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 July 22, 2010: Volume 11, Number 12
Following Training Plans 
Dear SkiPost,
My coach developed a training plan for me. Should I follow it exactly or
can I adjust it as I feel, or depending who I train with. When friends train with me sometrimes and and on easy days I often go harder than the training plans says.  is this ok?
Planning Training is like a budget. It is alive and changes with the world, even so, you need the plan, so that you no when and how to change and modify your training. Keeping track of what you do and how you respond is simple accounting. You can check on it later and learn from what you have done.

Skiers should make yearly, monthly and weekly plans and then daily plans. Prior to the year you make your yearly plan. Prior to each month you plan that month; before each week you make a plan; and same with each day.

It is not an obsessive process. The most fascinating thing about top athletes is their focus. They are at all times aware of what it takes to achieve and reach the goals they have set for themselves. Every time they train it is to achieve something. Every workout has a purpose. An easy training session is only successful if the tempo/lactate/heart-rate was kept down. A level 3 interval session is only successful if the heart-rate is kept within the pre determined levels. A hard workout is only successful if it was done at the right level. The athlete always has a certain type of training in mind and does everything to achieve the objectives of the day. Too fast, too long, too short or too long a session means that he/she did not achieve the objective of the day.

It might sound like the athletes are up tight. This is not the case at all. They just know what it takes to become good and what their bodies need and can take. They do not train two sessions every day, they do not train when they are sick, they are not obsessed with training, they have lives outside of training, they take days off, they work or go to school and best of all; they have a healthy perspective on sports.
BC, you may need to adjust your weekly and monthy plans to allow training with your friends that still achives your trainnig goals. Schedule your plan so that the days that you plan to training with your friends you can still keep focuses and achieve the goals outlined.  
Answered years ago by Trond Nystad: Former, US  & Swiss Ski Team coach.
Salomon Flashback
SR 901 Skate
SR 901 Skate
CXC Camp
New dates and Locations
One-Day Birkie Junior Camp
 July 26th at Lakewoods Resort, Cable, WI

Camp cost is $75 and will include lunch and CXC Membership.  
The One-Day Birkie Junior Camp is a camp for age categories J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 (8 years old and up) of junior athletes.  This camp will involve many different elements of dry-land and sport specific training.  Athletes will do agility "games" and technique drills, balance and strength exercises, ski imitation that will improve their technique and training in cross-country skiing. Olympians Garrott Kuzzy and Caitlin Compton will share their Olympic Games experiences to help inspire these younger skiers. 
Register here

Birkie 4 day Junior Technique Camp
July 26th to July 29th at Lakewoods Resort, Cable, WI

The Birkie Junior Technique Camp will be a 4 day camp for all ages of junior athletes to train together.  This camp will involve many different elements of dryland and rollerski training.  Athletes will do running drills, strength exercises, ski imitation, and rollerskiing during their three days at the camp. Open 4-day high school camp is set for July 26-29 along with Level 100 technique coach's education sessions  The goal of the camp is technique development in small groups (4-6 athletes per coach) and individual video analysis for instant feedback. 
 BONUS: Each participant will receive CXC Nordic Shock Cords with Ankle/Wrist attachments value of $60.00
Register and More Info
Birkie Masters Camp

Looking for your best jump start for the upcoming season and a great vacation as well? CXC now offers a summer camp for master skiers of all abilities and levels. This camp is filled with technique group instructions, individual lessons, presentations, moderate training, evening seminars, and a lake side evening barbecue with the CXC Team Vertical Limit. Other activities include road and mountain biking, paddling, and running or hiking on the Birkie Trail. At the end of a great day of technique training, participants can enjoy the pool, spa and sauna located in the lodge. Lakewoods Resort also offers outdoor and indoor pools, a hot tub, sand beach, tennis and volleyball courts. Participants will also enjoy outstanding food through the meal plan at the Lakeside Restaurant. More info and Registration
CXC Woman's Open Technique camp
August 13 to August 15th  at Lakewoods Resort Resort, Cable, WI
CXC is pleased to introduce a summer ski clinic just for women.  This clinic will be designed for women of all ages and abilities, and will focus on making gains in the summer months for cross-country skiing.  Women-specific camps have been more and more popular in recent years, and CXC has recognized the strong membership of female participants within its base.   We're happy to offer this camp that will create an environment where quality coaching can happen!  3-time Olympic Gold Medalist Nina Gavrylyuk will lead the coaching staff for this event, and promises to be an inspiration to all who participate.
Info and Registration
The National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation is a backbone
for the development of world-class skiers in the United States.

The not for profit organization NCCSEF is celebrating 12 years of supporting U.S. skiing and we have a lot to be proud of. We have
granted over $175,000 in NCCSEF Future Funds over that period.
In fact, we've funded every World Junior Championship team since 1997 and every J1 Scando Cup team since it was initiated in 1999. Now, as we gear up for Vancouver 2010 and beyond, there is even more work to be done!

NCCSEF provides the essential funding for the junior and under-23 competition and preparation projects making up several key steps in the development pipeline. The development pipeline is the pathway to success in the sport of cross-country skiing.
Find out how you can help at
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