children thank NCJW

On behalf of all the children and staff at YCS,

thank you for a holiday filled with joy and kindness.
 Reporter Janelle Griffith shares with Star Ledger readers
 the trials and triumphs of YCS clients for Greater Newark Holiday Fund Appeal

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It is so hard to put into words the heartfelt appreciation we feel for all the thought, energy and generosity you have shown to our children this holiday season.  We hope the children's beautiful smiles will express what words cannot.
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My Idea of Family Around The Holidays

by K.J., age 16   

     Holidays are special times of the year, because it brings family together. For me it's just great. Because even though I'm not accepted by many people, I know there's only one place I am accepted and that's home with my family.

     I am in a program and even though I don't like it because I'm away from home, I still have to deal with it. It's helping me take responsibility for my own actions. Even though I'm here, I still get to go home on the weekends and for the holidays which is good because I miss helping my family cook, wrap presents, or bake cookies for Santa Claus when he comes.

     Times like these make you look back and think "Why did I do that?" because now I have to wake up in the morning in someone else's old bed instead of at home in my own bed.

     This is still one of my favorite times of year, seeing relatives that have been away for a long time and catching up and remembering old times. This year has been especially difficult because my mom is also away in treatment but as a family we are going to make the best of it.


                           What the Holidays Mean to Mejonathan's drawing

I drew a picture of a sun rising over the ocean because it reminds me of a new beginning - a fresh start for the holiday. The birds flying to the sunrise symbolize freedom and hope. This year is special to me because all my life I felt like a lonely person struggling to survive another day. But, this year going to be different. It is my time to shine and live my life.

                                                                    Jonathan Gonzalez, STAR program 

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