Chiro Kinetics Chronicle January 2010
 Greetings!    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

We hope the close of 2009 was enjoyable and 2010 is shaping up to be a stellar year fo you.


Each year we encourage our patients to move forward in their lives - do something new that Cultivates Your Human Potential.  In this first of our periodic newsletters, we have some opportunities for you to do just that.


In addition, we have completely updated our website. We are adding some features to deliver more health information to you - a newsletter and blogs from Rachael and Dr. Bergman. On our new Home Page you will see "Hot Links" to a calendar including the schedule of Chiro Kinetics: Core Yoga Classes, Nutrition and Injury Prevention workshops with their locations and times and many other special events. We invite you to visit our web site often.


Start Your Year Healthy - A Fast Track 4 week Fat Loss & Detox Program


For those of you who want to start the year with a healthy weight loss program, we are offering a variety of quick and easy 28 day Detox plans.


A proper Detox program removes toxins, promotes the restoration of optimal metabolic functions and improves your body's ability to burn fat.  Your liver is the major organ of detoxification as well as fat metabolism.  If the liver is burdened with a toxic overload, its ability to burn fat will be suppressed.


Our programs are not to be confused with a "Cleanse" focusing on fiber and laxatives which may promote weight loss by emptying the colon but not improve your body's ability to burn fat.  


Fad diets, diet pills, companies with prepared processed foods focusing on calorie restrictions or fasting may indeed induce rapid weight loss but these methods can cause you to lose muscle and may also damage vital organs fairly quickly.


Proper detoxification is one of the major, and often missing, components of a successful fat loss plan.


Dr. Bergman's Fast Track program includes:


Pre and post Bio-Marker testing

                Blood sugar, cholesterol and lipid panel, body composition and hydration distribution

Pre and Post Consultation

Time with Dr. Bergman to review results and establish the medical foods and nutritional supplementation needed to achieve your goals

Menu Planning

                Quick and easy meal planning formula to help you design a daily menu

2 medical foods per day

                Specifically designed to improve cell signaling of the tissues increasing metabolic functions

Nutritional supplementation

Replenishes depleted nutrient reserves required to stimulate fat loss.


These 28 day Fast Track programs provide you an average cost savings of $150.00 and will be offered through the month of February. The prices range from $400 to $575.


This is a good chance for a fresh start in 2010.



With the Holidays over and starting our New Year's resolutions of weight loss and improved fitness it's a good time to mention injury prevention and exercise recovery by offering a discount on our massage services. Whether you want to heal an injury, relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, manage pain or promote wellness our massage department has the experience and techniques to help you.


And let's not forget that Valentines Day is right around the corner!!


Gift Certificates Available


1 - 1 Hour massage- $76 (5% Savings)


3 - 1 Hour massages-$216 (10% Savings)


5 - 1 Hour massages- $360 (15% Savings)

(All discounts are available 01/10/10 thru 02/15/10. Must be paid at time of purchase)


Call the office to Purchase your certificates now.


DrB's Blog and Rachael's Rant!


We want to fill this blog with information you are interested in. Several times a day patients ask us about health, fitness and injury prevention. We are sometimes asked to further explain some of the unique services we have in the office and how they might benefit a friend or family member. Some of our answers are worthy of putting in writing. To further enhance the learning atmosphere we foster in the office we invite you, your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances to e-mail questions to  . We will keep your names confidential to avoid any issues with HIPAA compliance and post as many Q and A's as possible. This is something we can have a lot of fun with so start sending those questions !

Help us Help your Friends and Family with 50% Off


We would like to extend to you the opportunity to offer a friend or family member a comprehensive Consultation, Exam and X-rays at 50% off our normal fees.


Who do you know who lives locally and has a health problem they want to resolve?  We are not asking you to decide if we can help them. Every day patients tell me, "I thought you were just a bone guy" or "I didn't know you could take care of ____ (fill in the blank). This exam will determine if their problem falls under the scope of our practice. At the end of their visit, I will personally discuss the options available to either restore or expand their health.


Give the certificate below or forward this newsletter to a Friend or Family member.


To make an appointment, call the office for a new patient exam and mention the Newsletter Certificate.


EXPIRES 02/28/10
Women's Cinderella 100K Cycle Training Program
Another component to Starting Your Year Healthy is becoming more active. Get out there and start moving. Make your exercise something you enjoy, and it'll become part of your routine.


Written below are the logistics for the Renaissance Club Sport women's cycling training program for the Cinderella event.  This program, run by Glenda Smith of Club Sport Walnut Creek, was the springboard that took Rachael from an occasional 10 mile bike rider (because her husband made her) to a cycling enthusiast who can't wait for the next weekly 50 to 70 mile ride with thousands of feet of climbing. If there are any women out there interested in learning the skills required to regain their inner athlete we cannot recommend this program enough.


Women's Cinderella 100K Cycle Training Program

The Cinderella Classic 100K bicycle tour is an event to experience! Over 2000 women annually participate in this 64-mile bicycle tour in the Livermore wine country. Prerequisites: road bike (no mountain bike, hybrids or time trial), should have an aerobic base fitness level, be able to ride 20 miles comfortably and the desire to train and ride as a team. Not an entry-level program. Training will includes endurance, pace line, climbing, descending, cornering, safety, rules to ride by, tire changing/on the road repairs & basic maintenance.

First Meeting: Saturday February 6 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm   Mandatory for all new riders. Learn road bike basics! This meeting will include discussion of the program and cover bike fit, hands on tire changing, patching a tube, nutrition, rules of the road and more!  Bring, bike, tire irons and pump. Road bike required.

Training Rides: Saturdays at 8:30 am - until we finish.

February 13, 20, 27 and March 6 From ClubSport Walnut CreekSaturdays

March, 13, 20, 27 and April 3 From Bollinger Canyon in San Ramon


The Cinderella Event is Saturday, April 10

Coaches: Glenda Smith, Mary Jo Ferris, Marie Ramagli Stanton

Club Sport Members: $149   Guests: $175 LIMITED SPACE (does not include event registration)



Register at Activities 925-942-6381, for more information contact Glenda Smith at

  Half Marathon or 10K training plansStarting January 17th

Don't have a bike? Maybe cycling is just not your gig? It's time to set some New Years fitness goals by training for a Half Marathon, 10K run, walk or combination run/walk program.


Training for an event can be a confusing and often frustrating task and is frequently why many of us never start in the first place. Tracy Guyman owner of Fleet Feet Pleasant Hill is providing a 3 month training program with loads of extras.


The Details:
Dates: January 17th - April 11th, 2010 Training: Saturday mornings, 8:15 a.m.
Goal Event: Santa Cruz Half Marathon & 10K Sunday, April 11th 2010

Program includes: Detailed training plans,  Weekly training runs, Evening seminars, Weekly emails, technical running shirt ($26 value) professional coaches and great camaraderie
Cost: Only  $99 for 3 Months


For more info, Visit:
Fleet Feet Sports

45-B Crescent Dr.

925 827-4772


Sports Basement 10% Off, ....Everything


Next time you're in the office ask for the Sports Basement Discount Card or mention Chiro Kinetics everytime you make a purchase at the Walnut Creek Sports Basement and receive a 10% discount.

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