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  March 25, 2010: Volume 10, Number 26 |
Dear SkiPost;

Hello, I have been trying to purchase fischer carbonlite
skating skis in the same flex I have been skiing on for many years. My old skis glide no less than 2nd fastest normally and I do not want to lose this edge.

My 6 plus year old Fischer skating skis tested out at 118 with the gauge, have extremely smooth camber, are very fast and are excellent in medium to hard pack snow. The base has about had it. Each year, I've been trying to replace them with a new similar ski with no luck. I'm 6 ft 2", over 55, and my weight is generally 212 lbs to 217 lbs, never below 210. I have been improving each year and last year, have finally managed to keep up with the end of the pack in a 50K in 3 plus hrs.

Ski shops want to sell me anything near an in stock 110 factory flex, mostly under. I want the camber to be at the upper end of the flex range for my size. I did my own calculations and it seems like my weight and type skiing at least requires a 115 factory flex and closer to 120 seems better. I am told that they do not see these flex ratings that high and each year I give up.

I emailed Fischer, but never received an answer. Are newer skis rated differently? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Oldtime skier

Oldtime skier,

When I was at the Olympics we were mounting many Fischer skis with Salomon bindings. I did look at each ski's flex and some were around 100 kg, but not many much above that.

If you get a ski at 110 kg I believe it will serve you well. You weigh just less than 100kg, so a ski flexed at 110 kg would be 110% of your weight and should serve you fine.

Have your tried Gearwest and Boulder Nordic Sport? They will have access to many different flexes that you may not find on the shelf at your local shop.

Andy at SkiPost
US Nationals 50km 30km

US National Championhip 50km Men and 30km Women
Fort Kent, Maine - March 24

Name   Time (Time Back)    Skis    Boots   Bindings    Poles
1) Ivan Babikov 2:00.04 Team Canada Salomon Salomon SNS One Way
2) Tad Elliot     +17 CXC Salomon Salomon SNS Swix
3) Lars Fora     +30 APU Fischer Salomon SNS Swix
1) Kikkan Randall 1:23.52 USSA/APU Fischer Salomon SNS Swix
2) Rebecca Dussault + 1.3 CXC Salomon Salomon SNS Swix 
3) Holly Brooks + 1.9 APU Salomon Salomon SNS Swix

Catching Up With National Champion
Tad Elliott

This interview is with National 50km Champion, Tad Elliott.  Yesterday Tad held his own against the likes of Ivan Babikov, Lars Flora, James Southam, and a strong field to win his first National Title.  Tad was a member of the U23 World Championship Team in skiing and Mt. Biking, and was second place at the 2010 American Birkiebeiner. 

Tad represents CXC Vertical Limit Marathon Team.  SkiPost Editor, Justin Easter, caught up with Tad on the phone today, and asked Tad the following questions:

How does it feel to be National Champion?

Kind of surreal.  When it was just Lars (Flora), Ivan (Babikov), and me racing, I had thoughts of staying with Ivan.  Then as the race went on I started thinking of beating Lars to be National Champion, but Lars was skiing so strong that I just wanted to hang onto that group. 


Lars put a pole between his legs before the final 3km climb.  It was one of those moments when he was obviously cramping a little, and he went down really hard.  I skied over his pole to get around him, and when he finally got his rhythm back he closed a little before the finish.  Lars ended up about 12 seconds behind me in the end, but I was nervous he was going to catch me.


With 20k to go the race broke up, and it was just the three of us.  It was just awesome to ski with two of my idols!  Both of these guys were on the Factory Team, and Lars was like a brother to me all year last year.  It was great to ski with both of these guys. 


Can you describe the course for us?

It was a 5 9km laps with a few little laps at the start and finish.  There were a few big climbs right away in that 9km loop.  There were some pretty treacherous downhills in there, where Lars and I just tried to stay on our feet.  You could tell that Ivan was feeling strong, because he was super smooth through those downs.


There was a pretty open section that was super windy, and we all had to work together to get through that.  Otherwise, it was a really good course.


What were the conditions like for the race?

It was really sheltered for most of the race, and only windy during the open section.  It was just below freezing, but snowing.  So, if you got out of the packed ribbon of snow it was so soft!  It made it really hard to pass, but everyone was really respectful of passing, so there weren't any real problems for us.


They had just received 8" of snow before the race started, and it snowed lightly during the whole race.  Everyone seemed to have really fast skis with only a few exceptions. 


How did the race unfold for you?

Ivan did a lot of work early in the race, but was coming off of a pretty long season, so Lars and I did a lot of work over the last 15km.  About 30km into the race I made a hard pull, and then Lars continued it.  That really seemed to break up the pack. 


Even when I wasn't pulling at the front I knew the pace was going to be super hard.  I was really just surviving with that group.  I hoped I could make it through the last 10km and wanted to hang on to Lars and Ivan.  When Lars went down I thought he might come up and pass me before the finish, but I managed to hold him off.



Kuzzy, Elliot, Greg, Sinnott, Babikov
us nationals men
Did you go into this race with your sights set on winning?

Not at all.  I have had such a surprising season!  Coming off the Birkie (2nd place) I just wanted to get more experience in 50km races.  I had a lot of travel leading up to the race, and ended up not skiing at all the two days before this 50km.  I came down with a little cold before the race, and Bryan Fish (CXC Elite Team Coach) was amazing and tested all of my skis for me. 


I had a bike race just out of Los Angles, CA prior to this race series, so the travel was a bit of an issue.  But I went home to Colorado for a few days to recover.  I ended up flying to Quebec City with Bryan Gregg who was just back from racing in the final World Cups in Europe.


Did the two days off before this race concern you?

