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Dog and Cat in Window
Dear (Contact First Name),

Any savvy San Franciscan knows that it's not too often we get those hot summer days that California is known for. So, when we are graced with temperatures that break the 60's, our workplaces are flooded with "sick" calls and we do our best to take full advantage of the "heat wave".  We even open our windows to let the temperate air in, forgetting that in addition to keeping that ocean air and fog out on cold days, those windows also keep our pets safe. Since housing in the city is mostly vertical, our pets live in homes with multiple stories that present a dangerous situation if one of our furry companions were to have a misstep (can Fluffy really resist taking a swipe at that cooing pigeon on the ledge?).  


If you do have windows that open (and aren't painted shut from decades of landlord neglect), please consider following these three, simple steps to prevent a tragedy:

  1. Check that any opening is half the size of what you think your dog or cat can squeeze through easily. 
  2. Ensure that your pets (dogs in particular) can't push the window open with their wily snouts.  
  3. Fasten your screens to the window frame - screens can give a false sense of security as most are not secured to the frame and can be pushed out quite easily.

Unless we can teach our pets the principles and consequences of Newtonian physics, it is up to us to keep them safe this summer!


Wishing You a Safe and Sunny Summer,

Dr. David Sierra 

Foster Kitten Tiny Kittens Need TLC!

'Tis the season... for KITTENS!  Our Foster Program needs your help to provides temporary, loving homes to our underage kittens who are not quite ready to be admitted to our Adoption Center.  These tiny critters need the extra TLC that can only come from a nurturing home environment - do you have room in your home and heart for these little babies?

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