June 2009
By Elf Magic
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2009 Adds More 'Magic' to Your Family's Elf Tradition!
How to Talk to an Elf - Any Time of the Year!
An Elf Magic Summer!
Elf Sightings Around the World!
North Pole News Flurries!
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A Letter from Santa
[North Pole]It might be summer vacation where you live, but at the North Pole, we are getting ready for Christmas!
My workshop is in full swing (the elves work all year to make millions of toys!); and the reindeer are training for their next global flight (even Magic Reindeer need to rest after flying around the world!).
If we're so busy at the North Pole, why am I writing to you in June? I have an easy answer - my Elf Magic Elves can't bear to be away from their special host families for a whole year! That's why we have created St. Nick's News (SNN), one of several new ways my Elf Magic elves want to stay in touch with you year-round!
Our elf reporters will give you a glimpse into what's happening at our snowy home. Just last week, Elf Bonnie and Elf Joey earned extra tokens for the Elf Arcade for helping to keep the workshop tidy for a whole month! All the other Elf Magic elves got so excited for their friends that they started putting up their tools when they finished working with them! Maybe they'll get extra tokens for the Elf Arcade or some tasty candy canes, too!
My elves are so excited to talk to you more often! Be sure to forward to family and friends who want to keep up with what's going on at the North Pole!
I know my e-mail in-box is overflowing at times - especially with boys and girls already e-mailing me their Christmas lists! If your in-box is also overflowing with e-mail and you'd prefer not to receive SNN, just click the 'SafeUnsubscribe' link below to be removed from the SNN mailing list. You can always visit Santa's Web site and look for the "Contact Us" section if you ever need a direct line to the North Pole! Several of my most experienced elves working in the Elf Magic Office are available to help you! 
I hope that you find the magic of Christmas in your everyday!

Meet The SNN Reporters!
Elf Zac - SNN Elf News Senior Editor
Elf Zac watches trends and keeps his elf ear to the ground (good thing he has ear muffs - the ground is cold at the top of the world!) for breaking news about Elf Magic!
Elf Violet - SNN Fashion Editor
Elf Violet features the hottest - make that the coolest - North Pole trends among Elf Magic Fashion, for both boys and girls!
Elf Elliott - SNN Technology Editor
Technology is just as important at the North Pole as it is to you! Elliott covers the latest and greatest ways the elves are keeping in touch with your family year-round!
Elf Sherry - SNN Social Reporter
Rumor has it - and Elf Sherry is in the know about what the elves are up to at the North Pole! Check out her column, North Pole News Flurries, in every edition of SNN to stay up-to-date!
Elf Vanessa - SNN Arts Critic
From books to movies, Elf Vanessa loves the arts! Be on the lookout for her reviews of the latest in elf entertainment!
Elf Fraser - SNN Travel Correspondent
Elf Fraser loves to travel - he travels the globe to bring the best Elf Sightings directly to you! Be on the lookout for her Elf Sightings Around the World column in everyedition of SNN!
2009 Adds More 'Magic' to Your Family's Elf Tradition!

SNN Elf News, Senior Editor

This Christmas will be one of the most magical ever for Elf Magic! I can't share all the special details just yet - Santa is keeping some things under a pretty tight wrap to keep you (and us elves!) excited! But I hear he is working on some very exciting things to make this year's Elf Magic experience the best yet!
I've seen a lot of different fabric samples around Santa's Workshop lately, so I think the Elf Magic Fashion Team might be busy designing a great new addition for your elf to wear! I've also noticed a few of our elves hard at work on something that will make it easy to remember your family's Elf Magic fun!
And ... this just in! Santa is calling all of the elves to the steps of his workshop later this year for a big announcement! Could new elf friends be joining the Elf Magic tradition?
Wow! There really is a lot going on at the North Pole right now! Stay tuned for future editions of SNN for more details as these stories develop!
How to Talk to an Elf - Any Time of the Year!