I ended up taking a few days off before the Birkie, so I wasn't too worried about having to rest two days before this race.  I guess that's just what works for me in 50km races.


How are you feeling for the rest of the racing in Northern Maine?

I'll do all of the races up here.  There's a classic 10km mass start tomorrow, and then a classic sprint.  We'll be seeded based on those two races combined for the skate hill climb.


This is just an exciting way to finish the season.  It's a pretty new format for a lot of us up here.  The organizers here are calling this whole series a mini-Tour de Ski.  It will really identify the best all-round skier at the end of the week.  I would like to do well in the overall, but most of my time gains will probably come from the last race.  But who knows how much time I will have to make up by then.  (The next two races will combine to give a time penalty leading into the hill climb)


Now that the season is almost done, what can you tell us about your plans for the coming year?

All I know what's going to happen by the end of summer.  I'm already looking forward to the next season.  I've really had a blast this year!  Last year was a great way to get introduced to the Super Tour.  I'm excited for next year, and this season isn't even over yet.


Through the summer I will be on my bike again, but it will be less travel than years past.  When the biking is over in early September I will get going with ski training.  I don't really have plans to get on snow before West Yellowstone.

Thanks for your time, Tad and good luck with the rest of the week in Fort Kent, Maine!


WorldCup Crystal 

FIS CrossCountry WorldCup 09/10

Overall ranking ladies
1 Justyna Kowalczyk (POL) 2064 pts
2 Marit Bjoergen (NOR) 1320 pts
3 Petra Majdic (SLO) 1191pts

Distance ranking ladies
1 Justyna Kowalczyk (POL) 929 pts
2 Marit Bjoergen (NOR) 636 pts
3Kristin Stoermer Steira (NOR) 568 pts

Sprint ranking ladies
1 Justyna Kowalczyk (POL) 575 pts
2 Marit Bjoergen (NOR) 484 pts
3 Petra Majdic (SLO) 446 pts

Overall ranking men
1 Petter Northug (NOR) 1621 pts
2 Lukas Bauer (CZE) 1021 pts
3 Marcus Hellner (SWE) 985 pts
Distance ranking men
1 Petter Northug (NOR) 749pts
2 Lukas Bauer(CZE) 563 pts
3 Marcus Hellner (SWE) 483 pts

Sprint ranking men
1. Emil Joensson (SWE) 506 pts
2. Petter Northug (NOR) 352 pts
3. Alexey Petukhov (RUS) 347 pts

2 of 3 WorldCup Champions
Choose Salomon

To win the coveted FIS WorldCup Cross-Country Crystal Globe is to earn the title as world's best Nordic racer.  The athlete must be fast throughout the entire thirty-one race WorldCup season.  The races range from November's season opener in Norway, to the increasingly popular Tour de Ski in Central Europe, through the stunning Canadian competitions, and culminating with last week's finals in Sweden.  Athletes raced for top WorldCup finishes, with which come top points. The male and female athletes with the most points by season's end in each of the Distance, and Sprint disciplines as well as the Overall are named WorldCup champions. This year 3 athletes took home the 6 distinct WorldCup titles. 


We are pleased and proud that 2 of these 3 athletes trust the comfort  and control of their feet to Salomon boots and bindings.  Justyna Kowalczyk (POL) was by far the season's most dominant female skier and captured the Overall, Distance and Sprint Cups. While Emil Joensson (SWE) proved he is the world's best sprinter with his WorldCup Sprint crown.

    snow in shoe snow in shoe  snow in shoe 
   joensson stride  joensoon victory  Joensson bite cup
These two champion athletes, along with nearly 100 other WorldCup stars, helped drive the new lower, lighter, and leaner SNS Propulse Classic Bindings and the glide enhancing SNS Wedge Skating Plates to victory and world-wide acceptance under our already famous S-LAB boots. 
Pursue your Nordic dreams with us at Salomon. Follow all the SalomonNordic action on Facebook. 
Gear Guide: Wax Reports
The latest wax reports from across the country:

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Mid Atlantic

Great Lakes


Rocky Mountain

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American Birkebeiner and
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Follow the top freestyle men as they attack the hills of the Birkie trail in pursuit of winning the 37th American Birkebeiner. This exciting video, with both trail level and aerial shots, puts you in the lead pack of three Italians, two Norwegians and the top Americans as teammates work together to drop the competition and claim victory on main street in Hayward.

Post race interviews with the top finishing men and women provide an insider's look at race strategies. Video also includes significant footage of the start, finish, and a middle section of the men's classical race.


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CXC Team Vertical Limit "Quest of the Best!"
Long time supporter of the CXC Team Vertical Limit athletes and CXC Junior Development Program athletes, Premier Physical Medicine & Wellness Clinic is looking for additional staff.

"One of the most encouraging parts of my recovery has been working with Dr. Jim Mullen, a rehabilitation and physical medicine doctor who donated his time to work with the team during our Hayward camp.  After weeks feeling like I was getting nowhere with my PT, I made a huge jump in just three days of working with Jim.  Dr. Mullen quickly went to work assessing me and working out the knots in my scapula and rotator cuff that were preventing my progression . After 45 minutes I was very pleased to find at the end of our session I was able to lift my arm much better than before" - Audrey Weber, CXC Team Vertical Limit Athlete

Read full story here  

Employment Opportunities for PT's, PTA. NP or PA.

Outpatient, musculoskeletal, functionally based practice.  Incorporates indoor and outdoor rehabilitation and sports training. 

Inquiries contact Diane Mullen:  Interested individuals for this employment opportunities who will get in contact with Diane by April 15th  will enter to win Salomon Trail Running Shoes Gift Certificate.

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