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Fall 2011


Is it fall already?  Time flies when you're living in dog years - that would make this newsletter almost 15 years old! So far, we haven't experienced any noticeable senility but if your senior dog or cat has been acting out of sorts lately, read Dr. Lundy's article about cognitive dysfunction to learn more about a potential cause for this behavior and possible treatment options.

We hope to see you in our Shelter and Adoption Center or at our upcoming Fourth Annual Day of Beauty for Pets.


The last thing I remember at San Francisco Animal Care and Control was saying goodbye to my two littermates. Our mom had given birth to us there and the nice people at ACC adopted her to a wonderful family that didn't have enough room for me. Being the biggest boy of my small family, I had been overlooked while my brother and sister had both found homes. One day, I saw some people come into the nursery from Pets Unlimited and - if I can be so bold - they lit up at seeing my scruffy self! They picked me up, handling all my paws and checking my teeth, then told the nice ACC attendant that they were taking me to their shelter!   


After riding in the car snuggled into a nice lady's jacket, I arrived at Pets Unlimited and got attention from everyone I met - they loved me! I was named Chance in honor of the new lease on life Pets Unlimited's shelter program gave me. I had some growing up to do, but the staff, their dogs and the shelter pups taught me the ropes of being a well-adjusted and city-savvy canine. Soon after passing my behavior tests with flying colors, I met my new dad Tim and we both fell in love. I know that I got my second "chance" thanks to the devotion of Pets Unlimited and I'm so grateful! 


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In addition to keeping our shelter cats and dogs happy and adoptable, our wonderful team of volunteers graciously donate their time for other special events.  One such event is Project Homeless Connect.  


Several times a year, at locations throughout San Francisco, Pets Unlimited and other local non-profits come together for a day to provide a variety of services to the City's homeless population.  Our volunteers offer pet-sitting services for attendees in conjunction with Veterinary Street Outreach Services (Vet SOS), the veterinary agency for these animals.  While we watch their pets, they are able to access these necessary services knowing that we have their animals safely crated with food and water.   


Our charges are mostly dogs and cats, but we have also taken care of rats and even a rooster!  Through our partnership with Vet SOS, we also help to keep the homeless animal population down by caring for animals that will later be transferred for spaying or neutering before returning them to their owners.  We could not provide this needed pet-sitting service without the help of our generous volunteers!


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ButtonButton, a tiny Chihuahua puppy, was barely alive when he arrived at Pets Unlimited in a hypoglycemic coma. He stabilized after emergency care in our hospital, but due to his diminutive size (not even 4 pounds!) and his unknown history, we decided to wait and continue monitoring his health before making him available in our Adoption Center.  


Enter his devoted foster parents, who provided Button with round-the-clock mothering and much needed socialization (not to mention copious snuggles)! Button found his forever home with someone just perfect for his special needs, and we know this little fella is going to have a fabulous life ahead of him, thanks to the care his foster parents gave him!   


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Bloomingdale's Join us for our Fourth Annual Day of Beauty for Pets at Bloomingdale's on October 22 where 10% of all cosmetics purchases will be donated to help support our Shelter and Adoption Center!  


Visit the Cosmetics Department and you and your furry friend will enjoy an action-packed day of activities for animal lovers and special cosmetics offers.  Plus, you'll get to spend some time visiting with Pets Unlimited shelter animals!


For more details, visit our online calendar. 


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Do you have a senior cat or dog who has has been behaving unusually?  Cognitive dysfunction is a chronic degenerative condition in older cats and dogs similar to early Alzheimer's disease in humans.  In pets, it causes a variety of behavior changes, such as disorientation, confusion, housebreaking issues, excessive vocalization, changes in sleeping patterns and decreased interest in surroundings.


Since some of these symptoms can also occur with many other medical or behavioral conditions common in older pets, it is important to have a complete medical workup from your veterinarian before assuming your pet has cognitive dysfunction 


If your pet has been diagnosed with cognitive dysfunction, your veterinarian can help you choose the best protocol in light of the severity of the condition and any other concurrent disease processes.  Typical  treatment methods include: 

  • Daily exercise, frequent interaction, sensory stimulation
  • Calorie restriction
  • Hill's B/D diet(contains high levels of antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids)
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Melatonin
  • Selegiline or Neutricks prescription drugs
  • Antioxidant/phytonutrient  supplements such as NuCat Senior(cats) or CellAdvance(dogs)
If you have any questions about cognitive dysfunction, please send an email to our veterinarians!  


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From all of us at Pets Unlimited, thank you for your support!


Warm Wishes,
Your Friends at Pets Unlimited 
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