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September 9, 2011

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Hello to All!!
As I sit and write this opening for our September newsletter, I'm amazed to think that Labor Day has come and gone, and so, consequently, has Summer. Also extremely noteworthy is the fact that this Sunday will mark the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks against our nation - sadly known as 9/11. Please continue to pray for all those that were directly impacted by the tragedy of that day.
The September newsletter brings the third installment of several articles that Marla has been busy writing regarding the "Stages of New Home Construction". Last month she discussed the basics of land selection and home design. As a matter of fact, we had a very interesting comment come in via email from Jessica Bowers of Jasper, GA and I wanted to share it with you, "good point about getting a builder to take a look at your land before purchase.  I'll keep that in mind.  We're looking at buying some land in the next 2-3 years and have some ideas as to what we want to do with it.  I already had down that I wanted to make sure to get a soil sample.  Looks like calling you guys needs to be the next thing on that list".  Read below as Marla continues with pre-construction discussions.
Save the weekend of September 23, 24 and 25 for the Fall Atlanta Home Show that is being held once again at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta. We've moved our booth location and are adding a special feature. Read below to see where we will be and what we are up to!


We are continuing the with oh so popular "Find the Hammer" contest. Pretty simple concept - why not throw your name in for a chance to win a $50 gas gift card. 

Stages of New Home Construction

Part 3


Marla Renner




Building a home, for the average person, is something one can only wonder at. For a professional, it is second hand. No two homes are built exactly the same, but generally speaking, they are. Every home has a foundation, walls, ceilings, a roof, doors and windows, but have you ever wondered just how you go from raw land to the all important "certificate of occupancy". This article is the third in a series of your "lesson" in building.


Finalizing Your House Plans


You have chosen whom to have draw your plans for your new house and have explained to him/her what your wants and needs are. When your architect sets an appointment with you to review your plans for accuracy, there are several things he will go over with you.


Sample Plan


Hard-line drawings are typically drawn to a " scale of the actual size of a home. Any builder knows that " scale on a drawing equals 1' of actual length during construction. Some parts of the plans you will be shown, such as the framing sheet may be drawn at 1/8" or " scale. Each set of plans will have a scale key to determine exact construction dimensions. Essentially, when you meet with your designer, she will be showing you your dream home as it will be built at full scale. Blueprints are typically printed out on 18" x 24" or 24" x 36" paper.


Each set of plans will contain four elevation drawings: front elevations, back elevations, and each side elevation. The elevation on the plans show approximately how your home will look when constructed and landscaped. By reviewing the elevations, you will have a general idea of exterior finishes, roof pitches and will show the general architectural style.


Past articles have discussed proper placement of your home on the parcel of land you have purchased. One of the many pages in the set of drawings will include a plot plan or survey. To determine the placement of your home, the county surveyor has already recorded the lot dimensions and these dimensions in conjunction with the property boundaries and topography of the land will determine on the plot plan, the exact placement of the home. The survey, often having to be completed by a third party land surveyor, also includes set-back requirement and easements, exact location of underground utilities and the location of sidewalks and driveways. Plot plans are minimally detailed and often acceptable for additions and renovations. Surveys are very comprehensive in data content, as the slope and terrain documented determine all that will become the base for the foundation of your new home.


Since your home is built from the bottom up, the next page you will see is the foundation floor plan. These drawings are the base of support in any structure and give great detail on proper placement of the footings, load bearing walls, re-bar reinforcement and all structural elements needed to support the walls and the roof. Although the content of this paragraph is brief, do not underestimate the power of information contained on the foundation plan.

The remaining pages in a set of plans include a cross section and detail of the home, framing page(s), electrical layouts and plumbing and mechanical systems. The cross section of the home is basically drawn as if the completed home has been cut in two. The overhead views provide even more detailed information as it pertains to room dimensions and wall lengths and gives a greater insight to many structural elements of the home.


Depending on the size of your newly designed home, there will be several pages for framing. Comprised of floor joist locations, walls and roof trusses, the framing pages are drawn on a generalized basis to give the overall detail of the plan. Placement of the framing studs are determined per building code in the area of which the home is being built. The framing plans are the basic skeletal structure of the home.


Keeping in mind that these articles are written from the point of view that an architect/designer has drawn your plans, other pages included in the set will be electrical layouts. Typically these pages are not provided with "purchased" plan sets. These pages, in are drawn separately so the electrician can "do their thing" without having to read through the entire set of drawings. The plan will include a legend or a Key on their drawings to explain which each symbol represents. From the legend wiring can commence leading to the placement of outlets, switches, fans, etc.  


Plumbing fixture location on a set of plans is typically sufficient for the plumber to begin the layout and installation of all plumbing in a home. Mechanical selection must be worked out between the builder, the HVAC supplier and the homeowner. Climate and its year-round fluctuations dictate, for the most part, the unit(s) to be installed. In addition to climate, size of heated and cooled area have to be taken into consideration. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average home size in the United States was 2,700 square feet in 2009. If this area is a single story unit, it would be possible for a single furnace and condenser, with proper zoning and duct work, to heat and cool this space. However, if the 2,700 square feet is spread over a two-story structure, it becomes necessary to set two units in place to balance the temperature between floors, but most importantly, to save energy. The heating contractor will also work with the builder and homeowner to provide a duct and register layout prior to construction.

28th Annual Fall

Atlanta Home Show


Make your plans now to attend the 28th Annual Fall Atlanta Home Show at the Cobb Galleria Centre. From Friday, September 23rd thru Sunday, September 25th, you will have the opportunity to make your way thru several hundred booths. From appliances to water and air purification you will be able to shop and/or educate yourself with some of Atlanta's premier vendors and businesses.


As in years past, The Renner Companies will be participating in the Fall Atlanta Home Show. This year, however, you may notice some changes. We are going to be in the same walkway, but we have now moved across the way to a corner space. By moving to booth number 1641, we will be able to offer FREE on-site consulatations on a first come first serve basis with Ian Jones. Ian will be prepared to interactively work with clients and potential clients on home/space design via the computer and his design program.


Please keep the weekend of September 23 thru September 25 available so you may spend some time at the Fall Atlanta Home Show. If you wish to meet with Ian and discuss design with him, he will be available from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. each day of the Home Show. Bring pictures, existing dimensions and any sketches or ideas you may have. 


Please follow the link below for more infomation on the Fall Atlanta Home Show and to learn how you may receive a FREE ticket.


28th Annual Fall Atlanta Home Show


Where's The Hammer

In an effort to have a little fun each month with you, the reader, we have decided to "hide" a hammer within the newsletter. As you read thru the content, please be on the lookout for our "little" friend. He may be any color, he may be hidden within a sentence or he may be hidden in a photo - HE MAY BE ANYWHERE.... 
Okay, okay - what's in it for you? Each month we will give out a $50 GAS card. All you have to do is email Marla at with the newsletter date and location of the hammer. Each correct name will go in the drawing and one lucky winner will receive the gas card.
Simple enough? What are you waiting for? Find the "hammer" and send in your answer.
The August winner was Carol Ball of Free Home in Cherokee County.
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Stages of Home Construction - Part 3
28th Annual Fall Atlanta Home Show
Where's The Hammer

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