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  April,1 2010: Volume 10, Number 27 |
Dear SkiPost;
I am trying Klisters for the first time.
How do I apply them?

from sticky hands in Colorado.
Here is what Swix has to say on the subject.
Swix Klister Application
Kikkan's Season Finale

"I really began to pick up speed from the Olympics on, it felt great to finish the season on a high note."
Kikkan's Cliff Notes:

The 2009-2010 season comes to a close with the final week of racing in Northern Maine.  

First on tap was the 30km skate US National Championship race in Fort Kent.  I was a little nervous about how I would feel after a heavy racing schedule at the World Cup finals and a trans-Atlantic travel back from Europe, but I made it onto the snow feeling fresh and ready to go.

It was tight pack racing through the entire 30km, with everyone exchanging leads every few kilometers.  After leading for a bit at the beginning of the race and then settling into the pack, I again took the lead going into the final 9km lap. I controlled the pace and lead a hard-charging pack of 5 races into the final kilometer.  I was able to counter each attack and crossed the finish line in first place for my 5th National Championship of the year, and my first 30km championship.

There was one day off from racing that we filled with a fun-filled Fast and Female event in Madawaska.  Several of my fellow elite racers joined me as instructors for the 150 girls we had participating in ski games, healthy snacks, and inspirational talks.  The weather was fantastic and we had a great day.

The SuperTour Finals mini-tour kicked off the following day with three consecutive days of racing, including all sorts of fun formats, bonus seconds and overall scoring.

The first event was a 7.5km mass-start classic.  I set a fast pace from the start, to go for the preem at the 1km mark, and kept rolling from there.  I felt really strong and was able to take the win with a 30-second margin.  I also gained 45 bonus seconds by taking all three preems.

The second day was classic sprints.  It was cold, but the tracks were like rails and the sun was shinning.  I won the qualification over Ida Sargent by 2.4 seconds and led both my quarterfinal and semi-finals.  In the finals, Ida gave me a quite a challenge over the first half of the course and it wasn't until the top of the final climb that I was able to pull away for the win.

Going into the final race of the competition, I had a 90 second lead in the overall ahead of Rebecca Dussault.  I gave it my best effort to lay down a good time on the 4.8km course that went up and over the Fort Kent alpine course.  While I did win the overall title, Rebecca managed to edge me by 7 seconds for the stage win.

For More Kiikan Randall action go to


Equinox Ski Challenge

I had the great opportunity to participate the in Equinox Ski Challenge March 20-21 in West Yellowstone, MT.  This unique event  consists of 24, 12, 6, 3 hour solo or relay events for crazy adults and a 24 minute race for kids.

Competing as a member of a team in always fun and challenges you in ways that racing alone does not. The day for us started very mellow with unshared levels of personal competitive expectations.  But soon the competitive inclinations and outspoken drive of a few - or even one- migrated to all on our team.  Everyone started checking their lap times and watching see if we were ahead or behind "the competition."  Day turned into night and night turned into day and the event was now a race. "Of course it is a race, why else put on a bib and have a clock" Why else punish yourself this much indeed. The race ended at 10 am and the unspoken goals were now spoken and achieved. Our team shared 5 Swix shot glasses. Mission accomplished. I encourage you to put this on your calendar for next year! 
equinox morning

USSA SuperTour Wrap Up

 USSA 2010 SuperTour Overall Final Standings 

Women's Overall        Team, Poles, Skis, Boots, Binding           1 Rebecca Dussault, CXC, Swix, Salomon, Salomon, SNS 
2 Kikkan Randall, USST/APU, Swix, Fischer, Salomon, SNS
3 Holly Brooks, APU, Swix, Salomon, Salomon, SNS
4 Laura Valaas, APU, Swix, Fischer, Salomon, SNS 
5 Caitlin Compton, Go! Training, Swix, Salomon, Salomon, SNS

 Men's Overall   Team, Poles, Skis, Boots, Binding  
1 Chris Cook, Steinbock,  Swix, Rossignol, Rossignol, NNN
2 Brian Gregg, CXC, Swix, Salomon, Salomon, SNS
3 Bryan Cook, CXC, Swix, Salomon, Salomon, SNS  
4 Tad Elliott, CXC, Swix, Salomon, Salomon, SNS                          
5 Mike Hinckley APU, OneWay, Rossignol, Rossignol, NNN 

Swix Athlete's Dominate SuperTour

Top 5 Women Overall use Swix Ski Poles
Top Distance and Top Sprint Women use Swix Ski Poles
Top 4 Men Overall use Swix Ski Poles
Top Distance and Top Sprint Men use Swix Ski Poles

Fischer Defines WorldCup Success

Five out of six overall World Cup winners in the Nordic disciplines in the 09l10 season were successful with Fischer. 

12 of the 19 globes in the overall and discipline World Cups in the Nordic disciplines went to Fischer athletes.
 Fischer WorldCup Winners 
Nordic crystal globe winners in the Fischer Team:
Cross Country:
Overall men:           Petter Northug (NOR)        Fischer Skis
Distance men:       Petter Northug (NOR)         Fischer Skis
Sprint  men:           Emil Joensson (SWE)        Fischer Skis
Overall  women:    Justyna Kowalczyk (POL)    Fischer Skis
Distance women:  Justyna Kowalczyk (POL)    Fischer Skis
Sprint  women:      Justyna Kowalczyk (POL)    Fischer Skis
Kowalczyk & Northug
Northtug Kowalczyk
Fischer Athletes Dominate Cross-Country WorldCup
Nordic Combined:
Overall:                    Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) Fischer Skis & Boots
Ski Jumping:
Overall :                   Simon Ammann (SUI)             Fischer Skis

Overall women:         Magdalena Neuner (GER)    Fischer Skis & Boots
Mass Start women:  Magdalena Neuner (GER)    Fischer Skis & Boots
Pursuit women:         Magdalena Neuner (GER)    Fischer Skis & Boots
Sprint women:           Simone Hauswald (GER)     Fischer Skis & Boots

Magdalena Neuner
Gear Guide: Wear a Good Helmet
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American Birkebeiner 2010 Video


Follow the top freestyle men as they attack the hills of the Birkie trail in pursuit of winning the 37th American Birkebeiner. This exciting video, with both trail level and aerial shots, puts you in the lead pack of three Italians, two Norwegians and the top Americans as teammates work together to drop the competition and claim victory on main street in Hayward.

Post race interviews with the top finishing men and women provide an insider's look at race strategies. Video also includes significant footage of the start, finish, and a middle section of the men's classical race.

DVD2: Find yourself with the continuous footage of skiers on the Power Line.

PRICE: $19.95

CXC Team Vertical Limit "Quest of the Best!"

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