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Winter 2012


As you recover from a busy holiday season, be sure to keep a watchful eye on these winter toxins - though our dogs and cats enjoy the quick snack, the potential side effects can be devastating!

We hope to see you in our Shelter and Adoption Center or at our upcoming Valentine's Day event with George.


Shirley After losing her guardian, Shirley returned to us with her sister, Laverne, after 7 years in a loving home. Our shelter staff immediately fell in love with this voluptuous "golden girl" who only wanted a warm lap, a stroll around the block and any morsel of food she could sniff out.


Promptly put on a diet and exercise plan to slim down, Shirley was soon jogging around the park with staff and volunteers. Due to her "senior status," Shirley sat by for months watching other dogs and puppies fly through the Adoption Center, including Laverne, who quickly found her "fospice" home.


Shirley's happy ending came at last in the form of a devoted staff member and her family. We are happy to report that Shirley has gained two younger brothers and lost enough weight to be a dog food supermodel!


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Rita Art Rita began volunteering with Pets Unlimited more than 7 years ago as she was struggling to cope with the loss of her Maltese Terrier, Wolf. Through her weekly visits, Rita has shared her love with hundreds of neglected, abused and abandoned shelter dogs.


Recently, Rita decided to do even more for our shelter animals by blending her dedication to our Adoption Center with her passion for the arts. An avid drawer, painter and writer, Rita has been writing and illustrating an epic novel about two dogs, Logan and Celeste. With the help of her colleague and art agent, Reverend Justin Cannon of Episcopal Charities , Rita now has her own Etsy shop and has sold four pieces! Our entire staff has been inspired by Rita's commitment to our work and we couldn't think of better recipients for her generosity than our shelter dogs! 


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Beachy Laverne Laverne was returned to our Adoption Center at the age of 13 with her sister, Shirley, after her guardian passed away.  While she was being treated for dental issues, we discovered she had chronic renal disease - a manageable condition, but one that, coupled with her advanced age and dental disease, did not make her adoptable.  Despite her condition, her quality of life was still good, so we started a search for her perfect "fospice" - a foster home that provides hospice care.

A wonderful and devoted couple took in Laverne, who hasn't looked back since and has a new lease on life!  Though she would prefer something a little more decadent than her special diet, she still has plenty of fun frolicking at Ocean Beach and coming home to snuggle with her foster parents. This compassionate couple really make Laverne's world a better place! 


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George Logo Bowl One of our generous community partners, Pet Food Express, launched a very exciting challenge for us this past month.  If we raised $25,000 in donations during the month of December, they would match the contributions dollar for dollar. Through the generosity of animal lovers like you, we achieved our goal and Pet Food Express will match the funds - that means $50,000 for our cats and dogs in need!   


Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day?  Share some puppy love at Fillmore Street's pet-approved boutique, George!  George will be hosting a Valentine's Day event on Thursday, February 9, from 5-7pm with raffle prizes, libations and training tips from Fawn Pierre of SmartyPup. 25% of all proceeds will benefit the Pets Unlimited Shelter and Adoption Center.  For more details, visit our online calendar. 


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During the busy winter season, pet owners are faced with so many distractions - school is back in session, workloads have been piling up, not to mention those pesky New Year's resolutions!  And this frenzy can provide the perfect opportunity for our pets to get into a little bit of winter mischief with your leftover holiday goodies.   


To prepare you for this season, Dr. Villard has collected a list of the top winter toxins to watch out for and their associated risks:  


Winter Toxin

Potential Effects

Grapes and Raisins

Kidney failure in dogs

Onions and Garlic

Anemia in dogs


Low blood sugar and liver failure in dogs

Fatty Foods

Pancreatitis in dogs - consisting of severe vomiting, diarrhea, belly pain and dehydration

Cookie Dough & other uncooked bread products with yeast

Bloat, obstructions and stomach rupture in dogs

Lilies (Asiatic, Tiger, Day & Easter)

Kidney failure in cats


Causes overstimulation, seizures and death in cats and dogs

Liquid Potpourris

Causes gastroenteritis and severe oral burns in cats and dogs

Moldy Compost

Causes vomiting and diarrhea for cats and dogs, with the potential for canine tremors

If you have any questions about potential toxins in your home, please send an email to our veterinarians!  


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From all of us at Pets Unlimited, especially our shelter animals, thank you for your support!


Warm Wishes,
Your Friends at Pets Unlimited 
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