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  March 4, 2010: Volume 10, Number 24 |

Dear SkiPost/ Andy,


I enjoyed seeing you at the Nordic venue on television a few days ago, and to read about your experiences there in the SkiPost.

I just purchased the 09/10 model Salomon Skate skis locally. They did a 3 step wax and scrape initial base Preparation using Swix waxes. Since I've used Swix molyflouro Base Conditioner to good advantage on my older pairs, I was surprised when they advised me not to use it on these new skiis. They seemed worried that the pores in the base would be adversely affected by that product, instead they recommended using frequent applications of "the wax of the day". Have you heard anything to suggest that they are correct about avoiding the Base Conditioner?
Thanks in advance for your advice.
No real problem using MB77 as a base prep as you have been. It is a nice soft wax "7" in hardness that melts easily and penetrates well. It does contain flouro and moly which is why it costs a bit more than a normal CH wax. It is used especially when snow is dirty and abrasive as the flouro gives it strength and the moly helps repel dirt. The moly also works as a lubricant in drier conditions thus you can usually run the MB77 a bit colder, perhaps into the high end of the 6 range. It will discolor the base a bit if that is a cosmetic concern. The base openings will not be adversely affected by using MB77. As mentioned, it is a bit more expensive than normal CH wax, thus for normal cleaning and saturation of bases perhaps using MB77 is overkill. You can saturate plenty well with the appropriate CH wax. Then, when it gets closer to performance time, considering using the MB77 as a base layer if conditions warrant. Incidentally, the is quite a bit of flouro in the MB77 which allows it to bond very well to the Cera Nova line resulting in great durability.
Hope this info helps.


Best, Kevin
Kevin Sweeney
Director of Racing
Swix Sport USA 
It's Not Over
Howdy nordic skiers and nordic ski enthusiast's too! Moments ago I just heard that Andy Newell made the podium for 3rd place in the Sprints at the World Cup in Norway, WOOT!
I can only imagine what has transpired in Andy's mind since his unfortunate fall at the Olympics until now. Soo happy to see that he didn't mentally fall back into the abyss of self doubt at the end of a long and intense racing season. Rather he chose to get after it to show the World what he had in him.  YES! Case o' beer on me Andy!
Meanwhile back out on the ranch....El Nino winters can be very unpredictable, the Ice Age reappears in Maryland and 50f to 60f temps in places like Houghton, Michigan and 42% of normal snowfall in West Yellowstone, Montana. El Nino's typically can mean an early warm sunny spring or a 4 ft dump of snow. Keeping the faith that you just might be in the path of one of these jaugernaught storms is the way I choose to look at it, i.e. the glass is half full...
BY now you've got many k's of skiing under you. SOME of you (and we know who you are) may be thinking about things like converting skiing k's to mileage with cycling or running. We know these impure thoughts of blasphemy can creep into your mind as the days get longer, the sun gets stronger and those penetrating rays feel soo guud.
El NINO may just spell an early end to winter. Yet to draw a comparison, flashback to the movie "Animal House"... like John Belushi as the character "BLUTO" upon learning that Dean Wermer "just dropped the bomb on the Delta house" . His reply was..."OH NO... IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL WE SAY IT'S OVER! "
There is plenty of early morning crust skiing to do. Forget the track and go ski the open meadows and fields on top of that refried sun baked, refrozen, perfectly flat and fast crust! It is without a doubt, one of the best simple pleasures to be skiing this free all year long. There are also numerous ultra ski marathons offered up as end of the season ski to you drop festivals of ski nirvana. Personally this old master skier is headin' 200k north of the arctic circle NEXT month to ski and race in the diabolical "Lapponia Ski Week" series in the north of Finland, i.e. 3 races & 190k of racing in 5 days, yup then it's over!
So if that doesn't help get you refocused on OUR time of year, let me remind you of how bad it truly gets in July and August, not a snowflake in sight, sweatin profusely as the sun has worked you over pretty good and you're swatting bugs crawling on you. Then that flashback hits you in a state of clarity or delirium (You pick). Ah winter did I do it right? Did I enjoy it to it's fullest? So clean and beautiful, such a great way to enjoy the great outdoors ridin' skis.
Keep the faith!
Nordic Dave 

WorldCup Continues

Andrew Newell (US Ski Team) bounced back from a
disappointing Olympics with a great 3rd place at the WorldCup Classical Sprint in Drammen Norway today.


Emil Joensson (SWE) 1st
" It feels good to win here in Drammen. The crowd was amazing - cheering us all the way. I had a good finish and broke with that the dominance of the Norwegians here. After the Olympics I felt not so good so it is good to be back in shape. For the overall sprint World Cup it is still a long way to go - two races are left and everything can happen. "


 Andrew Newell (USA) 3rd
"It is good to be back on the World Cup podium. I felt good today and had also some luck in the quarterfinal that I not felt down in a small accident. Emil and Petter were stronger today but the third place is great."
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Skiing with my Son

I just returned from a great ski adventure with my son Felix. Many of you know him as the kid on the SkiPost banner above.  Today was the last day of Bridger Ski Foundation (BSF) practice for the season. Felix skis with the J5 group three days a week and to culminate the season, BSF grooms a special 16 km point-to-point trail on the forest service logging roads south of town. The trail starts with a 3 km very steep climb followed by a long 13 km gradual downhill. For every other practice Felix skis with teammates and his coach. But for this adventure parents were encouraged to join their youngsters. To ski easy without being rushed Felix and I got to the trailhead a bit early to get a jump on the older kids. For the next 1:45 we climbed and descended, stopped to drink and to see where we were going and where we had been. He told me stories about Bakuagan and about school. We whooped and hollered on the speedy downhills in the sun.  


To make a long story short, I had one of my best days ever because I was able share a great experience in the solitude of the ski trails with my son. I encourage you to do the same. Find the Time.

felix ski
Andy G
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