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H'Olympics Highlights

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 Opening ceremony

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Swimming competition and  art show
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How did the athletes feel about the games?

I feel more confident in myself
like I can do more things...Destiney

I'd like to go to a college like this...Kenyattah
I wish I could meet the man who started this and thank him.  He must have a good heart to bring kids together who have the same troubles  as we do and give us a chance to talk to each other...Olga

'Cause everyone worked together to win.
I feel better about myself and my body. 
The H'Olympics inspires me to be more active...Anastasia

You need patience to win...Tiana
I enjoy being with other people.
My biggest challenge was just getting here, and to be able to follow the rules of the group home...Craig

My Biggest Challenge

I can't take a loss. It is very difficult for me to accept losing.  When I was in the 8th grade, I competed in a 50 yard dash. I  tripped right before the finish line and came in fourth.  I was really upset . My  teacher told me there would be another time.  I didn't get that chance till I came here [four years later].  This time I ran the 200 and 400 meter races. I didn't win, but i tried my best and I am fine with that.

Last summer I lost my friend. We used to talk about the future and how we wanted to change our lives. But I wasn't serious, I took everything for granted.  Now I want to do better. 
Lamont, 18.
Lamont hopes to attend a community college and major in performing arts, after moving into independent living.

2010 H'Olympics Major Sponsors

PNC Financial Services
United Water Foundation
 The Barclays
F. & M. Grabow
Ellen & Michale Jacobs
Paterson Great Falls Rotary
Todd Ouida Children's Foundation

Access Computer Floors, Dunkin' Donuts, Sports Turf Management Systems.
Joan & Bill Hickey, Michael & Betsy Broder, Frances & Jerry Tobin,
Barbara Markell, Peter Bourke,

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 Dear Friends,
Thanks for making the 2010 H'Olympics such a memorable event for the 167 athletes who represented 10 social service agencies from around the country. 

For five days all the athletes participated without an incident.  The smiles, high fives and continual displays of teamwork and camaraderie were all proof of the  immeasurable value of these games.

At the start, each athlete received a bracelet emblazoned with the theme "Victory Begins Here!" Our staff chose this theme because it reflected our wish for every athlete to have a personal victory during their stay at Ramapo College - A victory that would fortify their self confidence, self esteem and belief in a brighter future.  As you can see from the personal testimonials in this newsletter, we are gratified to have achieved our goal.

This is also your personal victory, because we could have never accomplished our goal without your help. 

This includes all of our generous sponsors that made it possible for YCS to host a  boat cruise around Manhattan, the folks who donated the
T- shirts, hats, water bottles, backpacks and mementos,  the Girl Scouts and YCS students who made individual snack packs and welcome signs for every team, the Dave Rudbarg and Friends Band for providing the live entertainment during the BBQ on opening night, the volunteers from Sony who worked in the boiling sun for hours recording the stats for the all the track & field events and the many other nameless volunteers who sat in the stands cheering on all the players and filling in wherever we needed help.

With my sincerest gratitude,
Richard Mingoia
President & CEO
First Impressions

This year was the first time Bonnie Brae participated in the H'Olympics.  "Our boys have not been able to stop talking about the games since they came back, " said Bill Powers the agency's CEO. 

Twenty five young men competed in the junior and senior games and returned home with a  slew of medals.  "It elevated their status on the campus and showed them they could do things that they did not know they could do."  According to Powers, the young men had never  participated in track and field, or swimming.  This was all new to them and they trained for six weeks prior to the games. "It helped get out kids into better shape."

Now Powers describes himself as a fan of the H'Olympics.
  "I am very grateful that Richard Mingoia reached out to us gave us the opportunity to be part of the games."

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