SNN Technology Editor

The Elf Magic elves are always looking for new ways to keep in touch with families - and even each other! Since Facebook and Twitter have shortened distances between long-lost classmates, family and friends, we elves have decided to join the conversation from the North Pole!
TwitterLog in and search "Elf Magic" on Facebook to find our Official Fan Page! Once you're a fan, we'll keep you up to date on everything that's happening at the North Pole - from Hot Chocolate parties to creative Elfcapade ideas that will make your Elf Magic tradition even more exciting!
Still want more Elf Magic? No problem! You can follow "elfmagic" on Twitter for regular short reports - we call them Elf Bytes - from the North Pole! Or send an e-mail to elfmail@Elf-Magic.com to tell your elf all about your summer vacation! The elves want to hear from you! Just remember, they are very busy making toys for Christmas and can't respond to every e-mail!
Oh! And, as always, be sure to be safe online! Only log on with a parent or grown-up!
An Elf Magic Summer!

SNN Travel Correspondent

Even an Elf Magic elf needs a vacation from time to time, and sometimes can't resist the call of warmer summer temperatures and backyard cookouts! We've heard reports from around the world that elves have been sited at poolside parties, on spontaneous road trips and in the middle of family reunions - instantly becoming a crowd hit!
Remember, your elf might be very busy making toys and getting ready for Christmas, and not every elf can come back during the summer. Your elf might be working on a toy just for you! Some of us made a few messes during our last visit, so your parents have to OK our summer trip!
How do you lure your elf back from the North Pole for a summertime visit? Simple! Write a letter to Santa, asking if your elf can visit for awhile. Then, overnight, just like you do at Christmas, leave out crackers and water - an elf's favorite food - and maybe your elf will make a surprise visit at your family's next adventure!
P.S. If your elf does not return, don't worry! Santa is just keeping the elves very busy getting ready for Christmas. Your elf will be back this winter!
Elf Sightings Around the World!
SNN Social Reporter

No matter where you turn these days, it seems like Elf Magic is everywhere! Elves have been spotted from Disney World to Hong Kong!
Has your elf been to the top of the Eifel Tower or the Empire State Building? Maybe your elf took a ride on a merry-go-round or up and down a roller coaster! Send us creative pictures of your elf with his or her host family - from a grassy pasture in the Midwest to the middle of a bustling city - and we might feature your photo in an upcoming edition of SNN!
Elf goes to Disney
North Pole News Flurries!
SNN Social Reporter

We hear ...
North Pole News Flurries!... After some much needed rest, from a very busy Christmas season, the elves and the Clauses all held their annual "Elf Magic Party" in February. Elf Libbie won the high-profile cookie-making contest by using melted North Pole Snowflakes to keep them moist! Her prize? A one-year supply of her favorite treat - candy canes - to go along with her crackers and water!
... The '80s are back! The bob hairstyle could be making a big comeback for girl elves this year - and some boy elves have been spotted getting crew cuts! Talk about Elf-Fashion forward!
... Elf Claudia's grand entrance at her birthday party a few weeks ago stopped her fellow elves in their tracks. Apparently, Miley Cyrus' dress at the Kids Choice Awards has nothing on Elf Claudia's attire! It was simply stunning! We've been trying to get a photo, but we hear this is one of Mrs. Claus' top secret projects. There is a rumor that Mrs. Claus will make the same dress for all the elves who want one - we expect to know more soon!
... Even at the North Pole, the Elf Magic elves have chores to do! They have to put away their toys ... make sure the Magic Reindeer are fed ... and there's always snow to shovel! Elf Audriana and Elf George have started keeping to-do lists to help Santa by finishing up their chores! Summer is a busy time and children can help their parents by doing little things, too! Don't track in dirt from outside. Put away your clean clothes. Always say please and thank you. And, remember to always say your prayers!
Has your elf made a surprise appearance at a birthday party, family reunion or on family vacation? SNN wants to hear about it! Contact us with the scoop! We would love to to share your pictures in Santa's scrapbook!
Elf Magic