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Fall 2009

Welcome to Pets Unlimited's new quarterly e-newsletter, "Do Something Good for Pets."  Our goal is to regularly communicate to you, our invaluable supporters, exciting stories and developments that are happening throughout our organization in both our Adoption Center and Veterinary Center.
The past year was an incredibly challenging one which forced all of us at Pets Unlimited to consolidate resources and make difficult organizational decisions. Although we are not out of the woods and continue to rely on your patronage as both clients and donors, I am pleased to share that despite the grim economic reality we faced, Pets Unlimited did not sacrifice our mission of finding loving homes for cats and dogs in need this past year.  In fact, we saved 7% more animals than in the previous fiscal year.  This is entirely due to your support of our organization and I wanted to thank you all for being such loyal members of the Pets Unlimited Family.

Thank you again for your support of Pets Unlimited,
Sally Wortman
Executive Director
Ida the Cocker Spaniel Ida was found roaming the streets of Antioch as a stray in early April.  Antioch attendants could not stand to see sweet Ida put down for medical reasons that would ordinarily sentence an older dog to death at any typical municipal shelter - she was just too wonderful! Making a call that saved her life, Antioch Animal Shelter reached out to us here at Pets Unlimited for our medical expertise and adoption program.
After treatment for parasites, a severe ear infection, and a much-needed dental, Ida underwent several lumpectomies to remove a number of malignant mammary tumors.  Not long after being put up for adoption Ida met her soon-to-be mother who had lost her former Cocker Spaniel a few months before. Susan did not expect to fall in love at first sight but one wiggle from Ida was all she really needed. After going through our adoption counseling process and speaking with Ida's team of doctors, Susan sealed the deal and Pets Unlimited generously agreed to cover any recurrence of mammary gland tumors. Susan brought Ida home forever, renaming her "Lucy" and blessing her with a new lease on life. 
Volunteer Larry with catIf you have ever visited our Shelter and Adoption Center, it's likely that you have encountered our super volunteer, Larry Richards.  Larry selflessly gave over 1,000 volunteer hours last year while caring for the cats and kittens of Pets Unlimited and he's on track to do the same or better this year!  We think Larry can officially add cat whisperer to his colorful employment history which includes work as a chicken farmer, Navy serviceman during the Cuban Missile Crisis, deputy sheriff, YMCA program director, and a hazardous cargo tractor-trailer driver!

He tirelessly works to make sure he sees every adult cat while doing his best to concentrate on the more difficult ones, those cats that are not easily loved and who often wait many months or even years for their forever home.  Larry helps to make these cats comfortable during their stay at Pets Unlimited by keeping their spirits up and teaching them proper feline manners.  We are honored that an amazing volunteer like Larry has chosen to spend his free time here at Pets Unlimited.
Pinot and his yellow cast

Nino, now Pinot,  was a 1 pound, seven-week-old tuxedo kitten when he arrived at Pets Unlimited in mid-June after being found by SF Animal Care and Control.  It appeared he had been caught in a car engine when it started and he'd sustained a degloving injury to his right hind leg.  This means he was left with nothing but his skeleton from the "knee" down and the limb needed to be removed. Radiographs also indicated a fracture in Nino's right front leg, which would need to be splinted in order to heal correctly.

Pinot went to foster the day after his surgery. His next few days were spent in his foster mom's kitchen, where he negotiated the new configuration of his tiny body, inchworming along with the handicap of a big yellow cast and a big blue e-collar.  

Through the love and care of his foster family, Pinot's fracture and amputation healed well.  Within six short weeks he was running as fast and jumping (almost) as high as his feline companions. Pinot's foster home is now his forever home, where he spends his time alternately  lounging in the warm sun, stealing from the fridge, and  getting stuck on the top of the cat tree (some things will come with time).

Lipstick ImagePets Unlimited relies on community generosity to maintain our mission of rescuing animals with nowhere else to turn, and there are many ways you can help! From donating your car to writing a check in support of our shelter animals and charitable veterinary care programs, your generosity is greatly appreciated.
We also have a variety of events throughout the year such as our Second Annual Day of Beauty for Pets taking place on September 12th where once again Bloomingdale's is going to the dogs (and cats)! Join us at the Westfield Shopping Centre for this fantastic all-day event benefiting Pets Unlimited. Visit the Cosmetics Department and you and your furry friend will enjoy an action-packed day of activities for animal lovers and special cosmetics offers. Plus, spend time with the Pets Unlimited shelter animals!

10% of all cosmetics purchases on this day will be donated to help support our Shelter and Adoption Center, so walk your dog over to Bloomingdale's and shop 'til you drop! Thank you to Bloomingdale's for being such a generous sponsor of Pets Unlimited and we hope to see you there!
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At various points along the way, every organization must pause and reflect and ask certain questions: What keeps us doing what we do? What guides us in why we do things and how we do them? In these challenging economic times, we recently asked ourselves these questions during our strategic planning process. One of the answers involved our developing a set of Core Values that have become our guiding principles. Simply put, they form the foundation for what we do, why we do it and, most importantly, how we interact with our clients and with each other. We hope that they inform you about the nature of our organization and the people who are a part of it and that you will continue to choose Pets Unlimited by adopting from us, volunteering with us, donating to us or using our Veterinary Center.

Pets Unlimited's Core Values:
Our most precious resource is you: client, patient, volunteer, board trustee, donor, team member. You are our partner. These are our core values which we will demonstrate in our goals, words and actions at all times: Compassionate Client Care, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity and Humility.
From all of us at Pets Unlimited, thank you for your support!
Warm Wishes,
Pets Unlimited Team
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