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Issue # 91

    August 2012   
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Voice-over Techniques  -  8/1/15   


Bringing Voices To Life  -  8/3-5


Narration Simple  -  8/6-7  


Video Game Challenge  -  8/7-14 


Advanced Narration  -  8/8-10


Long Form Narration  -  8/11-12


Small Group Workout  -  8/16


INTRO: Starting Out  -  8/18


VO Bootcamp  -  8/19


Stepping Out  -  8/25


Creating Characters  -  8/25


Acting For VO & More  -  8/29-9/12


Teleprompter I  -  9/8


On-Camera Workout  -  9/8


INTRO: Starting Out  -  9/9


Diction & Clarity  -  9/10


Professional Invitational  -  9/11


Small Group Workout  -  9/13


Your Voice As An Instrument  -  9/13-20  



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Voice, Nose and Throat Remedies


Have a recording coming up and your throat and voice are in a bad way? Here are a few tips that may help.

1. Shut up! Really. Do not talk - give some rest to your vocal chords. Don't answer your phone and under no circumstances
yell or scream.
2. Drink a lot. Plain water is great. Some folks swear by Ginger ale. Even milk, which is not good immediately before a session
as it produces too much mucus, can help. It adds a thin coating to ease the pain.
3. Sleep. The body repairs itself during sleep. Getting a couple of extra hours can't hurt and will probably help you recover
4. Gargle with room temperature salt water. Some sources say hot water is better but under no circumstances should you drink cold or iced fluids.
5. Use a neti pot. Nasal irrigation clears out excess mucus and particulates and moisturizes the nasal cavity
6. Use an herbal tea. There are many brands on the market but our personal favorite is Throat Coat from Traditional
Medicinals. Adding a drop of honey and some lemon juice is also helpful.
7. Keep your throat warm. Wear a scarf if you go outside and don't let the wind get to your neck.
8. Avoid alcohol. People have often used hot toddies as a home remedy for laryngitis. But alcohol will dry out your throat, which will worsen or prolong your condition.
9. See your doctor! Chronic hoarseness can be caused by GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and this can cause burns on the vocal cords, leaving you quite hoarse. If all other remedies fail you should see your doctor or an otolaryngologist.

10. Don't whisper. It's a common misconception that whispering is less stressful on your vocal cords. It actually puts more strain on your voice than talking normally does. In fact, whispering can be as straining as shouting. So, if you must speak, don't whisper.

11. Rest your Voice. Yes, we know this was tip #1 but it really is the best thing you can do to heal quicker ... so we're repeating.  
Look Who's Talking

Mic Small
* Ryan Silva and Jeff Sun signed with Look Talent for voice over and on camera representation.
* Jane Stone narrated an interactive audio book for kids at Voice One.
* Deborah May-Krass has recently recorded multiple e-learning modules for VCU
* Jennifer Knight
recorded a promo for a cool new mobile app, Twist and a tutorial for NCSS Statistical Software. 

* Stephanie Roberts
narrated videos for the College of Dietitians of Ontario, an in-house training program for Aeropostale, an educational video for and a software program about US money.
* Jonathan Murphy recorded a web ad for Main Street Burgers.       
* Sharon Huff
recorded an industrial for SF State, learning modules for elearningcorner and another TV spot for Haven Hospice. 

Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs
. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.  
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