15th  at Lakewoods Resort Resort, Cable, WI
CXC is pleased to introduce a summer ski clinic just for women.  This clinic will be designed for women of all ages and abilities, and will focus on making gains in the summer months for cross-country skiing.  Women-specific camps have been more and more popular in recent years, and CXC has recognized the strong membership of female participants within its base.   We're happy to offer this camp that will create an environment where quality coaching can happen!  3-time Olympic Gold Medalist Nina Gavrylyuk will lead the coaching staff for this event, and promises to be an inspiration to all who participate.
Info and Registration
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