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  • Electronic Newsletters
  • OLLI Illinois e-News is our bi-monthly electronic newsletter, written and produced by our members and staff. OLLI at Illinois members are automatically signed up when they join, but the mailing list is open to all who are interested in OLLI at Illinois and its programs.
  • ENews Jan 2016  (1/28/2016)
  • How to propose a study group; weather related cancellations, giving to OLLI; how courses are selected; what are they saying about spring classes; Websites for OLLI-ites "Tips for Trips"; Getting to Know You: What is your favorite game?

  • OLLI Illinois News November 2015  (11/17/2015)
  • OLLI and the National Endowment for the Humanities, Spring Courses, Half Year Memberships, e-Reviews: What was the first movie that really made an impression on you?

  • OLLI Illinois News July 2015  (6/30/2015)
  • On the Road with OLLI; two spring day trips; OLLI Lectures; Websites for OLLI-ites (Best Sites for Movie Fans); Getting to Know You (Favorite Foods from Childhood); Member Photos of Gardens.

  • OLLI Illinois News - February 2015  (2/18/2015)
  • OLLI Road Scholar Trip, 4th Annual Oscar Contest and Pizza Party, Spring Lecture Series, Websites for OLLI-ites (Be an armchair explorer), E-Reviews (What's your favorite app?), Member photos of architectural design)

  • OLLI Illinois News - September 2014  (9/18/2014)
  • How to download course materials, OLLI's new "digital bulletin board", new Board Chair, trip to the Krannert Art Museum, Going Green, Trivia Night, seasonal area events, OLLI trip to Gettysburg, OLLI members submit their favorite quotes, photo album: OLLI Pets.

  • OLLI Illinois News - May 2014  (5/16/2014)
  • The OLLI National Conference, Mark Morris Dance Group, OLLI Oscar Winners, Weekend Getaways, Read Up Green Thumbs, e-Reviews: favorite local outdoor spots, Member Photo Gallery.

  • OLLI Illinois News - January 2014  (1/30/2014)
  • How OLLI Courses are Selected, Inclement Weather Procedures, Using Your OLLI Member Account, Movie and Pizza Party, 3rd Annual Oscar Contest, News From the Classroom, Websites for Local Attractions, Trip to the Spurlock, Getting to Know You: When you were a child, what did you want to be as a grown-up?

  • OLLI Illinois News - November 2013  (11/13/2013)
  • Instructor Spotlight: Peter Michalove, Fact-Checking on the Web, The Buzz, OLLI after Hours, OLLI at Krannert Uncorked, Half Year Memberships, Getting to Know You" "What TV show do you enjoy watching?"

  • OLLI Illinois News - September 2013   (9/17/2013)
  • Calendar for 2013 - 2014; Welcome Kate Freeman; Study Group Proposals: New OLLI Trip: Wicked; Membership and your I-Card; Travels with OLLI; Fall Courses; Websites for OLLI-ites: Art on the Internet; Getting to Know You: Where Did You Live the Longest?; Member Photo Gallery.

  • OLLI Illinois News - May 2013  (5/7/2013)
  • OLLI Welcomes NEH Chairman James A. Leach; University Code of Conduct; Dispatches from the OLLI Office; OLLI Photo Albums; The Buzz: News from the Classroom; OLLI Uncorked.

  • Olli Illinois News - February 2013  (2/13/2013)
  • OLLI Receives $1 Million Osher Endowment; OLLI Travel: New Mexico and the Chicago Jazz Festival; Collaboration with China Executive Leadership Program;
    Second Annual Oscar Contest Underway!; Community & Campus Day of Service; OLLI at ILLINOIS on Facebook; The Buzz...News from the classroom; E-Reviews: Favorite Movie of 2012; Web Watch: Wildlife Webcams

  • Olli Illinois News - November 2012  (11/28/2012)
  • Member Profile: Tim Smith; Study Groups at OLLI; Spring 2013 Courses; E-Reviews: Local Restaurants; OLLI Travel: Land of Enchantment; Alaska Trip Video; Gift and Half-Year Memberships; Web Watch: Local Calendars; The Buzz: News From the Classroom; Make Yourself at Home

  • OLLI Illinois News - September 2012  (9/6/2012)
  • Profile: New OLLI Board Chair Craig Cutbirth; E-Reviews: OLLI Courses; Web Watch; the Buzz: News from the Classroom; Make Yourself at Home: Life at OLLI; Travel in 2013.

  • OLLI Illinois News - May 2012  (5/14/2012)
  • Travels with OLLI; Instructor Spotlight: John Frayne; Instructor Spotlight: Helaine Spotlight; Giving to OLLI; E-Reviews: Murder, Mystery
    and Mayhem; History of OLLI Illinois by Kathleen Holden.

