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 April 8, 2010: Volume 10, Number 29
Summer Ski Storage

Dear SkiPost,


How should we clean and store our race skis for the summer?

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 By Kevin Sweeney
Swix Racing Service Director

Cleaning your ski bases and proper base wax saturation are perhaps two of the best ways to protect your ski bases during the summer. Store skis properly and you'll be ready to go come early winter.

CLEANING: The first step is to clean your ski bases, both the kick and the glide zones. For your kick zones, clean with Swix wax remover / base cleaner (I0064). Scrub clean with Fibertex (T0266), wipe clean and let air dry. You are finished with the Kick Zones.


BASE CLEANING FOR FLUOR USERS! If you are an avid user of our Cera Nova Category 1 waxes: HF, HFBW, FC Cera F powders, turbo solids and liquids, you may be a perfect candidate for our new I0084 Cleaner for Fluor Glide Wax & Base Conditioner. Swix has found that fluor bonding has left an impenetrable wax layer that prevents the "hot scrape cleaning method" to be 100% effective. The I0084 liquid separates the fluor molecules thus allowing you to wipe clean the base surface. This is done without damaging the base in a chemical or mechanical manner. The I0084 should be applied to the glide zone, lightly scrubbed with Fibertex (T0264), and then wiped free with Fiberlene (T0151). Let dry. The base is now ready to be cleaned as above using the Hot Scrape Method. Swix is experiencing much use of the I0084 with the advent of our new generation Cera F waxes with increased durability, namely the HF Black Wolf line, the FC78 SuperCera and the new FC8x.

BASE SATURATION: Now that bases are clean, it is time to saturate the pores of the glide zones with glide wax. Our goal here is to fill the pores with a wax that will prevent the base material from drying out and oxidizing. This wax will also protect the base from dust and other contaminates as well as disruptive contact. Swix has 4 ideal waxes you can use for base saturation. Choose the wax / waxes that best suit your requirements (base hardness, structure, ski use, etc.)


BasePrep99 - a very soft warm wax excellent for easy saturation & protection. Used all-around & for warm, wet condition skis / boards.

BasePrep88- a base wax for normal winter snow temps 0C to -10C. (32F to14F)

BasePrep77- a hard base wax for snow conditions colder than -10C (14F).

MB77 - a mid range temperature & hardness wax that contains moly & fluor. Offers complete base restoration, saturation, protection and is commonly used as base layer for Cera Nova Category waxes.


APPLICATION:  Apply wax & iron in. The temperature of the waxing iron should be regulated to be hot enough to give immediate melting of the wax. Follow wax temp instructions.  Start at the ski tip and move the iron in one continuous motion toward the tail. This technique prevents overheating the base. Do 2-3 passes. Let ski cool down approx. 10 minutes. Apply more wax, iron in, and wait 10 minutes. Repeat until base is completely covered & saturated. No scraping in between. I usually take 3 steps here.

STORAGE: Store skis in a cool dry environment where there is little fluctuation in temperature. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep skis in ski ties (or tape) on tips & tails. DO NOT BIND SKIS CLOSED w/ CAMBER COMPRESSED.

For more info go to SwixRacing.US
Pancakes Pancakes
By: Chad Giese 
Husband, Dad, 5-time Mora Vasaloppet Champion, Factory Team Alum
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Reprinted form SkiPost April 16, 2009

We learn the value of hard work very early in life.  One of my favorite books to read to my son Anders is called Pancakes Pancakes.  The little boy in the book wakes up one morning and asks his mom for pancakes for breakfast.  The mom agrees to make them, but first she sends the boy to the field to cut some oats and bring the oats to the mill to make flour.  Then she has the boy milk a cow and he churns the milk into butter.  Then the boy gathers an egg from the chicken coup and finally some firewood to make a fire in the cook stove.  The mother mixes all of the ingredients together to make the best pancake the boy has ever had.  The little boy certainly enjoyed eating his pancake and probably enjoyed it even more because he had to work for it.  It doesn't take much interpretation to realize the book isn't about eating a pancake, it's about the work and preparation necessary to make the pancake.  I don't know if Anders picks up on this yet, but since we're all grown-ups here I'll ask the question:  What's your Pancake?
Now is the time of the year when you are most in touch with how the season went.  Don't let the weeks go by before you start to forget just how painful it was to bonk at this race, or get beat by your buddy at that race, or how your arms, back, or legs, gave out at that other race.  While these memories are still fresh in your mind, use them.  Take the good, the bad, and the ugly and set your goals for next winter.  Ahvo Taipale and I used to have a system where we would plan, execute, and analyze and then repeat this on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  This is the time of the year to analyze how things went while looking at the bigger picture of the training year.  Figure out what you did well and why, what you didn't do well and why, what your strengths are, and what your weaknesses are.  Then figure out what you want to do next season by setting your goals.  The goals you set become your direction for the training year.  There are few things more satisfying than knowing every day you are doing what you can to get closer to your goals.  Your goals will be the driving force that gets you out the door on the hot and muggy July days, the cold and rainy October mornings, or maybe even in the car for a road trip to West Yellowstone for Thanksgiving.  

Make your goal as specific as making the Olympic Team or as basic as just getting in better shape. For the athlete with the goal to make the Olympic Team, the plan will not be compromised. For most of us, it is hard enough to put a plan together around a full-time job, a family, or other things life has to offer, but the goal will get us out the door. Use it as motivation and track your progress throughout the year. This can be a sophisticated process or a simple one but find some way to know that each day you are moving yourself in the right direction. 
So, what is your Pancake going to be for next winter? 
I know it sounds too good to be true, but give it a shot and write something down.  You might just reach your goals.
Train on! 
Send us your goals and we will list them anonymously in next week's SkiPost!

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Birkie  Video

American Birkebeiner 2010 Video


Follow the top freestyle men as they attack the hills of the Birkie trail in pursuit of winning the 37th American Birkebeiner. This exciting video, with both trail level and aerial shots, puts you in the lead pack of three Italians, two Norwegians and the top Americans as teammates work together to drop the competition and claim victory on main street in Hayward.

Post race interviews with the top finishing men and women provide an insider's look at race strategies. Video also includes significant footage of the start, finish, and a middle section of the men's classical race.

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Club News
APU Increases Skiing Scholarships

Hello Club Staff and Coaches,

The Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center (APUNSC) had great success this Olympic year and it's supporters have noticed, by dramatically increasing it's scholarships for cross country skiing students.

APU is a top rated University and it's Nordic Ski Center is designed and operated to enable world class preparation for world class results.  Our University and Early Honors (would you like to finish high school while training with Kikkan Randall and James Southam?) students are already in the pipeline for better success in 2014 and 2018.

We know how much finances weigh into deciding where to attend university studies and train for ski success.  That is why we are so excited to spread our great news.  Please pass the word onto your junior and young senior club members of a great opportunity.

Thank you,

Eric Strabel

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