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As you know, an animal shelter is not a home.  Even with the dedicated efforts of our staff and volunteers, we can't replicate the love and security that your home provides.  No one knows this fact better than MacGyver.  


When MacGyver arrived last March, our staff was certain this big, handsome cat with a tiny meow would find his forever home in no time.  However, as his stay in the shelter turned into weeks and then months, he started to act out. Always an active cat, MacGyver would get frustrated when there weren't enough play sessions or activities. Our shelter team rallied together to find a variety of stimulating puzzle and stuffable treat toys for MacGyver to keep this sweet fellow happy and healthy until someone came along who would see his true potential.  


MacGyver was immediately fascinated by his new enrichment toys that he had to manipulate and bat around to access the tasty treats inside.  You can see his favorite toy, a quickly-emptied puzzle box, in the photo above. Staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to keep him content with ever-changing enrichment activities, tasty surprises and excursions to our quiet Holistic Veterinary Center, where he would get a break from his kitty condo and a chance to stretch his legs and play in a new environment.


MacGyver began the new year in a new home with a very special couple that loved his looks, his charm and his sass. When they brought him home, he adapted instantly to his new surroundings and cat companion, just like we knew he would!  


Though our Adoption Center is the first chapter of our shelter animals' stories, we are committed to making their new beginnings as healthy and happy as possible. We couldn't accomplish this important work without you - thank you for your continued support of Pets Unlimited.


Warm Wishes,

Your Friends at Pets Unlimited

How You Can Help
  • Spread some cheer by purchasing toys or treats on our Feline Enrichment Program wishlist.  Your donation could change a cat's life!
  • Give a gift and ensure that cats in need, like MacGyver, are given all they need to thrive as they wait for loving homes - no matter how long it takes.   
  • Volunteer with our shelter residents.  Your time and effort are a wonderful gift - we depend on animal lovers like you to provide the best care possible to our cats and dogs. 

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