  • OLLI Illinois News - February 2012  (2/13/2012)
  • Meet OLLI's New Director: Christine Catanzarite, photos from our New Member Event, Instructor Spotlight: Mike Reed, The Glass People: Jon and Judith Liebman, Giving to OLLI, Confused by Computers, E-Reviews: Murder, Mystery and Mayhem: Part 1, Did You Know?

  • OLLI Illinois News - November 2011  (11/15/2011)
  • OLLI Strategic Plan, Spring Courses, Instructor Spotlight: Fred Christensen, Kathleen Faces Retirement, Riding in Remembrance, Giving to OLLI, Istanbul/Venice Trip, E-Reviews: Special Travel Destinations, Volunteer Opportunities

  • OLLI Illinois News - August 2011  (8/15/2011)
  • Fall Class Highlights, OLLI Goes to Alaska! Alaska Photos, Instructor Spotlight: Jim Kaler, OLLI Travel: Venice and Istanbul, A Song for Kathleen, E-Reviews: Local Attractions, Mentoring Illinois Promise Freshman

  • OLLI Illinois News - April 2011  (4/15/2011)
  • Basic OLLI Info, Facebook, Instructor Spotlight, OLLI Profiles, OLLI in the Science Lab, Testament to Our Members, E-Reviews: Movies Part Two, OLLI Funnies.

  • OLLI Illinois News - January 2011  (1/18/2011)
  • A Look Back with Thanks, Instructor Spotlight, OLLI Profiles, Traveling West Aboard the Texas Eagle, E-Reviews: Movies, Still Time to Sign Up, An OLLI Quiz, OLLI Funnies.

  • OLLI Illinois News - November 2010  (11/16/2010)
  • OLLI, Not Holly!, Instructor Spotlight, OLLI Profiles, E-Review: Weekend Travel, OLLI Travel Program, Spring Classes, WInter Study Groups, OLLI End of the Semester Celebration, OLLI Funnies.

  • OLLI Illinois News - July 2010  (7/15/2010)
  • Annual Meeting, Meet Our New Board Chair, OLLI Has a New Home!, Castles and Wine, Summer Lunchtime Lectures, End-of-Summer Study Groups, Fall Classes Fill Up, OLLI Funnies, Mystery Photo.

  • OLLI Illinois News - September 2010  (9/15/2010)
  • New Events Calendar, OLLI Members Run the Show, Instructor Spotlight, E-Reviews: Books, Chicago Jazz Festival, Web Sites for OLLI-ites, CAS Knowing Animals Series, Mystery Photo - Answered!, OLLI Funnies.

  • The OLLI Bookshelf
  • The OLLI Bookshelf is a spin-off from the OLLI e-News that began in December of 2012. Each issue features OLLI Illinois member responses to a different question about books.
  • Bookshelf - December 2015  (12/4/2015)
  • What book what YOU like to receive as a gift this holiday season?

  • Bookshelf - Summer Reading   (4/28/2015)
  • "What's on your summer reading list?"

  • Bookshelf - Books Gifts for the Holidays  (11/20/2014)
  • OLLI Illinois members respond to the question: "What book do you think would make a good gift?"

  • Bookshelf - Book Written Before You Were Born  (6/13/2014)
  • Reading lets us experience things that we can never know in person, and books can reach across the years to find a new audience. For this issue of The Bookshelf, we asked OLLI members for their recommendation of books written before they were born.

  • Bookshelf - Books About Food  (3/5/2014)
  • We asked OLLI members for their recommendations for a book about food for this issue of Bookshelf. The book might be one in which food serves to underscore the book's theme, something that focuses more directly on food or the people involved in the food industry, such as a book about food writing, food politics, chefs, cooking, or eating.

  • Bookshelf - Gift Books  (11/20/2013)
  • "My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read. - Abraham Lincoln" OLLI members respond to the question:
    "What book do you think would make a good gift?"

  • Bookshelf - Favorite Children's Books  (10/22/2013)
  • "What is one of your favorite children's books? It could be something that you loved when you were a child, or something that you enjoyed reading to your own children?"

  • Bookshelf - Summer and Vacation Reading  (6/4/2013)
  • What book makes good reading while on vacation? It could be something to read on a train or airplane, or while sitting on the beach, the deck of a cruise ship, or wherever you put up your feet and relax.

  • Bookshelf - A Book That Changed My Life  (3/25/2013)
  • Was there a book that changed your life in some way? Did a particular book make you decide what profession you wanted to enter? Entice you to move to a new city? Take action for a cause? Change the way you behave toward others or yourself? Or help you see the world in a different way?

  • Bookshelf - What's on Your Nightstand?  (12/11/2012)
  • ibrocubicularist - A person who reads in bed.
    We suspect that OLLI may be the secret headquarters of librocubicularists, because the responses poured in when we asked what books were on your nightstand. Sheer numbers demanded that we make a separate supplement to include everyone's book. Here it is, and we hope it helps you find more books for your nightstand.

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